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  1. S

    Question Should I clean off excess thermal paste?

    So I might have gone a little overboard since I'd rather have too much instead of too little. I didn't think about the heatsink wouldn't cover the whole chip so I guess I should have put it on the heatsink like the instructions said but now I have excess on parts of the cpu not covered. Should I...
  2. V

    Question Will i need more thermal paste?

    I am upgrading from an I5-4460 to a I7-4790k, I am just wondering will I need more thermal paste on the cpu for when I out the fan back on?
  3. A

    Question My CPU is overheating while idle.

    I recently reinstalled my CPU cooler for cleaning out the radiator and did NOT put in new thermal paste, this might be the reason but still, I am getting temps of about 85-100 degrees on light workload and my fans are ramping up. I have an H115i on an i7 7700 and I don't know if the pump is the...
  4. Nerdasaurus

    Question Thermal Paste in AM4 Socket - Computer Won't Post

    Hi guys, My friend has recently attempted to build his first gaming PC, only to get a small amount of thermal paste stuck in his CPU socket and on his CPU. After a BIOS update, he managed to get his computer to post long enough to install Windows and a couple of programs, only for the computer...
  5. P

    Question best thermal paste application method for 9900K

    before I ask the main question, I'm wondering am I freaking out too much? I'm legit so scared right now that even a milligram of difference might screw up the entire system. I've heard people not being able to boot into windows, and is able to boot successfully after they reapplied thermal...