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  1. A

    Question Bad Anti-aliasing on MSI GTX 1660TI Gaming x

    I'm facing bad anti-aliasing on my latest MSI GTX 1660ti gaming x GPU, though the anti-aliasing does not look too bad but in my opinion it's not perfect from a GPU like MSI 1660ti and I'm sure something is wrong. While playing games, my GPU usage around 90+ and CPU around 75+ but I have also...
  2. P

    Question Texture pop-ins and slower loading times

    I got my pc a year ago, I know the CPU isn't on the better side but the store was out of ryzens at the time. So I set up the pc at home and I instantly stress test it, everything is fine and working how it should, fast forward to about a couple of months ago and I start noticing texture pop-ins...
  3. zanekq

    Question Weird issue of Graphical Glitches/Artifacts happening in some games, and some not

    Hey guys. So I have this weird issue that in some games (mostly the newest, demanding ones) various graphical glitches are happening like texture stretching and flickering. Sometimes other stuff happens although rarely. It's very random, sometimes doesn't happen for a long time, and sometimes...