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  1. A

    Question Ghosting Issues

    Monitor: Acer XFA240 (1080p, 144hz, 1ms) GPU: RTX 2060S MOBO: MSI Z390 CPU: 9600k RAM: Corsair DDR4 3200mhz I do believe this is, what is referred to as, 'ghosting', but correct me if i'm wrong: I am experiencing very noticeable ghosting on this monitor. I haven't seen many topics of people...
  2. Yanitwei

    Question Windows 10 Mail app displays text as question marks in box

    Hi all, I have an issue with windows 10 Mail app. Every text that is written in Armenian language being shown as boxes or question marks inside the box, But only inside Mail app and only inside that message. If I will copy it and paste somewhere else, doesn't matter where, normal text...
  3. A

    Discussion Text editor with code highlighting for iPad

    Hello guys, I am switching from android tablet to Apple iPad. I use tablet mostly for web browsing, pdf reading, Code editing, etc. On Android for code editing I have used QuickEdit by Rhythm Software, it is a simple text editor which also highlight code based on file extension it supports...
  4. T

    B450 AORUS ELITE is compatible with a vga to hdmi active adapter?

    Hi im going to buy a Ryzen 5 2200g and this mobo.The real problem is .... this mobo only supports hdmi/dvi ports . I have a vga monitor and i want to know : can i use a vga to hdmi active adapter to make it work with my vga monitor?
  5. A

    thinking of upgrading my pc. i need help

    Hello everyone. i bought this PC 4 years ago and i'm thinking of upgrading it this is my current PC: CPU: i5-4690 CPU cooler: Corsair H60 MB : Asrock B85 Pro4 GPU : gigabyte gtx 770 windforce 3x Ram: hyperX 2x8 (16) PSU : evga supernova 850w gold case: Nzxt phantom 410 this is what im...
  6. Y

    i5 8600k or wait for new ryzen

    To be paired with a gtx 1080.
  7. A

    Memory Issues with Dell Optiplex 960 PC2

    I am having problems with memory bought on Ebay. I install the memory and get a solid 1 & 3 light with tells me: Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error has occurred. The memory I bought: .New Condition,Original memory chips Double-Sided .2GB Capacity...
  8. F

    Core i3 7100

    Hi guys! My system is 8g ram, gtx 1050 ti, intel g3250 With this pc I have bottleneck in some games and because of that I wanna to upgrade my cpu to core i3 7100. I want to know that will I have any bottleneck after this upgrade?
  9. S

    New PSU, Red CPU LED, No POST at startup

    I upgraded my old gaming pc to with a new board, chipset, RAM, and lower/mid range GPU a couple months ago. I used my semi modular 650W Antec PSU from my previous build and it ran flawless two months. I decided to upgrade my GPU to a more power hungry/powerful unit. I decided to upgrade my...
  10. S

    Fastest CPU for Acer Aspire 5738Z

    I have an old laptop (Acer Aspire 5738Z; eight years old) which I'd like to keep in service as long as I can. I'm trying to find the fastest CPU that I can fit and I've found one thread where someone claims to have succesfully upgraded from the standard T4200 to a T9600. I'm wondering whether...
  11. M

    R9 280x connection to Corsair cx600w

    Hello I've bought a r9 280x but I don't know how to connect it I've tried but I am just getting no connection at all
  12. B

    HEELP Intel Core i3 3220 vs Intel Core i7 920 ??

    Hello, I have got a rig with 8 GB Ram and gtx 760 with I3 CPU My Friend wanted to upgrade his PC to make it for gaming (Medium) So i told him that he just needs to upgrade his RAM and GPU only and not his CPU because he got I7 920 which i think is the same with my I3. Soo because i got an old...
  13. H

    Is the NVidia GT630/1GB GDDR3/128 Bit compactible with my PC ?

    I'm looking to buy this graphic card but I don't know if it's compactible with my PC. So , what informations I need to give you for you to tell me if it's okay for me to buy it ? Thanks in advance :) EDIT : I have some info that might help tho : Computer: Computer Type...
  14. A

    Hyperx Cloud 1 i hear myself through mic

    I hear myself through mic. How can i turn this off ?
  15. H

    I think I have a virus

    My friend had told me about uTorrent and that he uses it to download things so I download uTorrent and started downloading a 50ish GB file (supposedly GTA V). I have since deleted uTorrent but whenever I try open Norton now everything just says 'fixing'...
  16. P

    New mid range pc

    What do you think of this build? (I need a cheap overclockable good and durable pc). i5 6600k Gtx 970 (will I be able to run two of them on this mb?) Msi h170 gaming m3 8 gb ddr4 2133 (i'll add more in the future) 800w (enough for OC cpu and maybe gpu?) Storage or case don't matter now Edit...
  17. O

    Opinion on LG 24MP47HQ-P

    Hi, I would like to get people's opinion on this monitor, LG 24MP47HQ-P http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-24MP47HQ-P-led-monitor I could not find any reviews on the web and is hoping to hear if this monitor is great as the specifications so far are quite ideal. I am looking for an mid-priced...
  18. Z

    1600mHZ ram is 540 CPU-z

    today i bought 2 hyperx fury 1600mHZ 8GB after i installed it and check in CPU-z its only 540 mHZ can i know what is the problem here ? cuz i had another old type RAMS and before i install this and the speed is the same i hope for sooner answer and thank u *motherboard model x58-usb3
  19. Y

    does a gpu benchmark test like valley -heaven or 3dmark safe and must use on new build ?

    does these tests safe ? or it will damage the gpu by overvoltage ?? also easy to uninstall them ? and how much time the test will last in heaven ?
  20. H

    What to look for in benchmark-tests when overclocking GPU?

    Hello. What exactly am I supposed to look for when judging if I should continue overclocking my GPU? I am using "Heaven 4.0" and slowly raising the memory clock on MSI Afterburner. So far I'm up to 550, and I haven't noticed anything that wasn't also there, when it was on the default. I am not...