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    Question How Can I Connect Alpine Ridge to HP ENVY 13"2017 ad100nt?

    Hi, I need to connect an eGPU to my ultrabook (hp ad100nt 2pr54ea) with full performance. Thic pc have m.2 M key slot so i can turn this to pcie x4. If i connect Gigabyte Alpine Ridge to this pc, will it work? If not, can i force to run this hardware? Sorry for my entry level English...
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    [SOLVED] DisplayPort vs ThunderBolt DisplayPort (usb-c)

    I was willing to buy Gigabte z390 Designare and it has thunderbolt displayport using the usb-c output. I would like to know if the thunderbolt displayport image will be exactly the same of a regular displayport . I have a little bit of light sensitivity so I would like to know if it looks...
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    Question USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller problem

    Hello, I just don't know where to start. I'm trying to fix this issue for a week now and can't figure it out. My USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller is missing from my device manager list. It's hidden when i got no usb flash connected to it. As soon as i connect something to the port, it wakes up...
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    Question KVM Switch with 6 USB's?

    - I'm looking for a KVM Switch that allows me to operate both my Macbook and my Desktop computer (Not Simultaneously) with the same peripherals and the same monitor. - I intend to plug the monitor into the desktop directly using HDMI to DVI, and HDMI to HDMI into the KVM for the MacBook. - The...
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    Question Basic USB-C to Thunderbolt 3 Question

    Can I connect a Thunderbolt 3 HUB to a MacBook 12" (non-Thunderbolt 3) USB-C port and still have all HUB ports usable (ignoring drop in transfer speed)? HUB in question: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock I know OWC sells USB-C HUB model, but...
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    Question i7 9700K Air Cooler Advice

    Hello. I am looking for an air cooler for i7 9700K temporarily. I just tried my friend's Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 with its stock TIM but I feel like it's not a great air cooler even if I will use it temporarily. The temp is around 68-78 while playing Battlefield V, it was sometimes hiting...
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    Question Can i play gta 5

    Can i play gta 5 on xeon E3-1225 3.10 ghz
  8. Question Uninstalling EpicGamesLauncher

    I've uninstalled Epic Games Launcher through Add/Remove Programs but this still remains in start up under Task Manager. How do I get rid of it? Thanks!
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    Question Can i upgrade my APU to a normal CPU?

    I currently have a AMD A6-6400K APU and i want to upgrade it to a AMD Athlon X2 340. Will i be able to do it without a dedicated graphics card?
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    HI grade model W651UI Laptop

    Can anyone guide me where I could purchase a new power Supply and laptop battery from as Hi Grade computers have gone out of business. Thanks for all your help it is so much appreciated
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    My pc doesn't start up

    So i built a new $300 pc. everything went great i installed windows 10, but after like 3 minutes my pc freezed and i couldn't move my mouse. i turned it off by switching psu button. when it said no singal. Can somebody help me? btw i don't have a graphics card. it is integrated
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    Sell my laptop

    I have a toshiba s55 screen is broke but works fine
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    Best wireless routers for Gaming

    Hey looking for some help. Want to get a new router, but dont know what to get. Have 150mbps internet. i pc , and console gaming mostly, couple phones on network. would like some recommendations on a new wireless router. thanks
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    No Performance Improvement after Upgrade

    I recently did an upgrade on my system but the performance at best stayed the same and even decreased about 20% in cuda-related computation (deep learning). Can it be my settings or was my choice of components simply that bad? (I'm no expert when it comes to picking the right parts, but I...
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    Please look at build This is essentially a workstation build not really much if any gaming, if there is anything i can improve tell me and if there are fan recommendations plz tell, i dont really need rgb
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    [SOLVED] Help for drivers after installin' windows 7 64 bit

    I have install windows 7 now i have 2 missing drivers Pci device and pci device should be for amd drivers? i have download the driver from asrock site the driver "AMD all in 1 with VGA driver ver:17.40.2815.1010_WHQL *Windows update and Microsoft hotfix KB3125574 are required for this driver"...
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    [SOLVED] Something is not right.

    Is it me or my CPU is literally going DOWN UNDER when I game, I runned Cinebench and it dropped to whopping almost 0 GHz!!!! What the hell! Can someone PLEASE explain this.. and after I runned Cinebench, everything goes back to normal...
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    Splicing wires help

    I have a wall Motorola turbo charger that broke it has two black wires and two red wires in it I have a regular c cord with one white green red and black wiring it and I need to splice them together please help
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    Help With Recovery Image

    Hi everyone, I am probably in the wrong section but sorry if i am. I'm looking for help with flashing a recovery Image from the recovery partition to restore a Laptop to factory. I was unable to do it via windows by default. I now have the install.wim for the device at about close to 15 GB in...
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    Please advice on my planned budget gaming pc build

    Hello guys. I am planning to build an entry level gaming pc mainly for light gaming (dota 2, lol). I dont really play FPS games. Below is my build. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400g PSU: Cooler Master MWE 500w 80+ MoBo: GIGABYTE AMD B450 Aorus M Cpu cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Led Turbo Ram: HyperX...