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    I'm kinda new dealing with these concepts for buying my first M2 SSD and when I've looked up at the specs of two cheap SSDs of the SAME BRAND I was looking into they both name differently their type of storage: The XPG Spectrix s40g spec page says NAND 3D The XPG gammix S11 Pro spec page says...
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    Question Gaming SSD

    Hi, I am confused between Crucial BX500 960GB (₹6770) vs Intel 660P 1TB (₹9500) as my gaming drive. I use Samsung 970 evo 500GB as my boot drive and I have installed all applications in it except games. Will my game load time decrease if I consider Intel over Crucial? Is Intel worth the price...
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    Comparison between GTX 660 SC by EVGA vs R9 270

    I have recently purchased the 660 SC from amazon for $180, and I have really only heard amazing things about it. Still I am not convinced that it was the right decision. If it helps, I have a z87 chipset in a mini ITX with an i7 4770k. Space is not an issue. I am open to any other suggestions...