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  1. D

    I need help building a new streaming and gaming PC something that i can use for a long time

    Budget $2000 go a little bit over if needed. Location: Us Looking to play high graphic games like witcher 3, far cry etc. (on high res) I want something that i can keep for a long time.
  2. J

    Looking for a low budget Graphics card

    I have a Dell Optiplex 755 Desktop and wanted to install a graphics card, I was considering a r7 240. Are there any other graphics cards you would recommend at the same price, I believe it needs to be low profile to fit in this case. I only want to play games like CS GO, Skyrim ect
  3. C

    Can i take this off my Motherboard without Damaging it

    Hi so i recently did a new build with a asrock Fatality Board and I cant fit my Msi Gtx 970 into the case the 1st Pci slot i can get card into the 1st slot just not into it fully because the Red plate that says Fatality is in the way and i cant push the card in all the way. My question is can i...
  4. G

    Silverstone PS08B side panels?

    I've built my first build inside a silverstone PS08B case, and although the side ventilation mesh is nice, it doesn't give much of a view bar some of the graphics card and some of the motherboard. Is there anywhere selling modded perspex or glass sided doors for this case? probably unlikely and...
  5. X

    Can my Psu handle this

    Im wondering if a 400 watt psu can run and amd fx 8350 and a gtx 750ti, the amd fx 4350 has the same wattage as the 8350 PSU Model ID: CGR SL400
  6. J

    Windows HDD Failure

    After having installed windows 10 on a Dell T3600 two weeks ago, the computer suddenly crashed today. The computer will no longer boot to the login in screen and upon checking the issue further I found the the system no longer recognizes the internal hard drive. I cannot boot the computer in...
  7. M

    Fall after installing RAM SSD

    Hello, I would not write English Tobhoani sorry for the typos. And I'm not sure this is right place to record these here Nraimlmkom Ahrosob I apologize. I have a laptop ACER Es1-512-C2bf SSD hard disk sleep Model: SSD LS power Corsair I install the system disk computer's hard drive, local work...
  8. I

    Random shutdown or static screen

    Hi. i just built new pc after testing for 6 7 mins random shutdown or weird screen static happens at any time, i did stress test on both cpu & gpu and it's fine if i don't touch the keyboard and mouse, Here's the static image displays on my monitor : http://imgur.com/JL3Z7QH I'm guessing...
  9. R

    WTB Intel i5 cpu (6th gen), 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1000w PSU, Full tower

    Just as the title says. Looking for a 6th gen I5 processor (prefer a 6400, 6500 or 6600) 1151. Doesnt have to be a K Also looking for 16GB of DDR 4 ram And a 1000w PSU. Prefer full modular. Also a full tower. Preferably black, with a window. Just like most, Im attempting to build on a...
  10. H

    No Battery Detected (Possible Faulty Power Supply?)

    I have an ASUS K55A. I purchased this laptop from XOTICPC for use as a playback device in a live music setting. The first time I used it there was a loud buzz in the sound system which was fixed with a ground lift on the power supply. I bought this machine in 2012, and the battery has died...
  11. C

    Help to choose Z170 mATX motherboard

    Hello, I am looking a mATX Z170 motherboard to pair with my i5 6600k. Cannot determine the following 3: Asrock Z170m Extreme4 Gigabyte Z170mx gaming5 Asus Z170 Plus They looks have similar features and same price level. From Amazon and Newegg, all were reported stable/sound/compatible and...
  12. B

    Help with pc Build

    I am looking to build a new pc mainly for gaming my budget is $2000 aud. Thank you in advance :)
  13. xghoststrike

    I need help building a system for my buddy

    I am trying to help build a system for my buddy who isn't the most pc savvy person. I'm not the best either but I definitely know more than he does. This is what i have compiled so far, his spending limit is $1,300 CANADIAN. Please make any adjustments you think could be a better fit. Keep in...
  14. Nexus Radical

    Graphics cards arent connecting to motherboard

    Hello people. Im having a problem with motherboard/graphics cards. I have a GTX 970 and a R7 250. I've tried connection them to my new motherboard and i cant get a signel to my monitor using them. I've tried connection them via HDMi and DVI but neither work. I can only get the IGP to work...
  15. G

    MSI R9 270x display cutting out

    Okay so I couldn't fit it all in the title, but as of yesterday, my R9 270x is malfunctioning. I'm thinking it's gotta be due to dust build up. I went out of town for 4 days(the card was working fine before the trip), and when I got home, I booted up, got to the logon screen and then *poof*, my...
  16. M

    AMD or Intel high end gaming build (i7 6700 & GTX970 or FX-8370 & R9-390)

    Hello. My first post here, hope I'm doing everything correct. I'm trying to put together a build for about 2000$. I don't live in America so the prices probably wont make much sense. The point is I can get both of these build's for almost the same price (AMD is 120$ cheaper). I would like to...
  17. M

    setting up printer wirelessly

    I'm trying to setup my hp deskjet 3050 to print wirelessly but am having trouble setting it up.
  18. A

    I've a Dell XPS 8900 with a 32 GB SSD and 2Tb HDD. I want to change my 32 GB SSD with a Samsung EVO SSD. How to proceed?

    I need to replace a 32GB SSD on the Dell XPS 8900 Desktop with a a Samsung EVO 1 TB SSD. I'm a newbie with this material, and I'd appreciate a detailed recommendation about such installation. Thanks
  19. A

    Quick and dirty...970 vs 980 vs 980 ti

    So I am hoping to get some end of the year tax money back in January. I'm trying to figure out what to budget for my graphics card with a 6700k, MSI titanium board, 32gb of ddr4 3200. Thanks.
  20. Daniel_Miller

    Mini hdmi (graphic) to hdmi monitor ???

    Is that okay to connect a Mini hdmi graphic card to a full hd monitor with a mini hdmi to hdmi cable and and also is that okay or maybe it cause problems in future like noise etc ... ?