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  1. F

    Question Does anyone know a trustworthy professional testing software?

    I am working in a project about testing workstations performance. First, I have to change different RAMs configurations (8GB, then 16GB, then 32GB ans so on) keeping all the other components ( CPU, GPU, SSD) unchanged. So, I need a proffesional software in order to test the workstation...
  2. TimH77

    [SOLVED] Upgrade (Pre)Install Advice...Testing For DoA? Parts?

    1) I'm wanting to know if there is anything I can or should do before installing everything (details below)- a)Test for DoA? b)Anything else? 2) What steps do you do for your builds? 3)Do you have any tips to make things go smoother? 4) Or do I just need to get everything installed in the...
  3. 1481Cepheus

    Question Without a CPU and RAM installed in a motherboard, is it possible to test RGB fans connected to a 'Commander Pro'?

    Hi, I'm building a PC and have bought a case that comes with RGB fans that are connected to a Commander Pro and fan hub. I would like to test that the fans and LEDs work. Without a motherboard that has a CPU and RAM installed, would it be possible to connect the Commander Pro and fan hub into...
  4. D

    Benq GW2270 flickering and screentearing, overclock possible?

    I recently bought the Benq GW2270 HDMI 1080p monitor. At the time I couldn't afford any better however I have noticed in some games than run above 60fps, such as counter strike GO, there is a large amount of screen tearing and also when moving between brighter colours there seems to be some...
  5. T

    Stop printer from trying to install

    I tried to install an obsolete printer, obviously not purposefully. It wouldn't work so I deleted it and got a new one. But my computer keeps trying to install it, all day everyday and I can't get it to stop. Windows keep coming up to change the hard drive and to reinstall the program. But I...
  6. T

    Need help, Looking to build a pc for 450-500

    Hi guys, could you help me please, looking to build my first gaming pc for about 450-500 mostly playing WOT and CS no monitor/keyboar/mouse is required, also i do have Hard drives, so no need to include them. Also could you advise whether to have Intel or AMD? Thank You.
  7. J

    R90 Stuttering and low LOD in almost every game

    Ok, a couple of months ago I bought a r9 390 and it ran pretty bad, so i returned it and changed it to the sapphire version which still ran bad, I changed my CPU and motherboard to see if that would fix the problem, it didn't. So now im stuck at a standstill as what it could be, the only non new...
  8. T

    Problem Choosing New Components Compatibility Old PC

    I will talk fast about my problem . So,i have a old pc and i want to buy a new hard-disk because the hard-disk that i actually have have low storrage size and it moves slow . These are my pc specs : http://imgur.com/tVVmuZS I want to buy this hard disk ...
  9. ModMonster

    What is the difference in 300MBPS and 200?

    Will I notice a difference in 300mbps and 200mbps?
  10. C

    Cheapest gaming computer I could run all games on medium on.

    What is the cheapest computer i could build that can run all games on at least medium settings, I'm not entirely sure on my budget at the moment but i just want to make it as cheap as possible. I want to be playing games like BF4, DayZ, GTA 5 when it comes out and MMORPG's. I prefer intel for...
  11. P

    configuring service pack

    help me how to repair my lap top problem: "configuring service pack 35%"