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  1. R

    Build Advice Thoughts on New build

    Hi All, I am in the process of building a new PC to play games with my brother that lives in a different state and need some advice on my build. I don't the best of the best but a mid to high mid tier range would be great. I would like this to last for a few years. We mostly like to play game...
  2. J

    Discussion Long term upgrade plan

    Recently I´ve been wodnering what would be a sensible upgrade path for my rig. So far my machine consits of: 6700K (currently not yet OCed) gtx1070 Strix OCed 2x8 GB 2666 RAM running Win10 from a SATA Samsung SSD all powered by a 650W Seasonic PSU. My latest purchase was a 34´ IPS monitor from...
  3. V

    Question Thoughts On This Case Before I Buy?

    Hi, I'm buying the Corsair Crystal 460X Non-RGB Version. I am also buying 6 of these System Cooling Fans. Any thoughts on the Case and the Fans before I purchase them next week? Thank you :)!
  4. V

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360R

    Hey guys, So was thinking about using this AIO for my upcoming build and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it or just has an opinion. Reviews seem pretty good online but I just want to be 100% sure. I’ll be cooling a 10900K with it in a Phanteks P500A or P400A case (Still to...
  5. Hydroshot

    Question Thoughts on AMD's 3rd gen Treadripper

  6. Y

    [SOLVED] Final thoughts on my build?

    After asking around for some time, I finally got the specs for the new rig I'm getting! All I want is to hear some final thoughts about stuff I might have missed. FYI, I'm not planning on changing parts unless some really big mistake will be found. Specs are: AMD Six Core Ryzen 5 3600 4.2Ghz...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Steelseries Rival 110 thoughts?

    Yesterday I just bought a SteelSeries Rival 110 for 42 usd (converted from our currency to usd) I know its supposed to be 35 usd or something closer but It doesn't matter. I just wanna know if I made the right purchase. My concern here is double clicking. I want to ask previous users or from...
  8. jAm1339

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on first custom college build

    So I decided to use some student finance to create a custom pc for uni/gaming and a few other things for under £1500 (it cost just under £1400 when I bought it all and built it)as an upgrade from my old AMD 1100T Black Edition with 8GB of unsynched RAM (due to having to buy what I could afford...
  9. L

    HD 7850 1gb vs HD 6950 2gb?

    I am looking to buy a graphics card for my build and I can get the 6950 2GB for £32 and the 7850 1GB for £40. Which one should I go for?
  10. B

    PC not detecting SSD?

    When I go to "My Computer" only the Hard Drive is there, how can I activate my SSD memory?
  11. D

    PSU Needed For My New PC?

    So I'm going to buy a GTX 1070 over clocked a and I was wondering if I'm going to need a new power supply. PC SPECS Processor: I7 2600 (non k) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6670 Memory: 2 Terabytes RAM: 16gb Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H And I don't know my power supply. So what do you...
  12. N.Broekhuijsen

    Hands On With Mixed Reality And First 'Space Pirate Trainer' VR Experience

    At Gamescom we managed to make our way into a red green room, where we played Space Pirate Trainer and take home some mixed reality footage. Hands On With Mixed Reality And First 'Space Pirate Trainer' VR Experience : Read more
  13. M

    Complicated 2250$ FSX/Data workstation build

    I need a build which I can use to play flight simulator x on max settings with addons in good frames also my dad will need this pc to do A LOT of calculating processes and data research. Currently the best components I found are a i7 5820k with 2 gtx 950s Can you recommend me something better?
  14. Sarramy

    Compressed (zipped) Folder option not available in Send To

    I'm trying to zip a few files and the option Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder is missing. It was there a few weeks ago and worked fine, but now the only option in Send To is Bluetooth, everything else has disappeared. The only change I've made recently was a downloaded Steam a few days ago...
  15. R

    Is my internet speed good?

    This is my speed test : 1ms Download speed 80mbps Upload speed 95mbps
  16. L

    Nokia Lumia 820

    Hi, can anyone tell my how much will cost screen repair on my phone.. Touch works good(i feel the vibrations) but the screen is black.
  17. C

    Virtualbox screwed up my internet connection?

    I installed an android emulator called genymotion, and the program came with virtualbox. After installing it though, i realised my internet connection started to become extremely sluggish, so i quickly uninstalled it. unfortunately, that didnt fix the problem. I went to and found...
  18. S

    FX-8350 clock drops under heavy loads

    Hey, so my FX-8350 speed drops from 4.00 to 1.35 every 10 secounds, and lasts 5 secounds, until it jumps back up to 4.00, (load is 99% andd rops to 35) my motherboard is asrock 970 extreme 4, cpu cooler is Akasa AK-968 Picture from performance manager...
  19. G

    Low end upgrade path

    Hi there. I'm in a bit of a delema here. I am on lga 775 with a Q9550 with DDR2. I need to upgrade. I allready have a r9 270 gpu , a fair 650 WAT psu and a low end mATX case. My budget is arrownd 300 euros, so my quastions are these ; Should i go for a pentium or an athlon? will i see the...
  20. L

    Speccy Hanging On CPU Detection

    Hello, I have an i5-4690 CPU and Speccy keeps hanging (specifically it gets stuck in a loading loop) while trying to detect the CPU category. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program several times and it will only work very sparingly, but most of the time the above error occurs...