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  1. B

    Question How do I drain my loop without compromising my pump?

    Hey, I have posted images to imgur for reference View: I have a few question's that the community might be able to help me with. First being my loop. I'm a greenhorn when it comes to this fancy water/liquid cooling stuff lol. With that said I was wondering...
  2. robert123456

    Question 2 Prisma AL-14 Fans - Spin but don't light up - How to connect them?

    These fans have two cables attached. One is the 4-pin cable for power, and this was connected with a splitter. Both fans operate normally. Another connector is a 4 pin connector with a blocked 3rd pin. These are what Fractal calls "chained connectors."...
  3. T

    Question How to run my pc in raid 0

    I have quite a old motherboard but heard that you can format your drives in raid 0 through windows 10 but when i go to do it i can only see one of my SSD's when i have 2 and and HDD am i missing something or should i just do it through my bios?
  4. A

    Find me a case for my new build!

    Hi all, Currently looking for a Micro-ATX case. I'm looking to spend as little as possible to meet the below criteria: - Be smaller than a regular ATX case. - Have a top grill (so I can place 2 fans), side grill (so I can place 1 fan), and front grill (so that I can place 1 fan), and a back...
  5. R

    2 Monitors at different resolutions - How to properly create a custom resolution

    So I have two monitors, one at 1920x1080 and the other at 1280x1024. I am trying to use NVIDIA custom resolutions to set the latter to a resolution of 1920x1080. However, whenever I do this, I get huge bars on the top and bottom. With the huge bars the settings are - Display Mode...
  6. R

    Headset microphone not working

    I have a ozone rage 7hx 7.1 gaming headset.This headset comes with a microphone that I can remove if I want.Today I turned the mic off and it is not coming back on even though I tried several times and restarted the pc.When I try to update the drivers to see if it would fix it, the driver...
  7. T

    Cpu usage fluctuating

    One day I was randomly getting big lag spikes in games I was playing like gta or fortnite and I looked up what was wrong and people were saying I had a virus. Which was not true I checked for one and I could not find anything I have never seen before. I was looking everywhere for an answer and I...
  8. D

    Can I connect my Redragon Garuda headset to my ps4 controller

    I bought a headset only to find out that it uses two jacks is there any way for me to connect these headphones to my ps4.
  9. J

    Which should be better?

    Which set-up would be better? i7-6700k with MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6gb Or i7-6800k with EVGA GTX 1060 SSC 6gb Thanks!
  10. C

    Upload speed is slow

    Hi I try to dowload a movie or a video but when I try to dowload it I use upload speed and not the dowload speed why
  11. J

    Can I transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to my ssd?

    Hi, im getting an Samsung 860 evo ssd and I dont know if im going with a 500gb one or 1tb one. Since the prices for the 1tb one is so high compared to the 500gb one I wonder if I can only transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to the ssd. My hdd currently has 2tb with over 500gb used so...
  12. J

    Moving work and home computer into one

    Hey all, I have been living abroad for a while and have had a cheap office computer, however it has a lot of important files on it, so I brought it's drive back with me when I came home. My plan was to move it into my gaming PC, and either be able to switch back and forth by choosing which...
  13. D

    Since building is currently untenable is this CyberpowerPC good?

    I was slowly building up the components of a build with pc part picker prior to Christmas, but twith the current 1080ti market going to hell, I'm thinking of just buying a prebuilt. I wanted to pick up an MSI INFINITE X from amazon, but it has been out of stock for a while with no signs of...
  14. Q

    Pc freezes randomly

    I got this pc ( about a month ago and I’ve been getting random freezes. The mouse is unmovable and the keyboard doesn’t work...
  15. H

    I can Seem to Find How to Uninstall NVIDIA

    I have been told that when updating to Windows Fall Creator Update it installs a driver that ruins all other drives and crashes steam games. I am convinced of this because when switching to the integrated driver (Intel) the games no longer crash but they work MUCH slower. Heres the problem, From...
  16. R

    Hooking up whole house ethernet via gateway hub

    There is a similar thread on this topic from Dec 2017 but it won't help me because my network panel is different. I have a home built in 2002 with ethernet jacks in most rooms, but only the one in my office is activated. The residential gateway hub box says "Technology by Greyfox", model no...
  17. M

    No Power to the keyboard, but yes power to the mouse

    My keyboard has no power in any of the usb ports...The mouse has power in all the ports i have tried...I have tried other keyboards with the same result (made sure all keyboards worked with other computers before trying and the did so its not the keyboard itself) Also the mouse has power in all...
  18. T

    Computer wont post

    Hey guys! Just bought all the parts so i could finally build my ow PC! Problem is, now i put everything together, but it wont post. The light in the motherboard and the watercooling are on, and the PWR led inside og the motherboard is also own. But nothing happens when i Press the start...
  19. K

    Old/New system comparison

    I build a gaming pc a few years back with these specs: AMD FX 6300 6 core 3.5 GHz EVGA GeForce GTX 660 8 Gb RAM (2x4) 1 Tb HHD I decided to build a new system, as I had a $580 Best buy credit laying around. (I hate bestbuy, and they have a shitty selection, but that's hard to pass up) This is...
  20. D

    Help! cant find video card on pc part picker thats my build and i was wondering if this particular card would work in it/is a good card to get I cannot find it on pc part picker and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a decent gtx 1060 6gb in stock for a decent price but i found this evga 1060 6gb on...