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  1. RuddroKRM

    Question Cheap thermal paste recommendations for GPU ?

    Hello. I want to replace my Msi Geforce GTX970 4GD5T OC's thermal paste. Currently the temps goes up to 85C in gaming on 100% power limit,100% Fan speed and 91C temp limit on the MSI Afterburner. And It crosses 90C on Furmark stress test. I live in Bangladesh and it's really a hot country...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Gpu Thermal paste

    Hi Im having RTX 2070 gpu More than 3 years with heavy game playing.. Its around getting nearly 90 *C in gaming.. So planning to change Gpu thermal paste.. My question is: 1. Can i use cpu thermal paste for gpu or is there any special thermal paste for Gpu is there in market? 2. Which...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Re-applying thermal paste on the Nintendo Switch

    Curious - has anyone done this and got better temps for their Switch? How about better performance and fps (up to 30fps, of course)? I was thinking about re-applying paste on the APU and on the heat spreader and maybe adding thin thermal pads to the ram chips, as well as thicker pads on the heat...
  4. [SOLVED] Northbridge overheat or power supply problem? Which thermal paste to use on overheated Northbridge of a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 v1.2 motherboard with AMD with 4 x 4 Gb DDR3 RAM. ( Under higher performance (CPU or memory intensive operations, or long disk copy operations) the Northbridge of this board is overheated reaches 80 °C...
  5. Vozenger

    [SOLVED] Liquids to clean Thermal Paste

    Hi, so recently I've wanted to change the thermal paste for all of my computers, every single one of them has their original thermal paste application from decades ago so I wanted to treat them since I can. The thing is, when I searched up Isopropyl alcohol on the web it turned out to be kinda...
  6. Rufusam

    [SOLVED] Advice about thermal paste application. Does my GPU still runs too hot?!

    Hello there, my Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce 3X card which I've had since May 2016 have been performing somewhat poorly a couple of months ago. The temperature would hit 80c and the fans would spin at 80% during relatively undemanding games such as Dark Souls 3. I did some research and tried some...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] will I be safe?

    i recently bought artic silvers articlean and I’m wondering if I will be safe just putting the thermal paste remover on and that’s it, I didn’t use bottle 2 which is thermal surface purifier because I literally built my pc a week ago and there wasn’t much thermal paste on the cpu and heat sink...
  8. steeerben


    so yesterday i started installing gta v from epic games the whole day, im from a 3rd world country and our internet sucks so bad and i was glad that at the end of the day i was able to download about 30GBs before shutting my system down... when i woke up today to resume the download it restarted...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] When buying thermal paste do brands matter ?

    Is there a noticeable difference between lets say for example this and something with a good name like cooler master ? Also how often do you guys change the paste on CPU and GPU ?
  10. blight_89

    [SOLVED] Generic thermal paste

    Hello to all. I have a question regarding thermal paste replacement. Yesterday I decided to clean my desktop PC, since I had noticed the fan speed going up considerably even with simple tasks like opening a video on Youtube or starting up Skype. Unfortunately I didn't think to record my CPU...
  11. U

    [SOLVED] GPU not working on HP ML110 G6 Server

    So, I tried to clean the paste on the gpu Nvidia Quadro 2000 from HP ML110 G6 for the second time cause it was going on 87C when gaming which it started to throttle and the fps were dropping. This is the second I am cleaning the gpu and never had such kind of problems. The pc after starting...