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Forum discussion tagged with ti.
  1. T

    Question Can an HP Compaq Pro 6200 SFF handle a PNY GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2gb OC card?

    if not, whats the best i can fit in my system
  2. 9

    Question Obstructed fan on 980TI making me really nervous

    Hello everyone. I have recently come across a problem that has the unfortunate combination of being really annoying and something I, apparently, is unable to handle. I am currently the owner of a 980TI Strix GPU. Its not top of the line, but it’s pretty decent I think and it has worked really...
  3. Blindbirdhouse

    Question 1080 TI backplate installation help **RESOLVED**

    I have just purchased a backplate from coldzero for my GIGABYTE GTX 1080 TI GAMING OC card. Unfortunately I am struggling to understand how to properly fit it. The provided screws/nuts don't seem to be big enough (please see pics) Any help greatfully appreciated. Many thanks
  4. kenzy9

    Question Rate my PC build with advice

    I will play CSGO competitive/ranked, Also PUBG, R6 Siege and AC Unity&Odyssey. Need at least 60-75 FPS on 1080p Max-High Setting preferred. (Might live-stream as well) __ Feel free to criticize/suggest improvements/adjustments with reason. Though still need to look into more finicky...
  5. jroshier

    Question How to fix harware reserved RAM?

    Built a PC for my friend over the weekend. Windows is only using 8gb of the RAM, and the rest is listed as "hardware reserved" in task manager. What would be a potential fix?
  6. noah1415131

    Question Cpu or Gpu?

    Okay so I have a dilemma. System: Cpu: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Gpu: 1050ti EVGA SC Should I get a RX 580 or 570 either one whatever one I can find a good price for Ive found both used with like a $20 difference. Or should I buy a new AMD Ryzen 5 2600 If you have any other questions just ask and I can...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] best mobo for i5 8400?

    GPU: RX 580 SSD: Silicon power a55 1tb PSU: EVGA 500W BRONZE 80+ RAM: Patriot Viper 2x8gb 3200mhz CPU: I5 8400 MOBO:? These are the components that I wish to buy. I need to play all the games above 60fps. I have a samsung 900p monitor and a sony 1080p tv. Mostly i use the monitor for gaming. So...
  8. V

    [SOLVED] Setup that should run everything on high 1080 60 fps+

    I was thinking about an i5 3570 + gtx 1060 6gb?
  9. T

    6700k in late 2018?

    So I just got a BRAND NEW in the box 6700k for $220. Given that it’s a little over 2 years old, is this still a good buy? I wasn’t really wanting to upgrade to Kaby Lake, from a 6600k. I figured at that price, getting into a more recent i7 wasn’t bad. Thoughts?
  10. I

    Gpu hardware not detected

    Hello i have Dell optiplex 3010 desktop I want to upgrade the gpu but my pc is not showing the graphic hardware My GPU is Afox Geforce gtx730 ddr3 4gb PC SPECS: Intel core i3 3220 4gb ram maybe upgarde to 8 500gb hdd
  11. D

    120GB Kingston UV400 vs. 120GB Kingston A400 [WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?!]

    Hi. I'm deciding between those two. Both have the same memory size, both have even the same look, but price is the only difference. How do I conclude which one is better and which one is more worth buying? A400 or UV400 ? As far as I could see, the difference is in age. UV is made in...
  12. T

    Can work 2133mhz ram with i3 8350k

    Hello.if i buy 2133mhz ram i dont know May it work with i3 8350k? İ saw it on Intel.ark site i3 supports 2400mhz ram.What iş it? İts a minimum values?
  13. M

    why is my dell inspiron 15 7000 series slow ?

    my laptop specs are i7 6th gen, convertible laptop, 8 gigs of ram, 2.50Ghz, 64 bit of operating system. but still works slow. while typing in word document.
  14. S

    Windows no longer recognizes or displays my D drive.

    Although my disk passes the diagnostics fine, Windows no longer displays a d drive, only the small C drive. How do I get my D drive back. Would system restore (from backup) work?
  15. A

    Playing games plugged in with AC Adapter without battery

    I have an Asus G73sw. Will it harm the laptop to play games with it plugged in without the battery.
  16. M

    Need monitor help

    As of now I have a GTX 1060 3gb and i5 7400. Im buying a new monitor and cant decide on either a 1080p 240hz or a 1440p 144hz. Ive seen people say that a gtx 1060 cant rly run 1440p well so idk if I should get that or get the 240hz. If anyone could help thatd be great. Looking to order this friday
  17. A

    got some new ram but need to know this before i waste my time and break the warranty by taking them out

    I have a 2x2gb set of ddr3 ram and i just got a new 2x4gb set (i need the extra ram as i want to start my youtube back up and will need to edit so more ram the better) both are 1333mhz 1.5v one is pc3 10666 other is pc3 10600 both are DIMM will they work together since they are 8 and 4 or will i...
  18. Akuman1

    AMD FX6300 stable?

    Hi, im looking for a stable amd fx 6300 overclock. I have tried to 4.5 ghz, it wasnt too stable but got a bsod. So i was wonderjng. I have a gigabyte ga 78lmt usb3 rev.6, I also have a coolermaster hyper evo led so no problem coolibg. if you guys could help thatd be great!
  19. S

    PC Upgrade help!!!

    Hello i have a pc about 5 years now and it is finally start to have trouble playing the new games.. the specs CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz GPU: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (Gigabyte) MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H77-D3H RAM : 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24)...
  20. A

    Win 10 Won't boot, Won't Repair

    Just read a thread saying 'Easy Recovery Essentials' isn't essential - we should be able to do it ourselves. Well I was about to buy it. Because my Win10 won't boot. Put the install disk in and try for repair etc. and nothing will work. Seems like maybe the BCD is corrupt. I tried to...