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    Question Why are my CPU and GPU temps going up and down when nothing is happening?

    I've had my MSI GS66 Stealth for about 4 months and have used it for school and a bit of gaming. When I turned on my laptop today and got to the home screen, my fans kicked up and when I checked the Dragon Center, I saw the temps for both CPU and GPU constantly going up and down. The highest...
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    Question Temps just got 10-20C higher

    So I have this lenovo legion y540 laptop and I am ussually playing with turbo boost turned off to keep the temps pretty low. So I ussually get temps max. 67C but yesterday I noticed that temps are between 70-80C while playing the same game. This happened overnight. Yesterday after seeing the...
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    [SOLVED] GPU Tempereture Rises on Idle

    Currently i have noticed that my GPU fans started to spin when the PC is idle, that have never happened before. I launched Zotac FireStorm to monitor the temp and usage, memory utilization stayed around 1% while GPU utilization 4%. the temperature however used to be around 40-47 on idle when i...