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  1. E

    Question TF2 Opening Weird After New GPU Installation?

    I recently upgraded from an RX580 to an RTX 3070 Ti, but now whenever I open TF2, it opens at a super weird resolution, and the main menu displays only one friend on the friends list, and I can't click anything. Task Manager says it's not responding. I've tried verifying and uninstalling...
  2. NightHawkRMX

    Question DSR Issue in TF2

    Hello, I am having an unusual bug with DSR. I have an Overclocked Ryzen 3 1200, Overclocked GTX 1050, and 60hz 1080p monitor. I love the free game Team Fortress 2. My system is powerful enough to run this 12-year-old game with 4x DSR as I get well over 120fps at 1080p max settings normally. I...
  3. M

    Computer Keeps on Freezing

    So for over a month now, my computer keeps freezing. It all started when I was moving some of my files on an external HDD and decided to make 4 or more simultan transfers. The computer froze and from that moment kept on doing almost non stop. Reinstalled the windows, but still it froze, not as...
  4. R

    OMG I need help

    I have Acer aspire 9500 is 80gb You with 3gb ram but sometimes when I am using some lightning freezing coming inside sometimes I don't understand so I have check the hdd and ram said maybe is that one do so I fix it very well but still it keep doing what is doing and whenever my hand will touch...
  5. J

    Put OS on SSD - Keep HDD for Storage

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a Samsung Evo 850 500gb ssd for my rig. At present I have a basic Seagate 500gb HDD. I was hoping to simply clone the HDD to my SSD and then use my HDD for things like photos, documents and music. With the aim of using my SSD for booting, software like photoshop...
  6. X

    RAM or HDD bottleneck or some other problem

    Hello guys, i just built my new pc with the following specs I5 8600k 8GB 2800 mhz (its running at 2400 mhz only) Msi pc pro z370 mobo cooler master MWE 650W smps harddisk i didint change (7200 RPM normal HDD connected via SATA) MSI armour GTX 1080ti windows 10 pro clean installation i...
  7. D

    Internet Signals receivers

    Can it be possible if I use my TV satellite dishe feed horn to have Internet signals?
  8. J

    ASUS Geforce 750TI OC 2GB GDDR5 Not Booting

    Hi; I have bought a SH gfx card from CeX. When the card is inserted the PC will not boot. I tried installing the nVidia Drivers without the card installed but the installation will not complete because it cannot find a valid card. Its an ASRock FM2 board with an AMD A6 CPU and Crucial Ballistix...
  9. M

    Replacement Dell HD has no room for clone of original HD

    I'm sorry to be unable to find the answer myself although I bet it's here somewhere. :( Long, frustrating story: --The HD was going in my Dell Inspiron according to their tests and my experience of crashes and freezes; they sent me a replacement. Neither them or I could make image/clone with...
  10. B

    How future proof is this?

    Hi, I had a mac before I built my own pc. The mac was released in late 2009 and it still runs fine today for word and youtube, spotify etc., and thats nearly 8 years- impressive. It had a 3GHz intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram 1066mhz and a 500gb HDD @5400rpm. I want my build to last that long, and I...
  11. L

    How to overclock i7 2600K 3.4 GHz on Asus Maximus IV Extreme Rev 3.0?

    Since I'm a total noob, I'd greatly appreciate insight / guidance on how to overclock i7 2600K 3.4 GHz on Asus Maximus IV Extreme Rev 3.0? I just installed Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooler which should address the cooling issue but I have no idea what I'm doing in terms of actually OC the CPU in BIOS...
  12. R

    6950X , Asus X99 A II , ATX12V_1 + ATX12V_2

    hi , i am little confused about my motherboard i have : asus x99 A II . see the picture 1 = 8 pin " i have the cable and its connected " 2 = 4 pin " i don't believe that i have that cable " the processor is i7 6950x , i am planning to overclock it a bit , but later so should i buy another...
  13. J

    I5 2400 Refurbished gaming pc

    I have like $200 right now and am looking to buy a pc for gaming and have come across the i5 2400 refurbished pcs on eBay Like...
  14. A

    What PSU do I need?

    I am building a PC and I would like to find how much wattage do I need for my PSU? I will get: Intel i7 6800k ASUS x99 Deluxe ATX ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz I was thinking to get Corsair CP-9020078-UK Builder Series...
  15. brasolis

    Having trouble pinpointing issue causing crashes.

    Recently my computer has started to act up and I'm going off the deep end trying to diagnose the issue. The issue is (semi?)random crashing. At first it was in games, then it spread to everything. Intermittently programs would crash to desktop with 0 warning. Sometimes I could run for an entire...
  16. S

    Best CPU for $200

    I need to find a CPU that's good for general gaming and It would have to be Intel. I have around $170, I could go up to $200, but i would really rather stay at $170 for the CPU.
  17. D

    Can't get FM signal on Bose Wave AM/FM radio

    I have a cheap RCA clock radio that picks up FM signals but I can't get FM on an expensive Bose AM/FM Wave radio! Its sitting right next to the cheap one but no FM! What's up with that? I have not purchased an external antenna but the cheapie radio doesn't have one so why would I need one on the...
  18. P

    Help with fps drop

    i recently update 2 windows 10 and i found my fps in games dropped so i went back to win7 but i still have those same fps. is there something i can do to fix this? Thank You
  19. F

    No display or beep when computer turns on

    I recently purchased a computer that came as a bundle from NewEgg, so I know all parts are compatible. I hooked everything up and turned the computer on, and was happy to see it running. The display LEDs were illuminated and all fans were running. Though, I did notice that there was no beep from...
  20. S

    ssd and hhd

    which ssd is better? 1- 2-...
  21. O

    Liquid damage to laptop

    I sent my laptop in (which was working fine) due to the charger port being loose. Got a message back that their is liquid damage. My question is is there is liquid damage would it still be working at all?
  22. E

    Can my R7900 run in crossfire with ?

    Hello guys! I have a question about crossfire compatibility between my graphics card and processor: I have the AMD XFX R7900 Series graphics card and I just got the AMD A10-7850K with a Radeon R7 integraded GPU. I am wondering can I run these two in a crossfire? And if I can, how could I do it...
  23. P

    Help with transfering data from laptop hard drive using SATA to USB

    I took my hard drive out of my old laptop that died and need to transfer files and pictures to my computer. The Drive is working and the SATA to USB seems to be doing its thing. When I look in the Computer Management I see two things: System Reserved and (G) both say healthy( Primary...
  24. B

    second hand gpu

    Hi all i have found a good price for some used gpu where i live some of them with warranty other are not but my question is what things should i check to test the gpu before buying it also should i ask the seller what is the psu that this card used to work on , or it will not make...
  25. X

    First time building a pc

    Hi guys, it's my first time building a pc and here are the parts I've picked so far : CPU : intel core i5 4690k GPU : MSI GTX 970 4GD5 OC MoBo : MSI Z97 gaming 5 RAM : Corsair vengeance 8Gb CPU COOLER : Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo Case : Fractal Design Define R4 HDD : Seagate Barracuda 2Tb SSD...
  26. N

    ASUS Z97 Pro or ASUS Z87 Pro?

    Im looking to build a gaming PC. Im stuck between the ASUS Z97 Pro LGA 1150 and the ASUS Z87 Pro LGA 1150 motherboards. Which one of these motherboards would be the better buy? What are the differences? Are they good motherboards for gaming? Or would you recommend something different in the same...
  27. J

    Looking for a 1000$ (Canadian) gaming build

    I am looking for a desktop that can run csgo at 200fps consistently and be able to use a 144hz monitor with it. I am comfortable spending a little bit extra on the desktop if needed however id like to stick around that general price range. Any help is appreciated Keep in mind I am completely...
  28. Confused Idiot

    PC PSU making really faint buzzing noise

    Idk if it is coil whine but I have to put my ear less than 6 inches away to hear it, this is the only problem and I just started hearing this today... Is this dangerous? I'm really scared! It's a EVGA SUPERNOVA B2 750 Watt PSU
  29. D

    Blue screen after ~50 min

    No matter what I am doing, after ~50 min, the computer blue screens. Temps are good. Can't find any viruses or hardware damage. Hit a mental block with the trouble shooting.
  30. M

    Enlightened plug and wireless rear speaker help needed please (probably yes or no answer)

    Hi all, Sorry if this is stupid question, I'm a graphic designer by trade so I have no idea if this is idiotic but here is my question if anyone knows what their doing can help: My wife bought me a cheap Philips receiver / 5.1 surround sound thing, I know its not ideal but the speakers do...
  31. G

    Determining Bios version or best guess.

    Alright, So I posted here before about this board wondering about bios version but I didn't have the box yet and someone said that it Should tell me on the box. Looking at the box there is only 3 bar-code stickers and none of them seem to have the bios version it shipped with on it. I'm trying...
  32. A

    Clock Problem in Windows 7

    Hi , so I came back to Windows 7 Ultimate and now the AM/PM is showing on the left side of the clock. I am unable to put it to the right side of the clock. Problem Can anyone tell what do I have to do to put it on the right side of the clock ?
  33. Eeessttaa

    Nvidia shield portable 5ghz wifi

    Ok so my shield isn't seeing any 5ghz wifi signals. i just bought it and i couldn't see my 5ghz wifi or even any of my neighbors 5ghz wifi. So i also restored it and tried again but it still didn't work. i can connect to the 2.4ghz easily just like any other device. i have an apple airport...
  34. G

    help with finding a cpu

    Well like the description says I'm confused about this cpu stuff. I'm trying to find out if a amd fx8350 will bottleneck a r9 290 but I can't find a answer. I keep finding stuff that says only intel cpus are good and what not so please could I have some help.
  35. J

    my laptop Compaq nc6000 turns on automatically

    Hi..i have a HP Compaq nc6000 it turns on automatically when plug in and it won't boot..the fan spins..wifi and charging led is lighting up..but the power led isn't working.. sometimes it boots normally and only power led lights up but after windows boot loader it beeps continuously and nothing...
  36. B

    PC Won't Resume From Sleep!

    Hey everybody, I have an FX-6350 (OC) in a Sabertooth 990fx Asus board, with 2x 4gb Hynix 1866mhz RAM, Asus CD/DVD+rw drive, NZXT Sentry 2 Fan controller (reigning over 2x 140mm and 3x 120mm Cougar case fans), a Corsair CX750M power supply, a Sapphire OC Radeon 7850 2gb, an Asus N15 wireless...