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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Half speed through Tenda router

    Hello, I have a Tenda F3 router, which has a 1*10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port. My problem is that I have a wifi modem from my ISP, but it's range is terrible (speed is 100mbit/s), so I tried to use my Tenda F3 router to increase the wifi range. Connected them with a cat 5e cable, set the...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Need advice for the better router

    Hello All, Hope everyone is fine. I want to buy a router for my internet connection of 100Mbps(Promotional 300Mbps during COVID time) and have jot down a few of them . Please let me know which one will be the better one . Tenda AC10 1200Mbps TP-Link AC1200 Archer A6 TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350...
  3. kingston97bg

    Question Tenda Problems

    Hello! I have a problem with the router MODEL IS Tenda F3. I'll upload a picture to show whats exactly is: https://prikachi.net/image/838vc The Router says: Connection Status:Can not surf the Internet. Please contact your ISP! [RED SHRIFT like no network] But i can to surf with maximum speed on...
  4. R_R_R

    [SOLVED] If a router is set up in WISP mode, what happens to the WAN port?

    Hello! If I have a router which supports WISP and has multiple LAN ports + 1 WAN, let's say a Tenda N301, and I configure it as a WISP router which connects to a existing WLAN. Can I use the WAN port as a normal LAN port? and what happens if I would plug in a network cable into the WAN from a...
  5. elgiov

    [SOLVED] Tenda F3 capping download speeds at 10MB/s

    Hello everyone. I bought a Tenda F3 which says it has: 1*10/100M auto-negotiation WAN port 3*10/100M auto-negotiation LAN ports. When I connect directly to my modem, the download speeds go up to 30MB/s, but when connected through the modem to the Tenda F3 router, the download speed is capped at...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Tenda switch dropping gigabit to 100 Mb/s

    Hello Guys, I've purchased this switch (unmanaged) from a local store a little over 5 months ago, it is a Tenda switch, around 12$. I've recently came across my internet speed dropping from ~900 Mb/s to under 100. After half an hour of troubleshooting, it looks like the Tenda is restricting...
  7. winncootMKD

    [SOLVED] I have internet but when connected through router I don't

    Hello there! So earlier this day my internet provided had maintance and I had no internet for a hour or two. And when they reconnected I had no internet. I tried powering off the router for 30min and plugging it back in(works every time) but it didnt work this time. So i powered off the router...
  8. G

    Question Torrent Speed too low though network same

    Hi, i replaced a few months ago my ageing d-link dir 615 300mbps router with a tenda F3 300mbps router. Now i noticed that my torrent download speed has fallen significantly, earlier i used to get 10.4 mbps constant downloading big files with 3000+ seeders & 1000 leechers, but now thd same...
  9. Sven0428


    Recently I upgraded my router mentioned above, but after installing the firmware upgrade, I resented the router settings to factory default, after the status went to 100%and it said finishing, it loaded finishing for a couple minutes, then I closed the tab, the router stopped working, I tried...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] External Hard Drive cant be seen after putting it on my Xbox 1

    Hello! I recently bought a Seagate Backup+ Slim 2TB external Hard drive. I tried it on my pc and it works, I even transfered some files into it. My brother then tries to connect it to our Xbox 1 in order to store games but it doesnt work. I tried plugging it back to my PC but it cant be seen...
  11. I

    Upload speed low only on one computer

    i just had the isp guy and change out the router/modem and that didnt fix i am direct connected motherboard - MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK ARCTIC LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 ATX Motherboards - Intel everything else with my phones and other computer has the required upload and download 90...
  12. C

    My pc loses the connection with the monitor and It crashes.

    While playing games my pc loses connection with my monitor (it says no connection) It seems that my computer crashes too. Specs: -I5 6500 -MSI B150M MOBO -HYPERX FURY DDR4 memory (8gb) -XFX RADEON RX 480 RS (4GB) -SILENTIUM PC VERO L1 600W PSU (SPC132) Drivers: -Radeon Crimson Relive 16.12.2
  13. C

    Advice good B150 micro ATX mobo for my build/budget

    Hi there guys! Please advice a good B150 micro ATX mobo for my build. Not going to do any overclocking (obviously). Here is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/list/vPyyWX I would like it to be within 100$ limit... Thanks! P. S. My personal opinion is that I should go for a MSI B150M BAZOOKA...
  14. R

    ssd with i5 6600k or i7 6700k without ssd ?

    what the title says , i can buy ssd 500gb evo 850 samsung with i5 6600k or i can buy i7 6700k without ssd rest of the build MOBO= ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING HDD=500GB ALREADY HAVE IT HDD2=500GB ALREADY HAVE IT GPU=GTX 1070 RAM= 16GB 2400MHZ CL12 PSU= 750W COOLERMASTER 80+BRONZE
  15. J

    heat sick cooling fan

    need a heat sink cooling fan for an eMachine EL1352-01e. can't find one compatable. l
  16. T

    "Reset files and reinstall windows" will I need to reactivate windows?

    I installed windows 10 and I want to delete ALL files on my PC, but I don't have any windows disc/serial or something of that nature, right now, I have a serial written since the first time I installed windows, but lost the installation disc since. can I reset the files?
  17. J

    graphics card fan

    So my graphics card is slightly too long for my case. If i take off the fan it fits. My question is, if I unscrew the fan and keep it underneath the gpu so it fits, is that going to work or is that a no no? Is a 3rd party cooler a better idea?