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  1. PatrickTG

    Question Gpu wont display

    When I boot My computer up everything turns on, fans spinning, including gpu. When I plug the hdmi into the gpu it shows on my monitor that it's getting power but not getting a display, everywhere I look tells me to boot into bios except I cant.. because it doesn't display (Nvidia 3060ti)
  2. K

    How to upload and link pics on Tomshardware

    I wasn't sure where to post this thread, I couldn't find a category that fit. Anyway, I wanted to know the easiest and fastest way to share pics on Toms. I uploaded some to imgur and then when I tried to post them in a thread I was creating, it just kept telling me an error has occured. Contact...
  3. R

    Question Redragon 595 RATRI is not working properly! i cant light the borders back up please help!

    I tried many things! Reconnecting keyboard, resetting computer, uninstalling apps, but to no avail! Is there any way to fix this? i ran an app in german called upgrade process, for the K556R keyboard, it looked like mine so i downloaded the program, ran it and now it has the configurations of...
  4. VenusMinus

    Question LiveKernelEvent 141 crashes ?

    Hello, I have a game crashing to desktop issue where my games freeze, depending on the game I see a error that says that my GPU device has been lost, in event viewer I see event id 4101 and in reliability history tool I see livekernelevent 141. Specs : GPU - RTX 2070 Super CPU - i5 8600k RAM -...
  5. AlexOurari

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 Bad System Config info ?

    Hello, ive got this issue lately, whenever i boot to windows 11 i get a bsod Error code : Bad System Config info - when i force shutdown the laptop to get to recovery, or even when i try to boot to safe mode i get this bsod Error code : process1_initialization_failed
  6. TheRomster

    [SOLVED] powersupply question

    If my system runs on 300-400 w, can I get a 600w? or will it harm the components
  7. R

    [SOLVED] What the hell is this touch button in acer 6930g ?!

    the touch button is working like a power button when the pc is turned off and when it´s turned on does nothing ! never seen anything like that , well maybe because of my lack of experience but anyway , what the hell is that button suppose to do ? It´s doing what is suppose to be ? Image:
  8. B

    [SOLVED] Constant Blue Screens on New PC

    As the title says, I am constantly getting blue screens, or black screen crashes with some graphics still showing followed by restarts, when playing games. I did previously post on the Windows forum, but the person who was helping me stopped responding. They had me update BIOS and motherboard...
  9. T

    Question SSD formats back to raw after reboot

    So i have formatted my ssd from raw to ntfs. After that i reboot my pc from restart pc and after that my ssd have formatted itself back to raw. If i just shut my pc and then open it, nothing happens to my ssd format. I tried to chkdsk /f and /r , but it didnt help at all. I also tried to...
  10. R

    [SOLVED] Which power supply is better?

    Hello!, I want to buy a power supply but i have quite a few options here. XILENCE XN053 | XP600R7 600W , VER 2.31, CE , P.PFC Deep Cool|DE600 | 600W Zalman ZM500-XEII (500W) 83+, 230-240V Could you tell me which one is the best here? all of them cost the same, i have only these 3 options, I...
  11. SilentHunterX

    [SOLVED] How do I safely change from motherboard resources to Intel (R) WTD?

    Hey, I've been recently experiencing random game freezes and slower load-ins into games. The game used to freeze randomly anywhere from 4 - 15 minutes and would force me to exit out of it and restart the game, sometimes even freezing my Start button so I would have to restart the computer to be...
  12. DannyAbility

    Question I have huge fps decrease

    Hello guys. So basically my pc is slower than a month ago. Normally I have +- 100 fps on Ultra in GTA 5 but now the fps is around 40. On people playground I had +300 fps when there are +10 npc on the map. Now I have +-50 fps with 5 npc. My specs: I5-9600K RTX 2070 SUPER 16GB RAM 2X8 2TB HDD...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Having issues with the platform when too many people are using it simultaneously ?

    We’ve been building a platform for graphic designers to import and edit creatives with open-source creatives. But recently, we observe that if we have too many creators on the platform, at the same time our platforms tend to crash. We’ve tried upgrading the server size and everything, but it...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Need help with my laptop after power surge!

    Hello, recently there was a power surge/power outage and my after that my laptop stopped working. I googled it and tried some methods where it says that the battery may be a problem or the cables but it didn’t work. Took it to a guy to see it and he said the problem is at the chipset and he...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Pc issues...not sure what to do.

    Hey guys. I just built my pc yesterday. It was running fine for that day and today until it randomly shut off and gave me an orange dram light on motherboard after trying to boot it back up. I have tried: reseating ram, booting with one stick, trying the possibilities of my 4 ram sticks in 2...
  16. F

    Question Chromebook not charging

    Hi, My Dell Chromebook isn’t charging. It also isn’t turning on because it’s out of battery. When I plug it in the charge light comes on for about a second but then turns off again. I have tried the charging ports on both side of the chromebook and have tried multiple plug points. Has anyone...
  17. DestinyEA

    [SOLVED] Are these cables enough?

    Hi, I’m currently thinking about buying a used PSU from Fractal Design, Fractal Design Ion+ 860 Platinum. Apparently some cables are missing, but I don‘t know if they’re essential and I have to buy them for my build afterwards or if they’re unnecessary. My build: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Nvidia...
  18. T

    Question Green screen tearing, color shifts, and crashing at seemingly random times.

    Green screen tearing, color shifts, and crashing at seemingly random times, like stated above. So far only during gaming seems like all games so far. I've used DDU to re install graphic drivers. Now none of the RGB on the board is working including the G skill sticks. Any solutions? I9 10900k...
  19. Louzsy

    Question Games lagging after factory reset

    So, I ran games perfectly no lag nice fps before i factory reset my pc, i recently reset it and im getting random lagspikes, in CS, overwatch, even though i get 300+ fps, its super annoying Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz Gpu: GTX 980 RAM: 16 GB VRAM: 4 GB All my drivers are up...
  20. System32_76

    Question Finding Computer Hardware Made In The US?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there are any CPU, RAM, HDD, etc. manufacturers out there that make these components in the US instead of China? I'm most curious about AMD because I know Intel has multiple manufacturing facilities right here in the US.
  21. E

    [SOLVED] Malware?

    Malware? On my previous thread I shared some problems I had with my CPU Fx-8350 And I was told that the symptoms were Indicators of malware. 1 YouTube video started...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] I think my GPU is dying

    A couple of days a go, my pc wen't from 75 fps in all games at ultra settings to almost 60fps in ultra settings (55). The issue startet suddenly started and i have no idea why, i booted my pc normally and then everythng was slower. I have tried to updtate the bios and overclock the gpu but...
  23. Bixmox

    [SOLVED] Some apps are blurred while others aren't. Help.

    Some of the apps on windows are blurred for me for some reason, I use 125 scaling which is marked with (Recommended) I am on a 1920x1080 laptop. What can I do to fix this? I have tried the built in troubleshooter with no success. Some apps which are blurred: When I download something and it...
  24. Hadeus

    [SOLVED] Why could my PC be running so badly?

    Hey. So theoretically my pc should run majority of the popular games pretty well but it just doesn't. I have the most stuttering and freezes out of all my friends although I have better specs than some. I think the parts worse than them are RAM and CPU. But they shouldn't be that bad...
  25. Hadeus

    Question PC stuttering while gaming.

    Hey, so my PC has been running pretty badly lately. It often crashes and performs really bad even on games that shouldn't be hard to run. Also stuff like webpages often lag even though I've got ping and download speed. Apparently my specs should actually be decent and shouldn't have any problems...
  26. E

    [SOLVED] I need help asap

    I just bought a new gtx 1660 and an i7 4790 to replace my old i5 and 970, after i upgraded i cant play any games, i get errors like render device lost or "gpu crashed make sure you have the right driver" on world war z and sea of thief's. its weird because i can play the new mw with high fps...
  27. konohamaru

    [SOLVED] PC randomly freezes followed by buzzing sound

    This usually happens during a game of league of legends but has also happened when I'm not playing a game/doing anything intensive at all. Sometimes the buzzing continues infinitely with the screen frozen on whatever it was on, requiring a manual restart. Other times it will buzz for 2 seconds...
  28. J

    [SOLVED] Windows update, now no video input

    Hello Last night I switched off my pc and it updated, this morning it wouldn't turn on at all. I did some messing about and managed to get it to turn on but the monitor displays no video input from gpu or integrated graphics. All the fans are spinning and led lights are on. I thought it might...
  29. D

    [SOLVED] Acer BX340CK stopped showing image

    I had this monitor for like.. 3.5 years? All was perfect, 0 problems but like 30 minutes ago i was playing luigis mansion in this monitor while watching youtube on my secondary monitor connected to my pc... Suddenly some color lines appeared like 1 second and bum, no image, the screen still...
  30. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Activated Vs Unactivated Windows 10

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what features cannot be utilized in an unactivated version of Windows 10? All I know is that the default wallpaper cannot be changed. I've looked up videos with the differences between activated and unactivated versions but the problem is is that most of those...
  31. JodeToad

    Question PC Crashing when playing certain games

    The issue is only when I play certain games. The ones I've had it do it to up to now Is fortnite (at same point everytime) and the sims 4(random times). This never was an issue till I reset my pc ! Because I reset it I thought it might be an issue with the drivers so I reset my pc again to make...
  32. R

    Question GB X570 Aorus Master w/ Ryzen 3900X doesn't post in DUAL channel mode

    Hello everyone, In my new config(I've built it a month ago...) , I sadly experience after a simple reboot something is not okay. I checked, and it has turned out that the DIMM slots don't work properly. I've tried all the slots each by each and got always an error code C5 (reserved code) . Only...
  33. SpaceyWarrior

    Question PC Performing weirdly

    Hey guys, i've been having a number of issues with my PC for quite a while and everything i've done so far hasn't really helped so i decided to come here since it's the most advanced place i've heard of. So, starting, i've recently formatted my computer, after doing that, a lot of weird things...
  34. techforpc

    Question Have problem with my PC MacBook Pro 13 inc Retina with intel i5

    Hello guys I'm author of [link removed] need your opinion about my PC which is heating too much what can i do and could this harm my laptop. It is a MacBook Pro 13Inc i5 from 2013. Haven't never cleaned it. Share your experience and knowledge. Thank you.
  35. N

    Question Computer turns on but no signal on the monitor

    My computer has recently been randomly shutting off and when I try to turn it back on, the computer turns on but the monitor says no signal. If I take out my graphics card ans use the on board display it works fine. Specs: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i3 6100 @...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] I need help choosing parts.

    Hey! So, I need help finding some components. I know alot about pc's and how to build. But I'm not that into Motherboards. I know the basics: Sockets, Slots, DDR ETC. I'm going to upgrade my PC so I need help which components. I got a A68HM-PLUS as motherboard (DDR3 FM2+) and It got a little bit...
  37. F

    Fast internet but very slow download speed.

    I used to be able to download at 10mbps but after i bought a new pc, the max dl speed i get is only 2 mbps but mostly hovering around 500kb-1mbps. Im using WIFI. my speedtest result is as follow. help please
  38. K

    GTX 1060 6gb 50c at idle

    Bought new MSI GTX 1060 6gb and noticed that temperature at idle 50c,does anyone have the same card and what's the temperature of that card,maybe mine is bad or that's normal?Because I have gtx 980 reference and temperature at idle is not more than 30c. Thanks.
  39. J

    Exaust and Intake fans on the same radiator?

    I am planning on doing a small form factor build in the core 500. I am using a kraken x61 cooler and wanted to know if using 1 exhaust and 1 intake fan on the same radiator would hurt overall performance.
  40. S

    What is this SATA connector with no seperation

    I bought few 3TB Hitachi internal HDDs off of eBay but once I got them, they had this weird looking SATA connector where there is no seperation between data and power inputs (see pic) Can anybody tell me what this is called? So I can search for an adapter cable? upload an image