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  1. ridefire123

    Question Can someone help me with a overheating issue? i7-9700k. I have a Cryorig C7 cooler.

    Hello People of Tom's Hardware! I have had this issue for awhile with overheating. It would thermal throttle quite a bit at 4.9Ghz (basically any demanding application: Premiere Pro, any triple A video game etc.). Utilizing the intel extreme tuning utility, I turned the turbo clock down to 4.5...
  2. AlexSaS

    Question Pc keeps hitting 100c after starting it.

    Hello i hope you guys can help me. i just instaled a kraken x53 aio to my 2080ti fe using a kraken g12 bracket. After dubbel checking so that every cable is in the right place i started it. the computer boots fine but after 1 minute it reaches 90/100 celcius and turns off the screen. I have...
  3. A Gamer

    Question Ryzen 5600x Temperature Confused

    Hello, I am kind of confused by my temparature and finding out if this is how it should be. When i run Cinebench R20 my temperature can get up to 85C, this is with PBO on and no futher changed beside ASUS MOBO setting to maintain higher clockspeed for longer. Readings CPU-Z max. 1.385v Max...