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    [SOLVED] Is my PSU dying or my GPU?

    I'm facing this problem since November, My pc restarts when i try to export 8k texture out of substance painter, but didn't cause any restart during benchmarks, But now yesterday it restarted during gaming and benchmarks, i ran OCCT with Shader complexcity 1/2/8, it restarted instantly, Also...
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    Question Why Pc restarts in certain actions/Load?

    I'm running Rx 590 with thermaltake Smart modu 630W It's been 1year that i upgraded my gpu and psu. I don't thing I ever faced this kind of problem before. When I work with the scene in blender eevee with volumetric tiles size 2px and export 8k maps from substance painter with filter turned on...
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    Question HELP ME!

    I have been looking around for power supplies and I was looking for a reasonably priced bronze rated PSU from a decent brand. I decided to go with the Thermaltake Smart Bx1 80+ bronze rated power supply, it is 650w. I’ve read reviews and watched a couple of videos on this and they say that the...
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    Question PC Random Reboots

    Hello for the past month I have been having random reboots while on my pc. Sometimes it's a few hours before it shuts down and other times is every 5 min. I have a Thermaltake 600w smart series psu that I thought was the issue so I RMA'd it. They sent me a refurbed one and my pc ran fine all day...