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  1. D

    Question Xeon W2140B vs AMD options

    So, I have a friend who is looking at getting the 2017 iMac Pro with the 8 core processor. After some research, I found that the chip in the system is the Xeon W2140B. I am attempting to convince him to purchase and build his own windows PC. Regardless of the system, it will be used as a...
  2. enduserCC

    Question Workstation Build for own research

    Hi, I’m considering buying my first workstation. My planned budget is around 3000$. The use case would be various software development tasks for my own projects. E.g. data science (Deep Learning), databases, also SE for embedded systems. I planned going with 2x Xeon E5 2690 v3, so my build...
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    Question would 2 4gb 3200mhz ram sticks cripple a 1920x

    as the title says would 2 4gb 3200mhz ram sticks cripple the 1920x (if not im going to buy another 2 in a month or so
  4. D

    Question power for a gigabyte x399 motherboard

    On the motherboard there are two cpu power connectors, one 8 pin and one 4 pin. Are both required to use the board or can i get away with only using the 8 pin? (i wont be overclocking) the cpu i would be using is a threadripper 1920x
  5. R

    Question Overclocking Threadripper 2920x

    Hello, I am kinda new to BIOS and all that stuff (former Mac user) and I am looking for an advice. I would like to apply some best settings in Bios for FAN speed vs overclocking my CPU. Currently I am running my CPU at stock settings, default settings in BIOS. My fan speeds are quite volatile...
  6. S

    Question Does Motherboard Raid 1 work on TR3 TRX40 motherboards?

    Does Motherboard Raid 1 work on TR3 TRX40 motherboards? just seen this. Having had hard drive failure before causing me catastrophic problems and setting me back tow years as it have all my portfolio and uni...
  7. S

    Question Is putting in RAM with a higher speed different to overclocking the processor or the same thing?

    I was suggested to put into my potential build 3600 ram instead of 3200 ram on a Threadripper 3960x system to lower latency but is this overclocking or would it force it as opposed to changing the voltage settings on the processor? Can you overclock with 3200 ram in the system? Can you not be...
  8. S

    Question Whats the best standard AIO cooler for AMD TR 3960x or 3970x

    Whats the best standard AIO cooler for AMD Threadripper 3960x or 3970x. (or air cooler) First proper system getting custom made (did looking into doing it my self but the custom suppliers like Scan Uk or Amari seem to do it cheaper (bulk deals I guess) so no idea on custom jobs in custom build...
  9. S

    Question Are enermax coolers still problematic for threadripper systems?

    Are enemax coolers still problematic for threadripper systems? See a lot of bad reviews mentioing blockages, gunk, leaks, gettign noising over time... But they do appear to have the best connection plate over the CPU to dissipate heat ... at first before going wrong and heard that was both...
  10. S

    Question For the following content creation would a AMD 3950x and Quadro RX 5000 be better than a AMD TR3 3960x with Quadro 4000x or Gforce 11gb 2080 ti?

    Been struggling with decsions for a build mainly around the motherboard and GPU. Will be using solidworks a fair bit where its own forums very much push Quadro GPU cards and been looking at the Quadro 8gb RTX 4000 budget wise with a Threadripper 3960x, but for most others the Geforce...
  11. bleepbloops

    Build Advice Threadripper 3960x Build

    I've done a fair amount of research recently for a non-aficionado but I could really use some assistance. Is this about as good as I can do on a 3960x build? Open to all thoughts and suggestions. Must be quiet or silent unless overclocking. Will need...
  12. Macenstein

    Question Is there a way to get Thunderbolt working on an AMD motherboard?

    I am very interested in building a workstation with these new Threadrippers AMD announced today, but we use thunderbolt a lot in our current Mac setups, and I had heard Intel did not license Thuderbolt to AMD (despite claiming they would make Thunderbolt open source 2 years ago), so you can't...
  13. S

    Question Please can someone explain why the specs on the incoming 16 core 3rd gen TR seem worse than the current HEDT processors

    ok can someone explain this one. The new Threadripper 3rd gen processors coming in 'Hopefully this time' in November are suppose to be the Mutts nuts better than all etc etc. They are supposed to be superceeding the likes of the 2950x 16 core 3.5ghx regular to 4.4 turbo HEDT processor...
  14. P

    Question Gigabyte Xtreme X399 does not post

    Hi guys!I got problem with my motherboard. I purchased my motherboard 2 weeks ago and I did have threadripper 1950x which have been using for a while and want it to upgrade to better motherboard. I built it week ago everything was working fine, but I wanted to update bios and yesterday I did it...
  15. eaglez4

    [SOLVED] Will this build be compatible despite pcpartpicker's advice?

    So I'm helping a guy building his new Threadripper PC, but my question is, if the build is completely safe and full compatible? (Despite pcpartpicker)
  16. A

    Question Help choosing 128GB RAM for Threadripper

    Hi, I am getting a new built and I need to get 128GB of RAM, but I don't know which one is better or at least compatible My parts until now: Asus Zenith Extreme Alpha Threadripper 2950X+Liqtech II 360 Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB Firecuda 2TB 2080 Ti (still pending) Corsair AX1000 80 plus...
  17. Z

    Question 2950x running hot

    So I am completely stumped and I am hoping the Tom's Hardware community can help me figure this out. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed the temps on my CPU were really high. It would push 80 C sometimes and idle at 55-60. This is a new problem that suddenly appeared. It had always been idling...
  18. P

    Question New Threadripper Build Boot Troubleshooting

    SUMMARY: A new home workstation here, I can't get it to post, and I've troubleshooted a fair bit and I'm thinking its either the CPU and the motherboard. What can I do to figure out my next steps? First, here are the specs of the build, idea is its a small but punchy workstation that I can also...
  19. A

    Discussion AMD Drops Third-Gen Threadripper From Latest Roadmap

    It appears the consensus is that EPYC adoption rates are going to demand all RYZEN 3000 TR HEDT chiplets. This may be so but from perhaps another source entirely. You see both Amazon AWS and Microsoft AZURE are the two finalists for the $10BILLION DOD JEDI cloud services contract which...
  20. N

    Question Dual Xeon E5 2695 v2 vs Threadripper 1920x/2950x

    Hey guys can anyone help me out with decision. I am building my system for editing vfx stuff, so i need more core system. Now i was just looking up on Ebay there is E2695 v2 the old xeons are sale for approx $250 each and if i grab chinese mobo. it costs another $200, in total at cost of $700 i...