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  1. H

    [SOLVED] Do ARGB fans work on any motherboard?

    I'll soon get a Gigabyte B450MDS3H V2 with a Tecware Forge M (includes 3x ARGB fans). I'd like to know if I can use the argb on the fans with this mobo, because what I had in mind was that argb fans don't correlate its ability to work with the mobo. I thought all you had to do was to set it up...
  2. GabrielTidswell

    Question Case fans change speed in BIOS but full speed in OS

    Hi I just built my first PC. Everything is working fine except I'm having a few issues with connection between my Gigabyte B560M motherboard and Tecware Orbis fans and fan controller. Currently the BIOS doesn't detect any system fans but changing fan settings for header 1 does control the fan...
  3. S

    Question Is Tecware Nexus M a case of choice?

    basically, this case looks plentiful for me, but I heard alot of people saying how bad its airflow and cable management is. Anyways im planning to build a PC ft. an RX570, a 2200g, and a B450M-HDV. will this be a good choice?