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  1. ThatFireAJ

    Question Kernel RoG Strix Problem

    Ok so start out I buy a new motherboard and cpu do the install load it up put in the drivers I start getting unexpected_kernel_mode_trap so I figured out I need to fresh windows install. Then after the error persisted I followed some guides talked to help and did a sfc scan now it won’t go past...
  2. emilio2580

    Question No signal. Tried everything.

    For about three months now every time i go to plug in my computer to a monitor it displays "no signal" in those three months ive: -bought a new cpu and motherboard -tested the pc on a working monitor -dissembled and rebuilt about a dozen times -switched out the display cables multiple times...
  3. J

    Question Moving Windows

    Hello there i just need a quick question answered for me. I am building a new computer, i currently have windows 10 installed and activated on my current computer. If i take out this ssd with windows on it and put it into my new pc (so new cpu new motherboard new gpu etc) will i have to...
  4. J

    Question Can i use 2, 6+2 PCIe connectors on a GPU that needs 2, 8 pin PCIe connectors?

    Hello there i am buying a XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB THICC III Ultra Video Card for my new build and it says that it requires 2 8 pin PCIe and i was wondering if it is safe to use 2, 6+2 PCIe's on it instead as my PSU comes with 4 6+2 PCIe's (SeaSonic FOCUS 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully...
  5. S

    Question Spontaneous Reboots, System Hanging

    Hello I'm hoping you will be able to help me narrow down the culprit for my issues, i've done what I can/know how to do to try and get a definitive answer as to which part of my PC is causing the problems. It's probably worth noting that I recently transferred my OS to my SSD, using Macrium...
  6. Q

    Discussion Never uninstall driver to fix problem like all those stupid websites tell you

    Somehow i can't connect to internet through my wifi so i uninstall wireless driver like a tech support website tell me, and now after restart my wireless drive is completely gone. Now it became worse, my laptop can't even detect any wifi, and i don't know which version of driver should i...
  7. Hooooot13

    Question Brand new desktop build will not output to display

    I have just built a new desktop. After about two weeks it just stopped displaying anything through the GPU. The motherboard error detection LED said it was a VGA error, which makes sense. I looked at various forums and found this wasn't uncommon for people with the motherboard I had (Parts list...
  8. L

    Question Monitor of first build shows no signal, please help!

    Hello guys, I am building my first PC and have been running into some serious trouble. I am honestly getting desperate as everything I tried is not working. I continue getting "no signal" on my monitor. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am starting to get desperate. here is my build...
  9. K

    Question is my amd radeon rx 570 8gb limiting me ? please help

    Greetings everybody. I hope everybody having a wonderful time at home /w family or not duing quarantine time. I need some advice because i do not know if my gpu limiting my pc due to i think my cpu is more powerful. I run all games at low settings however i notice 100% usage even when i put gpu...
  10. Meeksoul47

    Question Computer problems

    When I turn on my pc the peripherals don’t turn on including monitor it was working fine yesterday. Previously I have had ram issues so I’m stuck to. 2400mhz 32GB or it doesn’t boot or blue screens Anyways here are the specs GPU-1060 6GB CPU-Ryzen 7 2700x RAM-2400MHZ 32GB MOBO-ASUS PRIME x470-PRO
  11. TheSpicyTacoGuy

    Question SOLVED: My RTX 2070 notebook GPU drops clock to 1200 intermittently ingame, not overheating. Why?

    Hi, I have an ASUS ROG Strix Scar II laptop with an RTX 2070 and 8750h. During a game -particularly BF5 - I have great performance hitting over 100fps most of the time, then occasionally my GPU seems to hit a power limit and go to an idle state as seen in GPU-Z. When the GPU goes to its idle...
  12. L

    Question Help Rx 5700 xt crashses in more demanding games

    Hi everyone! After migrating from a 1050ti to a Rx 5700 xt Gigabyte gaming OC, i started experiencing some issues with some more demanding titles like FFXV, the Outer Worlds and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, after playing for a little while`, the game crashes back to windows in a second. But i...
  13. Arnoudtje

    Question Will 500w of power be enough for my gtx 1080?

    Hi all, My pc has a 1080 and a ryzen 5 2600x. I have no intentions of overclocking. Would a Be Queit! 500w psu with a 80+ rating of bronze be goood enough? Thank you
  14. A

    Question Upgrading my CPU, need some input.

    Hey, I'm just trying to get some input from others. I game + stream from this PC, sometimes play multiple games at once, or have multiple browsers open while I game. I've been having issues for a while with my computer, in games my game will freeze for a few seconds. Frames will drop to 0/1 then...
  15. Justhuman121

    Question Accedently deleted network drivers

    I was cleaning my PC and my drivers were refusing to update so i did what i usally do which is delete the drivers then reinstall them, but now im unable to. Ive tried to do a factory reset, but that isn't working, what are some solutions? Would it just be easier to just install the OS over again?
  16. TastesLikeChad

    [SOLVED] Computer randomly restarts while gaming

    My computer crashes while gaming, it will completely shut down and turn back on and boot into windows 10. I do not get a BSOD and windows will not create any dump files, I've tried everything to get any log of the issue. I have ran a full system stress test using Aida64 with no crashes for 14...
  17. A

    Question Bios help

    I have a Asus TUF B360m plus motherboard and a i5 9400f. I need to update the bios so the pc can recognise the cpu but how do I do that if I can't boot. The motherboard doesn't have a bios flash button.
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Packet loss and "roboting" in discord after upgrading to gigabit

    About a week ago I had my ISP come out to install fiber lines for gigabit internet. They ran the lines fine no problem (however they are still above ground in my backyard and have yet to be buried, said someone should be out in around 14 days to bury). It has been below freezing point past few...
  19. Tilroe

    Question Civilization 6 Game Freeze

    I'm having this issue in Civ 6 where every time I perform some sort of action (i.e open a menu, order a unit to do something, etc) I experience a freeze for a few seconds and then the game just runs normally afterward until I do something else. Moreover, my game takes substantially longer to...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Removing an inductor

    Has anyone attempted to remove a damaged 1R0 inductor from a GPU before, and if so, what method did you use? Was it successful? I’m going to be attempting it, and want to know if there’s a best practice. some disclaimers: this will be on a GPU that I got for super cheap second-hand, mostly...