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  1. A

    Question Windows Time is Very Broken (Tried Everything)

    Ok, so this is a bit of a doozy, see this has been plaguing my pc for a year now and I have tried pretty much every conventional solution I could find on the interwebs. My time keeps being moved forwards by 2 hours, sometimes by 4, immediately, no this is not time zones messing up before it used...
  2. AaronMcmillen

    Question Windows time not working, have tried multiple fixes.

    My clock recently stopped working correctly. When I turn my PC on it has the time when it was turned off so my first thought was to replace the CMOS battery but that didn't fix it. It also loses time after using my PC for a while and has even seemed to have gone backwards at some points. I have...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Please Help me with time zones

    I have asked the same thing before here but they told me to google it (thats what i do a week now) the problem is that i cant find my time zone. Please help me and for the love of god dont tell me to google it.
  4. Myronazz

    Question Windows 10 keeps setting my clock one hour behind

    Hello, My Windows decided to do those lovely updates again, and guess what, drum roll Windows broke again. First of all of my HID devices just randomly died, but that fixed itself after a little while, not sure what happened there. The most major problem this update brought is that the clock...
  5. M

    Is it enough for a "Zero Sennheiser G4ME a" ALC1150(Maximus VI Impact)?

    Hi, i have a Maximus VI Impact and i want a Sennheiser G4me Zero. Is it enough to integrated sound card? I read that I need some AMP, but not available in my country. Another option is to go by the Hyperx Cloud 2. Please forgive my English!