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  1. dgamer10

    Question Old thermal paste

    Hello! I have some thermal paste laying around. It was bought 6 months ago. I don't plan using it soon, but some years later when I will need a new PC. Does thermal paste expire or something?
  2. D

    Question Overheating

    Hi. I have an Asus Tuf fx505Gt My CPU i5(9th generation) is reaching 91-93° when I'm playing. And I'm getting alerts. Nothing surprising, but even when I don't have anything open temperature is 60-81°. I'm getting alerts to check the heatsink+ the motherboard is overheating as well Now...I...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Thermal paste - Does it dry out faster with higher CPU temperatures?

    I'm planning to re-paste my laptop with arctic silver 5 soon, it seems it needs to be replaced every 9 months for my case. What I'm wondering is do higher sustained temperatures cause the paste to dry faster/become less efficient quicker? Is it ok to run games that cause high CPU temperatures...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Good thermal paste for CPU and GPU?

    I want a good and not expensive thermal paste that I can safely use in my gpu and CPU (safely= avoiding short-circuit)
  5. D

    How do I unfreeze an Acer One Cloudbook during a factory reset?

    My screen says installing windows your pc will restart several times sit back and relax. It then goes throughas if it's loading and restarts. This has been going on now for almost 24 hours. Help!
  6. K

    How can I re-format my internal hard drive so I can do a clean re-install of my OS (windows 8)?

    I have an older Sony VAOI (FW270). It cam with Windows Vista which I upgraded to Windows 8 and then Windows 8.1. It worked fine for over a year. However, lately I keep getting lengthy freezes, "not responding" messages, etc. Looking at my Task Manager, sometimes "Disk" is hitting 100%...