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  1. M

    Question Virus that blocks websites or something else?

    Ok this is a really confusing situation for me and I don't know if it's a virus or Spyware or a Trojan or what's going on It's not only been on my computer but has found it's way to my phone, computer, and laptop This has been happening off and on more than once In my life as well What will...
  2. P

    Question I've had a problem for weeks that won't go away, help!

    So around the end of march I started having an issue on my pc that at first only affected games, but then spread to even videos or even just browsing it seems. Before that my computer ran completely fine. All of my video will "hitch" every few minutes about 2-5 times in a row, audio keeps...
  3. dommer_

    Question Getting Various BSOD's

    Hello People of Tom's, Since Saturday April 6th I have been getting blue screen of deaths including "system Service Exception", "Memory Management", "Critical Structure Corruption" and "Kernel Security Check Failure". These BSOD don't just happen when I turn my PC on but while I'm gaming. While...
  4. B

    Question Hey is an msi armor rx 570 8G better than a regular evga single fan 3Gb for VR and 3d modeling?

    I have an ryzen 7 1700 and 16gb of ddr4, Im planning on using the PC for VR Gaming and 3d modeling, as well as game making and regular gaming..
  5. J

    Question After Intallation of New Graphics card Computer randomly freezes on first boot

    As posted in the title, after I bought the new graphics card, on first boot the computer boots fine to windows you can use it for a bit but then BOOM!! it freezes and then i have hit the reset button and after i reset it, its fine after no freezing or any issues for the whole day maybe weeks...
  6. T

    Question All games CTD but PC works fine in normal operation

    Every game I try to play simply crashes to desktop, It really is that simple. The problem began upon the installation of a new stick of RAM a few days ago, ever since then its been nothing but issues with my PC Specs; Mobo - ASUS PRIME B-350 PLUS(Most recent BIOS/UEFI revision) CPU - Ryzen 5...
  7. F

    Question i7-8750H high frequency on idle.

    I have the Gigabyte Sabre 15 with the i7-8750H hex-core processor. It has cooling problems with the CPU because unless I manually lower the maximum processor state, it will hover between 2.6 and 3.9 GHZ on idle with resulting higher temperatures and noise. If I limit this down to something like...
  8. C


    Hi- I just upgraded my CPU and Mobo, but now I’m gettting the blue screen of death and this message when I boot in Windows 10: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Any advice? I thought this upgrade would be a lot easier than I thought.
  9. R

    Need some Advise?

    Should I get a gtx 960 with an i3 6100 Or A gtx 750ti with a i5 4460?