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    Best laptop 2020

    I wanted to ask the community for any laptop recommendations. Here is what I'm looking for: AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE Thin and light Powerful, intel 10th gen CPU with Iris graphics Long Battery Life, 10 hours or more Touch screen Good keyboard. It's especially important to have a long space to...
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    Question College/Computer Science Laptop

    Hey, guys! I'm a CS student looking for a new laptop. I have a gaming PC that I use for the most part and have a Predator Helios 300 that I'm trying to sell. I thought I was going to play video games a lot in college, but after 2 years, I barely touch Steam/Epic/Origin so having a gaming laptop...
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    Looking for a laptop for my wife

    HI guys need a powerful lapptop for wife. she wants to code. Most priority it should be i7 8750h or above 16gb plus ram very good cooling and battery life. she doessnt want to game but i know she will regret later so i want atleast a decent gpu for her like 1650, 1060 or above my point of view...
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    Question 13 inch laptop under 40000 INR (India)

    Need suggestions for 13inch laptop for studying and watching movies. Should not be slow (if possible). Lightweight and preferably thin. Portability is a priority. Thanks.
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    How to repair motherboard pci-e pins

    So my computer runs just fine yesterday but in today's morning I tried to clean my pc , I removed the graphics card from the slot and then a pin bent out of the slot , my motherboard doesn't support integrated graphics so my pc wont turn on at all , well it turns on but gives a post codes that...
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    New mobo and cpu ruin performance

    New motherboard and cpu (8600k and z370 hd3) and computer is running super slow