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  1. Gamefreaknet

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to make an RTX 2070 (mobile) Max-Q to run with better FPS stability at high frame rates?

    PC Specs: i7 8750H (2667Mhz)16GB RAM (to be upgraded to 32GB) (Main Storage) - 1TB SSHD (to be Upgraded to either 1TB or 2TB SSD) iGPU - Intel UHD 630 GPU - RTX 2070 Mobile Max-Q Laptop Design: Alienware M15 - Mounted on a Fan deck I've heard of things where people use programs to get better...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Low cpu and low gpu usage please help

    (The issue) So in some games (example): valorant, fortnite and gta I get good fps or at least I should like how in fortnite when I turn quality down with my gtx 980 I get like 100fps-150fps with only 50-70 gpu usage and only about 50-80 cpu usage when I look at the highest usage core. So what...