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  1. M

    Question i9 10900K - Alarming idle temperature. (No spikes)

    As of today, I noted a sudden an unexpected dip in performance, likely due to thermal throttling. I do not routinely monitor system temps, although I probably should but upon checking I noted a temperature of 97-98°C which took me by surprise to say the least, especially as the PC is basically...
  2. Steve101_

    Question (Another) 13700KF running hot question

    Afternoon all, just built a new rig the other day 13700kf, 4080 (Full spec below). I got a H100i Elite Capelix XT with it which is a 240mm AIO but am now thinking that isn't powerful enough. That or something else is wrong, or maybe i just need reassuring these chips run mad hot lol. On idle...
  3. S

    Question When I updervolt my I7 13700K i get WHEA error in Event viewer.

    Hi guys! When I undervolt my I7 13700K by even 0.065volt not even I get WHEA error in Event viewer. I don't get BSOD or anything or performance loss. I just get error when I look at event viewer sometimes. Should I just ignore the error as it doesnt cause any problems? or Should Lower my offset...
  4. S

    Question gtx 1060 founder's edition going 83c while gaming

    so i got two questions 1st one is that i have a used gtx 1060 founder's edition card and it's hitting and sometimes sitting on that (83 degree C) mark while playing games but there is no stutter or frame drops or anything games run smoothly. so i wanted to ask will that temp damage my gpu or is...
  5. S

    Question When I turn on Power Saver on My Windows 10 Power plan my CPU temperatures decrease dramatically. Is it a bad thing to keep my pc on power saver mode

    Hi, I turned on "Power saver mode" on my windows 10 Power plan. And it dramatically decreased my CPU temperature and power consumption. Where I am from the Ambient temperatures are really high around 42c. So my I7 13700K runs hot even with a 280 MM Aio. I didn't undervolted my cpu. I just want...
  6. B

    Question high GPU temperature while gaming rtx 3080

    Hey guys i recently bought a graphics card from a miner i have replaced the thermal paste from the GPU but not the thermal pads, when idle it has a temperature of about 30 to 35 degree Celsius while gaming it reaches as high as 85 to almost 90 degree Celsius the fans spin loud as well, i wanted...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Undervolting my i7 13700K

    Today I decided to undervolt my i7 13700K. And I also changed Changed Long duration power limit and short duration power limit. What I did are as follows (1) Disabled enforce all limits (2) Changed Long duration power limit and short duration power limit 125 and 253 respectively (3) Global core...
  8. S

    Question Momentary temperature spikes on My i7 13700K

    I am using a i7 13700K with NZXT KRAKEN X63 Cooler. When gaming my average temps are around 65C to 70C. But in HWINFO64 Temp graph I see sometimes My temps goes around 80c or even 85C for like a millisecond. Then it comes back to normal 65 to 70c. Is this Safe for my CPU? and Why is this...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] I7 13700K temps too high on Noctua NHD15. Thinking to upgrading to Kraken x63

    Hi guys I am currently using a I7 13700K on my Lian Li 215 Case. Due to Ram clearance My CPU cooler NOCTUA NHD15 CROMAX is mounted up side down. Meaning Fans are pointing towards the Top of the case. When On idle My temps are 40C. When gaming temps are somewhere in the...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Intel Core i7 13700K on a Noctua NH D5

    I am currently using a I7 13700K with a Noctua NHD15. My Normal Temp while on idel stays at somewhere like 35 to 40 Degree Celsius. I usually Use Adobe PP To Render videos. But when I Do that Temp goes to like 95C. While gaming It stays around 45 to 60. Is that normal for this CPU? I have...
  11. H

    Question CS:GO suddenly very low FPS after moving

    So before I moved to my family's and I's new apartment, I played CS with almost all of the graphics settings on high and still averaged between 200-300fps, on community servers, MM, faceit etc.. However, after we moved and I set up my PC, I noticed that CSGO was running on horrible FPS...
  12. hoh323152

    [SOLVED] 5900x High Load Temps with Noctuna DH-15

    Hi, I have just started using a new build of around 2 weeks old and am experiencing pretty high temps while gaming, with most non graphically intensive games CPU temp stays around 50c but once I play a newer game, it will jump and sit around 80c-90c. It is showing this high on both Ryzen Master...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] AIO liquid temprature - is it normal?

    Hi all, I'm running a 5950x CPU cooled with a 2 year old NZXT x62 (280mm with 140mm fans). Let me list PC specs: Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL CPU: 5950x Cooler: NZXT x62 (280mm with 140mm fans) GPU: Red Devil 6900 XT Fan setup: 3x bottom and 3x side QL 120 intake running at 1000 rpm, 1 QL 120...
  14. CattoOwl

    [SOLVED] CPU temperatures are going weird (New to this)

    I recently brought a laptop. Today I checked the temperatures of it's CPU and found it go something like this: Conclusion: There are very short but sudden spikes in temperature (to 90C+). The low work load average temperature are around 60-70(While Charging/Without Charging). While...
  15. blue_rays

    [SOLVED] Is my Crucial MX500 ok? (Details + Temperature screenshot included)

    Is my Crucial MX500 SSD ok? I've highlighted some values on crystal disk info and crucial disk exclusive. The drive is brand new but I don't know if these values are problematic or not. View: https://i.imgur.com/mmUzcBN.jpeg View: https://i.imgur.com/35LzJez.jpeg *My main concern is the...
  16. S

    Question cpu idle at 48-55

    so my pc was acting weird recently it was slow so it got fixed after disabling and enabling xmp again but i think my cpu temp is acting wierd it was 60-70 while gaming and 43 45 when idle now it's 82 while gaming also in bios it is on 48 . I'm sensing the cpu and the gpu drain more power that...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] after updating ryzen master cpu idle temp is now 50-70

    just updated my ryzen master and my cpu's idle temp went from 40-50 to 50-70. it fluctuates really drastically imo. one second its 52 then jumps to 65 for example. so im really concerned. ive built my computer 2 years ago and i was planning to do complete clean up of the case last summer but...
  18. Yamatasu

    Question CPU usage spike when clicking anywhere that you can input text.

    Normally my cpu goes between 3199MHz - 3574MHz (31c-38c temp) But when I click anywhere that I can input text, it can be in google search engine, the box where you can input a URL in browser, facebook chat or discord. It jumps to 4199MHz and a temp of 48-60c This only happens when i click...
  19. O

    [SOLVED] Worried about 10850K thermals in h210

    Hello All, I have the NZXT H210. Anyone rocking a 10850k in this case? how are the thermals? going to use the stock case fans that come with the case on default orientation for now. I'm eyeing a: i9 10850k paired with an NZXT Kraken x53 240mm Aio otherwise I'll just go i7 10700 if the i9 would...
  20. H

    [SOLVED] NEW BUILD PC: CPU Temperature and Voltage fluctuating.

    Hello guys, I just build a new pc with i7 10700k, Im cooling it with CoolerMaster's 360mm aio. So, i just finished installing windows and required drivers plus software. By time the time i boot it up im noticing something. Everything is running fine but Suddenly fans gets louder, i noticed...
  21. SomeGuyonTHW

    [SOLVED] Does hardware (GPU-CPU) start wearing out if running over 40*c?

  22. mitsstag

    [SOLVED] gtx 1660 temprature 80 C

    My gigabyte gtx 1660 graphics card reach 80 C while playing overwatch and listening to music.Is it okk?? also one of the card's fans do a strange noise when it's heat is over 70 , should i worry about that ???
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX 580 Temperatures

    I noticed recently that my system is running my GPU at 82C under load which seems fairly toasty. However, the RPM seems to aim at 82, only rising to keep it at that tempreture and usually only 2300rpm at that. With the side off, the temperature only drops 3-4 degrees so should I look for better...
  24. H

    [SOLVED] High CPU and GPU temps

    Recently I upgraded CPU from intel i7 7700k to ryzen 9 3950x and GPU from 1080 ti to MSI Ventus 2080 ti. But the CPU idles at 50C and GPU idles at 45-50C. Is it normal for this setup? My config:- Case:- Coolermaster master box TD500L motherboard:- Asus ROG Strix x570E CPU AIO:- Coolermaster...
  25. illumind

    [SOLVED] I7-8700 (non k) + Z370-F Gaming | 1.5 Volts + 75°C | How to lower Voltage/Temp Spikes? | ML240R Cooler

    I'm running an Z370-F Gaming (BIOS: 2401) and i7-8700 (non k) with temps/volts spiking to 75°C/1.5v under load. Cooler is liquid ML240R, as per title. Seems like a high spike in volts, if nothing else. The ambient temps in all cases was ~22°C, although I fear in summer @ 40°C ambient, it will...
  26. D

    [SOLVED] Temps while using 100% CPU?

    Hello! I just installed an exhaust fan and my CPU load was 100% after booting. Turns out it was due to NGINUITY going rogue. I pulled up HWMonitor and saw my temps were about 66c after about 5 minutes of running on 100%. This made me wonder, would the temperatures be the same when running 100%...
  27. I

    [SOLVED] Question regarding 6700K Voltage and temp

    Hi everybody. Question about voltage and tempratures on my i7 6700K. Help would be very appreciated. Here is the TL;DR for people who don't want to read the entire post: Question 1) Why does every program in Windows show a different temprature, and why does it fluctuate like this? Question 2)...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] My i7 4790K is at 100 degrees

    I recently started noticing a big dip in my frames so i downloaded HWmonitor to check the values and its pushing 100 degrees. What can have caused this and what is my next step? Last time i checked it was around 60 degrees after hours of playing games so that isnt that bad with the stock...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] High CPU Temp

    Hi everyone my first post here, i searched a lot in internet and was unable to find any thing reliable so i turned into here, so basically what's happening to my CPU is whenever i play games every software shows reading of about 90°C while i quickly restarted my computer to see what my MOBO says...
  30. T

    Question Vega 64 bad temp sensor?

    Hello, I recently bought a Gigabyte RX Vega 64 OC second hand and the dude told me that he used it for a little over a month, so it is nearly new. I paid 240 dollars for it. Everything works great, I also managed to overclock it quite alot, and it is silent (which surprised me) but the thing...
  31. jadc007

    Question Raijintek Ophion evo case - Cooling advice & Temps

    Hello all, I have always wanted a powerful Micro ITX case and I recently made the jump of putting my high end components into the little Raijintek Ophion evo (With one small case modification to make it work) To the point with details and Specs 8700K stock (Due to temps) Zotac 1080ti Amp...
  32. T

    Question Very hard Freezes in fortnite

    I got my pc since one week and when I play fortnite my game freezes to below 10 fps and when I look at task manager I see that my ssd usage spikes to 100 and GPU and CPU usage drops but I don't think my GPU or CPU are the problem I think it's because my ssd temp is 60C when I play and...
  33. yatharthmaheshwari


    My PC is 3 years old and from past 1 year, I have been getting BSOD whea uncorrectable error while playing games which i tried to find out the cause of it but not able to find it until I recently tried core temp application in which I found that my cores while playing games often touches 80 to...
  34. S

    Blue screen! Tested components!

    Hi guys! So I've been having a few problems with blue screens, started a while back but only the one so I backed up my data and just let it lie, they became more frequent, so I had a brand new hard drive lying around im using for another build so I threw that in (took the old hard drive out) but...
  35. advancedmixedgaming

    Worth the purchase?

    I currently have a 1x 8gb stick of Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CAS 9 (the 2nd 8gb stick died). Is it worth it to buy a 2x 4gb KIngston HyperX Fury (Black) DDR3-1866 CAS 11?
  36. P

    Do either of these look like good cards?

    I was a little disappointed a few months ago, when I upgraded my motherboard and cpu (amd fx 6350 6 core), because my performance didn't really increase all that much. Anyways, I was wondering what's a good card, between the price range of $100-$280(if really good can be slightly above). I'm...