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  1. H

    Question RTX 3090 Suprim X Pad change help pls!

    Due to Artifacting while watching YTB videos (and somehow only when watching YTB videos not while gaming etc., no matter the browser. I tried several) I checked VRAM temps and noticed that it idles at 60+C. I then proceeded to under-volt and it went down to 40-45C I then saw a Guide on what the...
  2. Inver_ShaRingan

    Question RX 5700 XT Thermal Pads Thickness ?

    Well, I oreder few days ago new Thermal Pads, for 8.99£, and the results are worse than with original (dryied) one, cuz hitting max 96-98C. I know is in specs, but could be lower, and safer. I used the same thickness (2mm I guess) or at least the thickness, comparing to old one, side by side...
  3. F

    Question ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB DUAL OC Thermal Pads Replacement Thickness

    Hello! My graphics card ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB DUAL OC was bought October 2018. Recently the temperatures are going quite high and I need to keep a higher fan curve which is loud, both on chassi fans and GPU fans. At a aggressive fan curve temps are around 80-85c in demanding games on...
  4. D

    Question Thermal Pad Thickness of Gigabyte RX 570 - 8 GB, i bought 1mm and the temperature sky-rocketed. Need help

    I have the 8-GB version of the following card: GIGABYTE RX 570 GAMING So i bought some Artic 50x50 - 1mm Thicc thermal pads to replace it, and i covered the main parts - IMAGEs: View: I very...
  5. P

    Discussion Is it okay to stack the thermal pads? If yes how?

    Hi, I will be replacing various GPUs' and laptops' thermal pads and as you already might know, thickness of these pads vary from laptops to GPUs. I looked on various internet forums but couldn't actually find anything useful. Some say it is okay to stack and some say to put a little thermal...
  6. N

    Question 1.5mm or 2.0mm thermal pad?

    Gonna do change for GPU thermal pads. The factory used 1.75mm thickness but there's none on the local market. Should I use the 1.5mm or go with the 2.0mm?
  7. R

    Question GPU Thermal pad´s

    I have changed my GPU thermal paste on 17th of june because it was hitting 90ºc on ful load in a few minutes , now is hitting only between 68 and 70ºc (these are all thermal diode temps ), but When I took it appart I had to change the pads beacuse the memory pad´s were broken and very dry...
  8. VladBarla

    [SOLVED] GTX 780 TI thermal pads

    Hi. I have a Gigabyte GTX 780 TI Founders Edition and i want to change the thermal pads. I want to buy new ones, but i don't know the thickness of them. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet so i want to ask somebody who already changed them in the past. Thank you!
  9. ghozt67

    Question Repasting and Replacing thermal pad on Galax GTX 1080 exoc.

    Good day, I am planning to repaste my GALAX GTX 1080 EXOC SNPR and am asking for recommended brands of thermal paste as well as the appropriate thickness of thermal pads. I would love to see your inputs. Thanks in advance!
  10. NM-NM

    [SOLVED] Change thermal pad thickness

    My card is sapphire pulse rx 580 8gb. And I need to replace thermal pads I contacted sapphire for thermal pad thickness and it's 1mm and 0.75mm. But, I can't find any 0.75mm thermal pad. Is it possible, to change thermal pad thickness from 1mm to 0.75mm. Or, it will destroy the thermal...