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  1. R

    Question Does this data transfer workflow on my Dell XPS 15 laptop seem logical? Need advice.

    I posted this in another forum just now so forgive me if you've seen this elsewhere but I'm in a bit of a predicament and need all the help I can get. So I recently got signed onto a gig doing data wrangling on a film shoot. I am working on a Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop which has 1 USB C...
  2. C

    Question how to set up a remote gaming system?

    i have a gaming system in a room and a somewhat low powered system in other room. i want to set it up such that if I launch or trigger an app in my small system, my gaming system boots up, and I can use remote play like steam or nvidia game stream over my lan. someone told me I can use...
  3. jr5furacao

    Question HELP - Need a Thunderbolt AMD Motherboard

    I feel so unlucky, because so many decisions I took added up to me being completely out of choice. I chose going AMD for the CPU on my build, and paired it with a USB-C motherboard because someone told me that it could read Thunderbolt---turns out it cannot. just read this if you are in a...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Thunderbolt drive to USB C(3.1) is that possible?

    Hey! I have an old WD MyBook Thunderbolt Duo 4gb that I used for My iMac several years ago and it's gathering dust now. I'd like to use it on my PC (no thunderbolt port). I researched for thunderbolt(or mini Display Port) to USB C adapter like this one with no luck, they're all unidirectional...
  5. C

    Question Can I convert USB-C to Thunderbolt 2?

    Hello, First time posting in a forum but i'm pretty desperate. I'm using an outdated mid-2011 iMac 27". For music composition I need an external SSD to store my software instruments, allowing for quick writing into my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I've purchased the Seagate 1TB SSD from...
  6. G

    Question Can a 4k 30fps hub work output 1080p at 60fps?

    So, my mom needs both new home computer and laptop. I've suggested a thunderbolt dock with power delivery that says it supports 4k at 30fps, but she has just a standard fullhd monitor. Will it run run at fullhd without problems?
  7. A

    Question USB4-ready likely if board is Thunderbolt-ready?

    Hello all, I'm aiming to start a new build that will be as future-proof as possible and a big concern for me is USB4. I'm not in any need of the bandwidth, for now at least, but love the idea of powerful and intuitive charging ports and also of everything coalescing around the type-C outlet...
  8. bleepbloops

    Build Advice Threadripper 3960x Build

    I've done a fair amount of research recently for a non-aficionado but I could really use some assistance. Is this about as good as I can do on a 3960x build? Open to all thoughts and suggestions. Must be quiet or silent unless overclocking. Will need...
  9. Charlsp90

    Question Adding Thunderbolt port to MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard.

    Hello - I built a gaming PC (on a budget) a while ago. I have a 970 Gaming (MS-7693) Motherboards, with an AMD FX-8370 8C Processor. I usually work from home and want to connect my USB-c docking station to my desktop. I know i'd need to add a thunderbolt type extension but I'm not sure which...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Do you know any DIY NAS building guide for video editing?

    Hi. I have been looking everywhere for a good DIY NAS build guide that is suitable for 4K video editing but I am not finding any good one. Can anyone point me to any good tutorial that might help?
  11. Macenstein

    Question Is there a way to get Thunderbolt working on an AMD motherboard?

    I am very interested in building a workstation with these new Threadrippers AMD announced today, but we use thunderbolt a lot in our current Mac setups, and I had heard Intel did not license Thuderbolt to AMD (despite claiming they would make Thunderbolt open source 2 years ago), so you can't...
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Adding Thunderbolt To my PC

    Hello everybody, I would like to add Thunderbolt to my PC, but I am having trouble finding the starting point. Here's what I have on my tower: 3 full-height PCI 1 full-height PCIe x1 2 full-height PCIe x16 What is pci express version in my pc? Is there a thunderbolt card that works with my pc...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] DisplayPort vs ThunderBolt DisplayPort (usb-c)

    I was willing to buy Gigabte z390 Designare and it has thunderbolt displayport using the usb-c output. I would like to know if the thunderbolt displayport image will be exactly the same of a regular displayport . I have a little bit of light sensitivity so I would like to know if it looks...
  14. D

    Question USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller problem

    Hello, I just don't know where to start. I'm trying to fix this issue for a week now and can't figure it out. My USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller is missing from my device manager list. It's hidden when i got no usb flash connected to it. As soon as i connect something to the port, it wakes up...
  15. M

    Question KVM Switch with 6 USB's?

    - I'm looking for a KVM Switch that allows me to operate both my Macbook and my Desktop computer (Not Simultaneously) with the same peripherals and the same monitor. - I intend to plug the monitor into the desktop directly using HDMI to DVI, and HDMI to HDMI into the KVM for the MacBook. - The...
  16. M

    Question Basic USB-C to Thunderbolt 3 Question

    Can I connect a Thunderbolt 3 HUB to a MacBook 12" (non-Thunderbolt 3) USB-C port and still have all HUB ports usable (ignoring drop in transfer speed)? HUB in question: OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock I know OWC sells USB-C HUB model, but...
  17. B

    Question i7 9700K Air Cooler Advice

    Hello. I am looking for an air cooler for i7 9700K temporarily. I just tried my friend's Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 with its stock TIM but I feel like it's not a great air cooler even if I will use it temporarily. The temp is around 68-78 while playing Battlefield V, it was sometimes hiting...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Can i play gta 5

    Can i play gta 5 on xeon E3-1225 3.10 ghz
  19. Question Uninstalling EpicGamesLauncher

    I've uninstalled Epic Games Launcher through Add/Remove Programs but this still remains in start up under Task Manager. How do I get rid of it? Thanks!
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Can i upgrade my APU to a normal CPU?

    I currently have a AMD A6-6400K APU and i want to upgrade it to a AMD Athlon X2 340. Will i be able to do it without a dedicated graphics card?