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  1. F

    Question Mixing brands of RAM - way to test?

    I've been reading threads on the issues with mixing brands of RAM that otherwise have the same speed, form factor, etc. BUT, there doesn't seem to be any discussion of ways to test those combinations of RAM. I recently bought 8GB DDR3L SODIMM (Kingston KCP3L16SD8/8) .. and installed it next to...
  2. Dagenham

    Question Question about PSU testing

    Hey my computer is dead, not even booting to BIOS and constantly trying to restart itself. I suspect a PSU issue but it may MOBO too I guess. I was trying to test my PSU with a multimeter like discussed here, or shown here . Now here's a thing. I have this modular PSU where two cables are...
  3. Thudpull

    Question Trying to test my motherboard Rog Strix x570-e

    Hi guys! I need your help. I'm missing 2 vital components to properly test my motherboard: CPU (currently on back order: Ryzen 7 5800x) GPU (currently on pre-order: Radeon 6800xt) The components I have: Mobo: ASUS Rog Strix x570-e RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RGB 32Gb M.2 : WD Black...
  4. B!gMeme

    [SOLVED] Will a quick test kill my PSU?

    I just got my gtx 960 off ebay, and I want to test it, except that the total system draw with the thing hooked up is above my PSU's wattage. My psu is an old, noname 305 watt, and I am wondering if booting it with the 960 plugged in will kill it, even for a quick post check. I am going to order...
  5. How To Motherboard bench testing

    Finding the problem through bench testing If you are here then it’s likely you have encountered a serious hardware issue and have been unable to resolve it using the standard no-POST troubleshooting procedures. If you have not yet attempted to resolve your issues using the no-POST...
  6. Palaza

    Question I am going to test a used gtx 1070ti what should i test it with and what should i compare it to

    hello so i am going to test a gpu but i dont really know how or using what program should i do it or compare it to i would add that i can buy a brand new gtx 1660 super so if any of u guys would recommend one over the other please tell me
  7. N

    Question Easiest way to test individual components?

    My computer has a problem. It will turn on, but it won't boot. It's not a problem with my graphics card or monitor, so I'm pretty stuck. I've tried everything I could think of, short of testing each component individually. It's not like I have a bunch of free CPUs lying around the house, which...
  8. F

    Question Does anyone know a trustworthy professional testing software?

    I am working in a project about testing workstations performance. First, I have to change different RAMs configurations (8GB, then 16GB, then 32GB ans so on) keeping all the other components ( CPU, GPU, SSD) unchanged. So, I need a proffesional software in order to test the workstation...
  9. TimH77

    [SOLVED] Upgrade (Pre)Install Advice...Testing For DoA? Parts?

    1) I'm wanting to know if there is anything I can or should do before installing everything (details below)- a)Test for DoA? b)Anything else? 2) What steps do you do for your builds? 3)Do you have any tips to make things go smoother? 4) Or do I just need to get everything installed in the...
  10. 1481Cepheus

    Question Without a CPU and RAM installed in a motherboard, is it possible to test RGB fans connected to a 'Commander Pro'?

    Hi, I'm building a PC and have bought a case that comes with RGB fans that are connected to a Commander Pro and fan hub. I would like to test that the fans and LEDs work. Without a motherboard that has a CPU and RAM installed, would it be possible to connect the Commander Pro and fan hub into...
  11. D

    Benq GW2270 flickering and screentearing, overclock possible?

    I recently bought the Benq GW2270 HDMI 1080p monitor. At the time I couldn't afford any better however I have noticed in some games than run above 60fps, such as counter strike GO, there is a large amount of screen tearing and also when moving between brighter colours there seems to be some...
  12. T

    Stop printer from trying to install

    I tried to install an obsolete printer, obviously not purposefully. It wouldn't work so I deleted it and got a new one. But my computer keeps trying to install it, all day everyday and I can't get it to stop. Windows keep coming up to change the hard drive and to reinstall the program. But I...
  13. T

    Need help, Looking to build a pc for 450-500

    Hi guys, could you help me please, looking to build my first gaming pc for about 450-500 mostly playing WOT and CS no monitor/keyboar/mouse is required, also i do have Hard drives, so no need to include them. Also could you advise whether to have Intel or AMD? Thank You.
  14. J

    R90 Stuttering and low LOD in almost every game

    Ok, a couple of months ago I bought a r9 390 and it ran pretty bad, so i returned it and changed it to the sapphire version which still ran bad, I changed my CPU and motherboard to see if that would fix the problem, it didn't. So now im stuck at a standstill as what it could be, the only non new...
  15. T

    Problem Choosing New Components Compatibility Old PC

    I will talk fast about my problem . So,i have a old pc and i want to buy a new hard-disk because the hard-disk that i actually have have low storrage size and it moves slow . These are my pc specs : http://imgur.com/tVVmuZS I want to buy this hard disk ...
  16. ModMonster

    What is the difference in 300MBPS and 200?

    Will I notice a difference in 300mbps and 200mbps?
  17. C

    Cheapest gaming computer I could run all games on medium on.

    What is the cheapest computer i could build that can run all games on at least medium settings, I'm not entirely sure on my budget at the moment but i just want to make it as cheap as possible. I want to be playing games like BF4, DayZ, GTA 5 when it comes out and MMORPG's. I prefer intel for...
  18. P

    configuring service pack

    help me how to repair my lap top problem: "configuring service pack 35%"