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  1. M1nat0

    Question Can't run dual GPUs on a Maximus X Formula?

    I thought my Titan XP was dying, so I bought another used one bc it's what I could get. I've since found out mine is fine and so decided to run SLI. However, my Maximus X Formula (9900K, BIOS 2701) will not [] detect both cards simultaneously. Both work fine on each of the two slots on their...
  2. catsjp

    Question should buy 2080 super to replace titanx sli

    I have asus x99 motherborad, CPU is 5930k ,32g ddr2400 ram, titanx x sli, however, I brought lg 34gl750b 34inch utral wide monitor (2560 x1080) 144hrz at this week, I play witcher 3 just have appr.70~100fps, BF V have around, 90~110fps, The question is should I buy 2080super or 2080 ti to...