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  1. B

    Question why my cpu is so hot?

    it's been a few weeks that I've got this problem that my CPU is so hot in low usage like in 20% it goes even to 80 degrees but when I play games like rainbow six in high quality or rdr2 and there is no problem when I play the games I get upper 100 fps and the CPU usage is around 100% but the...

    [SOLVED] Is this laptop temps are normal?

    Hello everyone? so I have a problem, I don't know if its a problem or it's actually something normal for laptops but I got a laptop for my brother "MSI GE63 Raider." with i7 9750h with arx 2060, and while playing his CPU temps goes between 92 to 96 or 97 sometimes. and his GPU is around 66 to 75...
  3. ByronHinson

    [SOLVED] I9 9900 @ 4.9GHz with H100x Temperatures

    I’ve recently got an overclocked PC with an i9 9900 running all cores at 4.9 with a H100x AIO. I haven’t had any problems with stability or games when using it. After a crash in one game (turns out its just a regular crash, nothing more) I decided to start running some stress tests on the PC...
  4. D

    Question CPU temp issues

    Hi After recently getting a new PC i have been monitoring my CPU's temp with the stock cooler it was provided with. Most notably when playing games such as Rust my CPU temp slowly creeps up into the 80 degrees Celsius. And with other high demanding games my CPU them can run up into the mid 70's...
  5. beepadyboopady

    [SOLVED] i5-8600k Overclocked temps

    As a first time builder, I was curious about the temps which my overclocked i5-8600k is running. I have overclocked it to 4800MHz and 1.25v. I could have pushed it further but wanted it to live for a little bit longer. Temps: Idle - 35°C Internet browsing (YouTube) - 43 - 51°C Gaming - 58 -...