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  1. D

    Question Thumbdrive only showing USB Drive.Ink

    Hi. I had multiple files and folders in my SanDisk thumbdrive. I only see a file called "USB Drive. Ink" in it now. There was lock icon at the bottom left of the file. I right clicked > get info > unchecked "Locked" option. Now it's unlocked. But no application could open it. How do I retrieve...
  2. T

    Question .DS_STORE file where old files were stored

    Hey, was wondering if anyone knows how to pull files from a DS_STORE file on my hard drive, I did have old documents in place of that ds store file, but for some reason theyre gone. thanks
  3. G

    Question USB thumb drive not working

    I tried installing some operating systems on my USB stick. Last time I installed Arch Linux and after I uninstalled it, my USB stick stopped working. I can see it is connected in Disk Management but it doesn't even tell me the storage space. View: I can't...
  4. Laserdogs

    Question Thumb drives giving 2-3 mb/s transfer speeds

    So after spending the last few hours moving things to and from my Acer Aspire, I've noticed something: all half a dozen of my thumb drives, regardless of manufacturer, seem to max out at about 3 mb/s write speed - pretty slow even considering the ports they're hooked up to are usb 2.0...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Can you use an external HDD instead of a thumb drive to install Windows 10?

    Unfortunately I don't have a thumb drive large enough to install Windows 10 on my new PC, so Iv'e been wondering if you can use an external HDD instead? Would be much better than buying a new thumb drive.