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  1. W

    [SOLVED] What does thermal monitoring technology do?

    Just a quick question I have a cpu which is a (x3450) And just curious what does "Thermal monitoring tech" do, Because my cpu from gathering research (Intel websites In the Package specification tab) Doesn't have it And scared if maybe it'll run too hot and not thermal throttle. So would it run...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has?

    Is there a way to check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has, and the health of the USB flash drive? Is there a way to see the S.M.A.R.T status of the USB flash drive? With CrystalDisk, you can see the health of your SSD/HDD. Is there a software like CrystalDisk, but for USB...
  3. chrisafp07

    New Business Opportunity

    Hi guys, although this is a random post I figured this would be the best community to ask, to gain any perspective, or heed any warnings given. The short is that I'm leaving the military and trying to find my way in a civilian world. I have the opportunity to take over clientele from a local IT...
  4. TheFlash1300

    How are there new CPUs, if the technological limit has already been achieved?

    Hello. Can someone explain to me what new features do new CPUs have? For example, what is the difference between AMD's overkill (best) CPU of the year 2021, and AMD's overkill (best) CPU of the year 2022? If the clock rate (GHz) no longer grows, and the number of transistors no longer grows...
  5. souju

    Question Photos no longer saving to the CF Card

    I take a lot of photos and upload them to my computer. Everything was fine until I deicided to reset the settings on my camera, and now photos won't show up when I go to upload it. I can still see it on my camera, but there's no files when I try to upload them. I use a card reader to upload it...
  6. rubbergamers

    What are the best wireless earphones in the range of 35$?

    Hey guys, I am from India and am looking for the best wireless earphones around 35$, that is around Rs.2500.I know there are a lot of choices,but if could someone just pick the overall bests..that would be great. The airpods or Samsung galaxy buds are way too expensive. thank you
  7. System32_76

    Question Finding Computer Hardware Made In The US?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there are any CPU, RAM, HDD, etc. manufacturers out there that make these components in the US instead of China? I'm most curious about AMD because I know Intel has multiple manufacturing facilities right here in the US.
  8. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Activated Vs Unactivated Windows 10

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what features cannot be utilized in an unactivated version of Windows 10? All I know is that the default wallpaper cannot be changed. I've looked up videos with the differences between activated and unactivated versions but the problem is is that most of those...
  9. C

    Question How can I access the bios on this Desktop?

    Hello everyone, I have a Lenovo PC with a Phillips Monitor and I can't really get into Bios, Here's what I tried to do: *Restarting the PC and using all function keys I know. *Clicking Start button, Using shift and restart then trying to find UEFI settings. (My pc doesn't support UEFI) *Holding...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Does this fit and are this good components for gaming?

    Hi. I need help for a new PC. My first question is, will this fit? And my second is, woukd this be good Gaming Components? If you have better components than pleas say me. Thanks for everybody who helps me :) Components Motherboard: MSI MEG X399 CREATION CPU: Intel Core I9-9900k Graphic...
  11. N

    Question How to connect multiple monitor to a single pc

    Hello everyone, I want to connect multiple monitor(more than 16 monitor) to a single pc while 15 monitors will be only used to show different different data from website and one monitor will be primary monitor for operating the pc. So far, I tried using splitter but that did not serve my...
  12. A

    CPU Light; DRAM Light Flash

    Hello! My system turned on and ran just fine yesterday and for the last year and a half. I turned it off last night and when I tried turning it on again this morning, it would not POST. All the fans turn on and the lights on my CPU fan also turn on. There is also a light that should turn on on...
  13. P

    Downgrade pre-installed windows 10 to windows 7

    I have a client who would rather have Windows 7 OS over Windows 10 due to software compatibility. The laptop I purchased for him was a Lenovo yoga 900 which I will be getting in the mail shortly. Before start working on it I wanted to see if anyone had any issues with installing a different OS...
  14. T

    Reference 960 vs MSI Gaming 760 vs Sapphire 7950

    So I currently own all three of the cards listed above, all of them are similar I know but thats the problem. I am planning on giving one to my friend, keeping one for my living room gaming pc, and another one as a spare for the office. The weakest one will go into my living room, the middle...
  15. H

    Dell EP2650 Server 6 beeps Error

    I have Dell EP2650 Server. Server not started and " long beep long beep short beep short beep long beep long beep" sounds appear. No video display also. Where is the problem ? How can I fix that ?
  16. maeden

    rj45 to rj11 cable

    i have a router with rj45 ports. i want to connect my old computer with this router but the LAN port at the of the system unit is a two port rj11. how will i make a cable an rj45 and rj11 on the other end of the cable? should I use the two ports of rj11? How to do this? Need help badly.
  17. Mr. Koaliti

    Microphone always repeating?

    Whenever I speak into the mic it repeats the sound back into my headphones, it only recently started doing this and idk how to stop it. Help?
  18. G

    AMD CPU Running hot when idle

    Hello, so I recently built my first pc build (parts can be found here and after about 3 weeks with i've noticed that the cpu (AMD Athlon X4 760K) runs hot around 60-75 C when idle. When gaming its sometimes peaks around 85 C at times, but otherwise it jumps back...
  19. S

    Need Help With CPU

    Which processor should I go with because I am debating wether I should get the Intel i7 4790k or the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3. I've been told that the Xenon has the same performance as the i7 but without overclocking ability and no integrated graphics. I dont plan on overclocking and I dont feel...
  20. J

    Anyone with knowledge of the bitfenix ghost?

    I noticed that in the front of the ghost there ARE mounts for dual 140mm fans. But every review I have seen have said that the ghost only has 1x 140mm in the front. Is this because the upper mounts for the upper 140mm fan are quite well blocked? So it simply doesnt fit there even though there...
  21. D

    Is this good for a budget build?

    CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo 43.1 CFM Motherboard: ASRock FM2A55M-VG3 Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Video Card: HIS Radeon R9 270 2GB IceQ X² Case: Fractal Design Core...
  22. S

    My ethernet connection is limited / unidentified network in windows 8.1. I can't seem to solve the problem please help

    My ethernet connection shows as limited / unidentified network in windows 8.1. It was working fine for about 2 weeks and one evening it just stopped working. I've tried a number of fixes and I could really use some help. Variables eliminated so far: Router Ethernet cable Hub ethernet card...
  23. M

    Laptop wont connect to Internet

    Windows 8 computer no longer contects to internet and when I go to PC Settings wifi is disabled as off and cant be changed. Help?
  24. T

    Cannot Associate MSG Files with Outlook

    All of a sudden MSG files saved from Outlook 2013 cannot be opened. When I try to open one I get the standard window asking me to choose a program to open it with. I choose Outlook 2013 and select the box to always use this program and click OK. Still does not work. I also selected OUTLOOK.EXE...
  25. T

    Whats the difference between 2 same gpus from 2 companies?

    Why is there an EVGA GTX 780 and an asus GTX 780 and a gigabyte gtx 780 for example? What is the difference? They each seem to have different prices so they can't truly be identical.
  26. 1

    Acer aspire laptop " i want to remove the hdd security password "

    Hi, Amm not there to ask what is my hdd password or how to bypass it. I hve set the password sometimes ago now i found this hated so anyone here could pls tell me how could i remove the HDD security password. Current. Status is frozen for hdd password in F2 setup, i can acess my HDD i hve the...
  27. K

    Any Foreseeable Bottlenecks in my PC Build?

    I believe this is a solid PC build but would like to make sure there are no bottlenecks. If there are any bottlenecks, I would love recommendations for improvements that do not increase the cost too much. A $45-$60 increase is acceptable. Here is the link Thanks...
  28. M

    Screen Saver won't come up

    I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. For some reason, my screen saver never comes up. It will go to sleep on it's own though. My laptop says I have a "Intel(R) HD Graphics Family" for my "adapter type." It also says that it has 1696 MB of available graphics memory, 64MB of dedicated video...
  29. pcgamer719

    Completed Highend Gaming PC looking for ideas for my next upgrade or purchase.

    Ok so i have been working on this gaming PC setup for about a year and i am looking for some ideas on what i should do next. I am open to ideas around the hardware or the setup its self. I will list all the specs and upload some pictures. I am not working on any budget but i don't exactly want...
  30. A

    Need to figure out how to boot into safe mode windows 8

    I was playing star wars the old republic and I hit the 'windows' key. It caused my resolution to change to a frequency that's out of range of what my monitor can support. Now my computer boots into "Out of Range" as soon as the circles that blip around at startup go away. I am trying to boot...
  31. S

    some questions about gpu clocks

    hi guys So a couple of days ago i started monitoring my temps using gpu-z.Then i saw some weird things, When i play a game or use furmark my gpu doesnt use its full core clock its only at like 850-950 instead of the 1030mhz that i have. It only gets to 1030 when i set furmark to 8x msaa and...
  32. R

    Windows XP 32 Bit to Windows 7 64 bit installation issues (NOT UPGRADE)

    Motherboard is an AsRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 that is designed for 64 bit applications in Vista and above. We cannot upgrade the system as original XP discs were lost in a recent move. We decided to go for a full redo of my husbands computer but we keep getting to the point where it asks for a...
  33. T

    HP Envy 15t vs Lenovo y40

    Hello everyone. I posted a similar post yesterday about MSI laptop vs the same HP, but one user suggested lenovo y40 to be a better deal, so I took msi out of my suggestions. I will use the laptop for work mostly and the only game I will play is Counter Strike GO. I like how lenovo's looks, but...
  34. P

    Will 8gb 1333mhz kingston ram bottleneck a GTX titan?

    Will 8gb 1333mhz kingston ram bottleneck a GTX titan?
  35. D

    can i run a ati radeon hd4890 with a jeantech 405 psu

    can i run a ati radeon hd4890 with a jeantech 405 psu amd athlon 64 x 2 4 gb ram
  36. E

    disappearing drive sapce

    I tired to a restore but had no memory left in the hard drive. I was able to delete many files and got 450mb back. Tried to do the restore, wanted to go back to when first bought computer. Would only show this month on the calender. While I was trying to work out what to donext the 450mb of...
  37. G

    780 Classified overclocking.

    Hello Tom's Hardware. I am currently working on overclocking my 780 Classified and am having hang ups at about 1200 Mhz. I know my card should be capable of much more and I was hoping somebody would have some current info for these cards. I have been using precision X which sounds like from...
  38. G

    Usage not matching the processes

    Hello, Lately my computer uses 50-70% of my RAM, even with everything closed. Now, I would understand that. If I haven't had 16GB of RAM. Now when i try to play heavy games my RAM goes to full capacity and the computer becomes laggy. I use the task manager all the time, i close everything i can...
  39. K

    BSOD Windows 7 - Error: 124 caused by hal.dll

    I have been experiencing BSOD's for a long time now and its becoming ever more frequent. I continue to receive BSOD's on my Windows 7 machine. Upon looking at the dump files (which most of which makes no sense to me) I receive a bug check code of: 0x00000124The error I get...
  40. D

    What PSU should I get for my config?

    I thought about the Cooler Master 600W Thunder RS600-ACABD3 but let me know if there are better PSUs. I don't want to spend more than 65$ for a PSU. Also I'm accepting pieces of advice for my config. Intel Core-i5 4590 MSI H97M-E35 Corsair 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B Gigabyte GTX760...