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  1. M

    Question Some games keep changing my themes, wallpaper and colors ?

    I have licenced version of Windows 10 Pro. and I've noticed that some games are changing my themes, wallpaper and colors to those previously used.... How can i fix this? It's little bit annoying
  2. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Which Windows Theme? (1995 'till Today)

    If you could choose any Windows theme from Windows 95 onward, which system UI would capture most your aesthetic sense and personal preference? Would be glad to hear about it! Thank you!
  3. M

    Question Black screen after applying a theme

    Hello, I was trying to edit a Windows Theme (NOT located in Resources/Themes but in my Downloads folder) with msstyleEditor and pressed "Test". The corrupt theme was applied and I'm getting now a black screen. I've read Fix Black Screen on Windows 10 Caused by Corrupt Themes | Technastic but...
  4. A

    Question Can't change Windows 10 theme ?

    [I AM NOT GOOD AT ENGLISH] I can't apply my saved themes. But when I apply the same wallpaper as my 'saved theme' only then I can apply my saved theme.. I mean I saved a theme which includes a wallpaper and a system colour, and same goes for my other themes, and then when I try to change my...
  5. aden.anderson2001

    [SOLVED] How to make themes for ultraux

    Hello. I have patched my 1909 windows 10 with ultraux and I can now use custom themes made for my build like from DevianArt. I want to create these kinds of themes myself too but I couldn't find a guide for it as the word custom theme is used for just changing cursor and wallpaper and color and...
  6. 1

    Question How to make window HEADER dark?

    Hi, is there a way to make window HEADER dark? (Not the title bar) the header where file-edit-view-help etc buttons are. Thank You
  7. Gulmorg

    Question Is there any ways to make Windows 10 look much better?

    So, i've tried the Nexus and Rainwater apps in Microsoft and to be honest it is very appealing. But i think i need more, is there any apps/theme that can make my Window look much better beside two of apps above? If you have any suggestion please comment below. Any comment will be worth to...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] MSI B450 tomahawk or GIGABYTE B450 AORUS ELITE

    Hi, fist of sorry for my bad english. I'm building a computer and I can't desire which one I to chose. both seems a availability option for my computer which are, Amd ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8 GB AORUS. I am building a black and orange theme and should I chose Gigabyte B450...
  9. Y

    Amazon FTV2 to Yamaha Receiver without HDMI

    I just replaced amazon fire tv-1 with amazon fire tv 2 (FTV2). Earlier I was connecting my old Yamaha receiver (without HDMI) using optical cable. Since FTV2 does not have optical or any kind of audio output, I have no way to connect FTV2 to receiver. I don't want to replace my receiver just...
  10. S

    Lightweight portable gaming rig

    Hi guys, please advice on a an lightweight portable gaming rig for me. Looking for something that i can carry inside a bag/backpack (kind of larger school bags) for carrying around. So MITX build or smaller. budget: MAX $900 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 / I5 - 8400 GPU: GTX 1060 SSD: 500gb probably...
  11. Z

    Will an intel i5-7500 work in an Asus - MAXIMUS VIII RANGER motherboard?

    I have found the perfect CPU at just the right clock speeds for my purposes (i5-7500). I have not yet ordered my processor but I have already ordered my Asus - MAXIMUS VIII RANGER. The board has a z170 chipset but the intel 7th gen processors use z270. To my understanding, a z170 chipset...
  12. R

    Help choosing budget gaming motherboard for Skylake build

    Hi Guys! So I want to build a rig and I want to build a Skylake build. What is the best BUDGET motherboard for i3 then I will later upgrade for i7. I prefer motherboard that can oc cpu. Any suggestion guys? Thanks in advance!
  13. R

    Partitioning my HD

    I have a 1Tb hard drive running on a Windows 10, 64bit machine. I want to partition the Drive. I clicked through "File Explorer" to get to "Disk Management". At the "Disk Management" window, a "Disk 0 Basic" is displayed showing 931Gb (with partitions of 300Mb recovery, 99Mb EFI system, 930Gb...
  14. Steadyy1

    iPhone 5C doesn't record in the resolution 1920x1080

    Hey, so, I tried to record with the iPhone 5C in 1080p. What I did realise, is when I put the clip into vegas, the dimensions of the clip are "320x576x12" even though I selected to record at 1080p30fps ? Whys that happening? It's got huge bars on left and right. Basically like the phone screen...
  15. G

    My Custom PC Build

    Hi there I plan on building my custom PC very soon and before I buy the parts I want to hear what you guys think. Heres the build: or [PCPartPicker part list]( / [Price breakdown by...
  16. exfileme

    Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU

    Zotac is launching a Steam Machine later this year. Zotac Steam Machine Will Have Intel Skylake CPU : Read more
  17. T

    devils canyon or haswell?

    Hey there community of people, I've been looking to upgrade my cpu/mobo combo up from my 3570k to something a little more overclock friendly. Note that this decision is mostly driven by wanting to change my mother board as my p8-z77 lx is utter crap and has been for a while. Trying to follow...
  18. ambroochizafer

    NEED HELP IN UPGRADING Studio XPS 16 M1640 (Mid 2010)

    Greetings I wish to upgrade my studio xps 16 these are the configurations Computer Model Studio XPS M1640 (Mid 2010) Shipping Date 7/6/2009 Country Emerging Countries – EMEA Components Part Number Quantity Description F811K50STUDIO XPS 16 : INTEL CORE 2 DUO PROCESS MY29750MODULE, LIQUID...
  19. A

    regarding max TDP of cpu

    hello sir, i agree with your answers but i am not getting de exact answers what people r asking. we require a exact solution. so kindly please assist me. The MAX TDP(Thermal Design Power) of CPU is 95W (over) prepare to shut down this is the error am getting.