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  1. ak195

    Question Which thermal paste do you prefer ?

    Which thermal paste is better for CPU? Share your reviews CoolerMaster, Kryonaut, GD, Arctic, Noctua or ThermalTake ?
  2. Svalkash

    Question How long can I use Titan Nano Grease

    Hello. I have a thermal grease TTG-G30015. How long can I use it (expiration date is not mentioned on it)?
  3. thebriki

    [SOLVED] Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut vs Arctic Cooling MX-4

    Hello friends I need a thermal paste better and it can take longer time than these two for my laptop. It will be used to render video 4k in after effects. Who is better and can take longer time thermal paste Grizzly Kryonaut or Arctic? I hope you help me to choose better thermal for my laptop...
  4. Question Toshiba M645-S4114 Cpu Thermal Grizzly and Gpu

    hello can I put Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut in cpu-processor i5 480M on an old laptop for Toshiba M645-S4114? And can i put in also in graphic thermal grease Grizzly Kryonaut? Can i Have problem in laptop,cpu..? It is possible to upgrade my graphic,now is intel,can i use pci slot graphic ddr5 ? Thanks