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  1. S

    [SOLVED] USB to RJ45 from pc to device

    So what I want to ask is how can I make my PC tether Internet to a device using a USB to RJ45 adapter (tp-link ue200) when connecting the USB to the PC
  2. V

    Question I can use USB Tethering to share mobile internet with my PC, but can i do it the other way around?

    a few months ago my Wi-Fi modem stopped working and it just so happened that i need Internet on my phone so i started looking at youtube tutorials and other threads on how to use USB tethering, after retrying all of them countless times, following everything step by step and still getting no...
  3. M

    Question Very strange problem with phone network

    Hey. I've been using internet connection to my desktop pc from Huawei P20 with usb-tethering. Now for a week some strange network cuts have been happening. It tooks like half a second when my network shortcut goes from yellow triangle to normal. I have trying to several fixes including phone...
  4. M

    Help with my custom build PC

    I am trying to get my custom built PC running When I hit the power button it wants to start up fans start spinning then immediately shuts off. No fan gets up to speed and nothing gets past an initial mini surge of power. The Mother Borad Light is Green solid. Specs: Asus Sabertooth Z87 LGA...
  5. O

    Games freeze my PC for a while, can't do anything.

    Hello. I got a new gpu a few days ago. Switched from a Gigabyte 1080Ti Turbo to a Zotac 1080Ti AMP!. Thought everythings going to be amaizng but it isn't. My problem is that most of my games freeze after a while. Even when nothing happens my game just randomly freezes. I can't alt tab, close the...
  6. B

    Stuck in bios screen

    My computer turned off normally.But now I can't boot it as usually.It stuck in the BIOS screen and able to see crash line (white Colour) on bottom side of the screen.I can't do anything further when it stuck in BIOS
  7. P

    help me decide which CPU to buy please

    my goal is 1440p/100+fps on AAA games. no streaming or workplace stuff. my GPU will be either a 1080 TI or rtx 2080 (waiting the 2080 ships for accurate benchmarks) i'm considering the r5 2600 or 2700 (maybe x?), because the i7 CPU's cost more, require a semi-expensive cooler and motherboard...
  8. N

    750W enough for GTX 1080 + RTX 2080 Ti?

    I'm not too hardware-savvy, so I appreciate your input. I preordered an RTX 2080 Ti today. My rig currently has a GTX 1080, i7 7700K, 32 GB RAM, Evo 960 M.2, and a WiFi card. Will a 750W PSU be enough (without overclocking), or will I need something higher? I don't plan on overclocking it. Thanks!
  9. M

    is it worth to update my cpu to 8700K??

    hi i have the 4770K in overclocking to 4,5 my question is is it worth to update my 4770K to 8700K?? for games?>?> for how long do you believe that 4770K will serve me for to ,play games?>? will i see any difference if i will update my 4770K to 8700K for games...
  10. L

    help regarding router placement

    hey there so i already have one internet provider which gives me wifi in my house but now i would also like to have internet in my garden office from a different provider. the issue is that im not sure how i will get a router in the office as i am pretty sure the internet cable i have only goes...
  11. A

    Is it possible to upgrade an Asus X556 UQ's graphics card ?

    Hey guys... I just bought this budget laptop for around 1300 USD, and I was kinda wondering if it's possible to upgrade its GPU, and I'll need some advice whether this type of laptop's GPU is integrated or not, or the current GPU is compatible with higher end NVIDIA graphics cards. My GPU is...
  12. B

    i5 8600k overcloack at 4,3 or less is it worth it?

    Hello I have an i5 8600k on a z370 gaming pro carbon cooled by a NZXT x52 watercooling. I am kind of a beginer in PC hardware and don't really know if I should overcloack, i am scared of my chip getting too hot over the years and having to change it in 3 years. And is it worth it to overcloack...
  13. C

    No signal found

    I just built a new pc and turned on the power to find that my monitor can not find a signal to my pc. When I turn on my pc the CPU cooler fan spins, the graphics card fans spin, and the case fans and LEDs turn on. Everything seems to be working but I don't know what could cause a problem like...
  14. M

    Windows partition suddently is full

    Hi forum. Recently I have encountered this weird problem with Windows 10. The C: partition is absolutely full for no reason, not even a single byte left.The thing is that in reality its not even halfway full. What is it that I can do? Thanks in advance.
  15. F

    I dropped my pc

    I dropped my pc and now when I turn it on I keeps saying scanning and repairing drive (my brand is asus) no matter if I turn it on and off or take the battery out it still wouldn’t return to its original state. Can you please help me fix this!
  16. B

    Asus Prime Z370-A or Asus Rog Strix Z370-H Gaming. What’s a good Motherboard for the I5-8600k (Gaming and School)

    Here’s my build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MjP9bj I saw a review that the Rog is easy to overclock than the prime... what’s a good Motherboard for the I5-8600k? Thoughts on my build? Thanks In advance
  17. Blaze_Pyro

    Is my gfx and build good enough for the next generation games?

    My build - Mobo: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Ram: 1 Gskill ripjaws x series 8gb CPU: AMD fx 8350, GPU: 750ti nvidia zotac, PSU: 450 watts Corsair VS, HDD: WD 1TB, cabinet: circle cc 820. Should this build suffice for today's games?
  18. C

    Every PC game I play crashes

    Recently I updated my system because my rig was getting quite dated and ever since I've had a problem with playing games, which is what I primarily use my rig for. After a short while of playing (longer if my PC has been off for a while and freshly restarted) games I play will crash in the case...
  19. J

    FX-8320 Is the Best Still?

    Fx-8320 is proven the best Oc and holds the record on benchmarks!
  20. D

    Newegg Free Shipping?

    So I wanted to buy the all new Ryzen 7 1700 (non X) from Newegg after I saw the prices have dropped to be adjusted for the coming of the new Threadripper. On the listing it says that the shipping is free, however I am a bit skeptical since I live in Serbia (Europe, Balkan). And also, can you...