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  1. W

    Question Is my GPU dying?

    Hello and thanks for cliking here. I actually don't know if I should ask this question here or in other forum since I don't know what is happening to my computer. Let me explain its symptons: I usually play while watching netflix or something in the second monitor, or playing music. Some...
  2. S

    Question PC was working fine now MSI B350 cpu debug LED blinking

    Hey all, So, I updated my chipset driver last week since I'm living at a place that has no 'net and haven't updated my drivers in a year. I was gaming a few days ago when my PC suddenly died. No matter how I power it on and off, nothing. I noticed the cpu debug LED blinking so I tried a few...
  3. gottabkad

    Question Dual Radeon VII won't post

    So I have a 1.5 year old R7 1700 build with a b350 tomahawk and decided to switch from a 1080ti to a Radeon VII. All was well, so well in fact I got a second Radeon VII to hook into my build. I plugged it in and my system would not post and stays stuck with the VGA motherboard light lit up. I...
  4. B

    Question Core i5 3570 vs core xeon 3469

    Hey guys my current cpu is xeon 3460 ,if i want to build a new pc , and its core i5 3570 The question is , is it much-better than the xeon 3460 ? Can i see more fps in games ? Is it worth upgrading ? Thank u