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  1. D


    Hello, I need help. A year ago I bought a rx 570 armor oc. The gpu used to have much fewer degrees during rest and under load. Now the gpu has 55c at rest and 60 to 80c under load. Is this a normal ?
  2. jakewat97

    Question New Ryzen 5 3600 High Temperatures (90-95c under heavy load)

    I have recently finished my ITX build with a Ryzen 5 3600, but am having serious issues with temperatures. Other specs are as follows: Thermalright AXP-90 (full copper) cooler EVGA 2070 super Corsair SF600 plat 16gb HyperX 3200mhz MSI B550i Edge Wifi SGPC K55 ITX case This is a very compact...
  3. B

    Question High Temperature of CPU while playing NFS Payback

    so I started playing nfs payback and after 1 hour of gameplay I noticed my CPU temp at a whooping 95 Celsius. While my GPU is at 80 Celsius. I have a gaming laptop and this is the issue only with Nfs payback. Even when at lowest setting the temperature doesnt change. I played other games like...
  4. A

    Question Undervolting i7-10750h on msi ge 75

    I just bought msi ge75 few weeks ago. But while playing games like cod mw and gta 5 temps go around 90c even with cooler booster on. Will undervolting helps cool down temperatures. Specs: i7- 10750h 16 gb ram thanks throttlestop settings: system specs: this is picture of stress test on...
  5. Z

    Question Computer Unexpectedly shutting off in Game (COD: Modern Warfare)

    Hello, Recently, for the first time ever, despite 2 years of zero issues with my PC, I have been experiencing unexpected computer restarts when I play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I have checked and cleaned everything ensuring it is not a temperature issue, however, I am not 100% sure. The...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Zotac 2070 super temps

    System: CPU: i5 8400 RAM: 2x8gb 2666mhz PSU: seasonic GX 650w SSD: 250gb kingson CASE: rakk anyag matx GPU: zotac 2070 super twin fan So I just got my new graphics card a week ago and was running some games mostly at 1440p ultra. No issues with the performance and was very happy until I saw...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Do I need a heatsink on this chipset?

    Hey guys, I got a Dell optiplex 390 recently, going to install a simple graphics card (GT720) and some more RAM. I have noticed that the chipset (not exactly sure what this is) doesn't have a heatsink on it. I touched it after playing an old game (Stronghold 1 HD) and almost burned myself...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Should I Buy an Asus

    I have been wondering if I should buy an asus desktop. https://www.costco.com/asus-rog-strix-gl10dh-gaming-desktop---amd-ryzen-7---geforce-gtx-1660ti.product.100524065.html My friends have said asus is good and I have had heating issues in the past so I was wondering if this computer would be...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] is 92 degrees okay for Ryzen 5 3600?

    Hi, I recently bought a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and it is touching 92 degree Celsius when I am playing Battlefield 1. Is it okay or should I do something about it? Thank You
  10. K

    Question are my Ryzen 5 2600 temps normal?

    Hello, I've recently put my PC together and I'm worried that my temps are high. CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 GPU : Sapphire RX 570 8GB Motherboard : MSI Tomahawk B450 Memory : 8GB 3000Mhz Fans : 1x exhauste fan 1x intake fan Cooler : AMD Stock Cooler Temps CPU: Idle : 40-55 C Fortnite 1080p High: 75-90...
  11. T

    Question High Temp and High Load on RX 480

    Hello, I am having trouble with my RX 480 concerning temperature and load. I bought this rig in 10.2016 and the only changes made until today are two additional HDD's. I have two problems with my graphics card and one of them has been there since I bought it. 1. High temperature. The 480 is...
  12. hshark93

    Question Does channel mode for ram modules affect CPU booting temperature?

    About a month ago one of my ram modules failed, the original set up was DIMM1, DIMM3, DIMM5, DIMM7, and would not boot unless the faulty module was removed, then using DIMM1, DIMM3, DIMM5. While running my computer, waiting for new units to be sent, the start up temps would reach around 70-80C...