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  1. Roman Levashov

    Question [HELP] Computer boots up only after resetting CMOS after thermal paste change

    I've cleaned my PC before but not this thoroughly. It all started with me dusting it. I took out GPU to dust it separately. And later decided to take off heat sink in order to dust the cooler since there was a tone of dust there. After dusting it thoroughly I put the heat sink back on and then...
  2. brxbrxbrx

    Question Laptop won't power on and no display after dissassembly and fan cleaning/applying thermal paste

    I'm seeking help for my laptop which doesn't turn on. This is after I disassembled it and clean the fan, also re-applying a thermal paste as its temp reaches too high to the point of frequently shutting down. Upon my first re-assembly, the laptop won't turn on, without display even with...
  3. steeerben


    so yesterday i started installing gta v from epic games the whole day, im from a 3rd world country and our internet sucks so bad and i was glad that at the end of the day i was able to download about 30GBs before shutting my system down... when i woke up today to resume the download it restarted...
  4. S

    Question Should I clean off excess thermal paste?

    So I might have gone a little overboard since I'd rather have too much instead of too little. I didn't think about the heatsink wouldn't cover the whole chip so I guess I should have put it on the heatsink like the instructions said but now I have excess on parts of the cpu not covered. Should I...
  5. gus323_

    Question Thermal paste on CPU and AIO cooler?

    Hello, I’m building a new pc. I’m getting an I9 with a Corsair h100i cpu cooler. The cooler comes with pre applied thermal paste. My question is would I need to also add thermal paste to my cpu? Or would I be fine without it since the cooler comes with it pre applied?
  6. A

    Question Fps drops when plugged in.

    I have an Acer Swift 3 (SF-315-51G) laptop. In any game that I play when plugged in I get FPS drops. I installed MSI afterburner to find out why and found that the GPU reaches a temperature limit at 69 degrees. I don't have any issue when I play on battery the fps is locked at 60 with a little...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] When buying thermal paste do brands matter ?

    Is there a noticeable difference between lets say for example this and something with a good name like cooler master ? Also how often do you guys change the paste on CPU and GPU ?
  8. G

    Question Do I bother re pasting my CPU at 5 years??

    My Core rig is 5 years old. sporting a i5 4690K. I just dropped a new RX 5700 XT graphics card in and thought about putting some fresh thermal paste on the CPU. But When testing under heavy load My max core Temp Hit was 53C... Do I even bother? I use a cooler master Hyper N520 cooler. case fans...
  9. AverageGamer24

    Question Can I trust this thermal paste?

    So my XFX RX 570 started to overheat due to dried out thermal paste (yes I am sure) and I am about to replace it but currently I got this thermal paste: View: Is that thermal paste worth using 9n my precious GPU? Will it help my GPU run cooler? Is it safe? I...
  10. AverageGamer24

    Question Can thermal paste make my GPU hotter?!

    Hello everyone, I have recently noticed that my XFX RX 570's temps go as high at 75 C even without increasing the power limit and running it at 1120 MHz, And even if I increase the fan speed it doesn't lower the GPU's temps, This problem started happening after I replaced the GPU's cooler...
  11. S

    Question Deepcool Gammaxx GT slightly crooked?

    I an building my pc and I realized after I installed my Deepcool Gammaxx GT cooler that it was crooked. It got late while I was working on it so I figured I would fix it later and I had to work the next few days so I came back to it several days later and I tried twisting it with moderate...
  12. D

    [SOLVED] How apply / much thermal paste needed?

    Hi. CPU : core i5 9600k Cooler : cooler master hyper 212 led (thermal paste included) Motherboard : gigabyte z390 gaming x. Q : How much thermal paste needed? and how to apply? Note : i don't have graphic card, HDD, optical drive. only have SSD. can i start the system? or need to buy graphic...
  13. A

    Question Is 70% Ethyl Alcohol good for cleaning thermal paste?

    I accidentally bought 70% Ethyl Alcohol instead of the Isopropyl Alcohol. I am wondering if it is fine to use to clean off thermal compound off my CPU.
  14. Nerdasaurus

    Question Thermal Paste in AM4 Socket - Computer Won't Post

    Hi guys, My friend has recently attempted to build his first gaming PC, only to get a small amount of thermal paste stuck in his CPU socket and on his CPU. After a BIOS update, he managed to get his computer to post long enough to install Windows and a couple of programs, only for the computer...
  15. milos.burmazovic

    Question [help please]Had to re-apply thermal paste but now pc starts and turns off after few seconds

    Hey all, so today i realised i had to re-apply my thermal paste on my cpu but now the pc wont boot properly. In more detail, I saw my temps were over 60 C while doing nothing on my pc and went out bought thermal paste, came back took everything apart. I also have to add i removed my cpu to clean...
  16. F

    Question Bad Ram or Motherboard Causes BSoD

    So, I have a terrible dell motherboard that came with my prebuilt. I upgraded everything in the pc, so now I have a CX650M, GTX 1080 8GB Founders Edition, an i5 7400 which came with the prebuilt and the regular Dell tower case. The RAM I had was 8GB (2*4) GB and it was made by an unfamiliar...
  17. [SOLVED] Change CPU Cooler or thermal paste

    i currently have a CM X Dream i117 cooling my CPU (i5 6600 non K) , but since this summer , my CPU Temps were really high , running at 90-100°C even when idling So knowing that shipping prices are always the same and that i don't have any PC hardware stores nearby , Should I : 1- Buy a new CPU...
  18. E

    Question Thermal paste on the CPU

    I bought an i7 3770K but it came stained with thermal paste, although the rear of the CPU is clean (shown in pictures) Is it safe to put it in the motherboard? It won't explode? I don't want to Removed up the CPU or the Mobo, or both. Please help. View: View...
  19. H

    Question Is it worth changing the vga thermal paste even though it is new?

    Hi, I recently bought this thermal paste in order to pass my cpu and lower the temperature, I have a video card purchased a few months and that heats up too, reaching 80 ° C in the heaviest games, it is worth it change the thermal paste of the video card for this? View: