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  1. Emman18

    [SOLVED] not detecting HDMI for multi monitor

    I'm using tomahawk b450, gtx 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3500. But then in my BIOS, there is no integrated graphics configuration or IDG in advance list. Am I missing parts or something?
  2. M

    [SOLVED] What type of SSD should I use for the M.2 slot in a Tomahawk B450 Max MOBO?

    I am currently looking at hardware for my first PC build. I have settled on the Tomahawk B450 Max for my MOBO and Ryzen 5 3600 (or 3600X) for the CPU. I have been looking at SSDs and have found out that there are a multitude of different connections that can be used- SATA, NVMe, PCI2, PCI3...
  3. P

    Question Did I burn out onboard sound? MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX

    Hello everyone - first post here! I am in desperate need of help: Question: Did I burn out the onboard sound on my MSI Tomahawk B450 MAX? PC Specs: I upgraded my PC recently with the following parts: -MSI Tomahawk B450 MAX -3700X CPU -GSkillz Trident Z 16gb (2x8gb) 3600mhz -MSI Geforce 1070Ti...
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Issues with new build components!

    I recently bought a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and an MSI Radeon 5700, and have installed them both into my new Tomahawk B450 motherboard. My pc starts up fine and launches windows, however my gpu isn’t recognised on my device manager. I can see the fan running and it is detected when I use CPUID but...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Hexagonal standoff screw for CPU cooler stuck in motherboard

    The hexagonal standoff screw I encircled below is stuck in my motherboard (Tomahawk b450). When I try to turn the screw with a screwdriver it just keeps turning, no matter what direction I try to turn. Here's the screw: The backplate looks like this: How do I get this screw out of my...
  6. 4

    [SOLVED] Cpu PBO and CPB

    HI GUYS! I have a new rig, ryzen 5 3600 with Msi tomahawk max. I downloaded the msi afterburner and it showed that when I played the cpu frequency is 4200 mhz. I wanted to bring down it to the base 3600 mhz so I disabled PBO in the boot menu. Nothing changed so I disabled the CPB (core...
  7. Booth_TV

    Question PC Shuts Off - Need Help

    Hello, I built my PC 3 months ago for gaming, it has been working fine until now. Specs: Motherboard: MSI AMD B450 Tomahawk Max CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X PSU: Corsair TX850M - 850 Watt 80 Plus Gold RAM: 2x Corsair 8gb FANS: 6x Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] MSI B450 Tomahawk Ram slot

    Hi, Which ram slot should i use 1&3 or 2&4? I'm currently using 1&3 is that okay? Ram i'm using: Hyper X Predator 8 GB x2 3200 MHz. CPU: R5 3600 GPU: 1060 6GB
  9. I

    Question B450 Tomahawk has red light on back of mobo, but is running fine. Is there an issue?

    I just finished building in the b450 tomahawk max and I see red lights right behind the 24 pin connector that run down the top half of the mobo. Is there any concern here?
  10. B

    Question My MSI B450 TOMAHAWK doesnt post without gpu

    When i pulled out my gpu and i tried to boot my pc without it, didnt post and the vga led is on! Any ideas? System:ryzen 5 3600 16gb 3200mhz 750watt
  11. D

    Question Ram OC vs ram upgrade?

    Dear hardware experts, I have migrated to ryzen and got the 3600 But stuck with the ram i had with intel Which is hyperx fury rated 2666mhz cl15 4x4gb. Overclocking went ok as i was able to push it 3400mhz cl18 at 1.36v and got increase in the bandwidth of reading about 50k while writing was...
  12. Jaczam

    Question My PC starts but without any display

    So, I am building my first PC at the moment and it's going well, when its plugged and I press the power button the everything would start functioning (Fans and leds would start normally), the problem is that when I try to plug it in a monitor/TV through HDMI it would not even show the BIOS...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Tomahawk B450 with Windows 8.1

    I got a tomahawk b450 and installed in place succesfully but when I booted the computer to install the drivers from the CD it only had options for Windows 7 and 10. I searched for 8.1 drivers on the internet but found literally nothing. Is there a way to get it to work with Windows 8.1 or am I...
  14. L

    Question Does this Ryzen 3000 compatible sticker mean it does not need a BIOS update

    View: Does this mean they already updated it and it will it work with my Ryzen 5 3600 out of the box? Or does it still need a BIOS update and they are just saying like proper socket
  15. O

    Question B450 Tomahawk Motherboard might be bricked

    So I decided to update the bios via the m-flash option inside the msi bios. The computer restarted, but went to a black screen and now I am not able to see any input from the monitor. The fans, gpu, cpu, all seem to be on and spinning. I attempted to switch the hdmi cable to both the...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] Why My Ryzen 2600 doesn't boost properly while gaming

    Every YT video testing ryzen 2600 shows clock speed at 3750 MHZ all cores (sometimes 3800) while gaming. Mine just go to 3650 and don't undestand why. I have tested almost everything appears in internet without success. I hope you guys could help me this time. MoBo: MSI Tomahawk RAM: G.Skill...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Motherboard and PSU compatibility

    As the title suggests, I am slightly confused/concerned regarding the compatibility my motherboard and intended PSU. I bought a b450 Tomahawk and upon the community's advice, I intend on obtaining a Super Flower Leadex Gold 550W PSU. Now my concern arises in that the Tomahawk specifies that it...
  18. F

    Question B450 Tomahawk or X370 Gaming Pro?

    Where I live the 2nd gen Ryzen motherboards increased in price by a lot compared to the previous B350. Because of this and a considerable drop in price of X370 motherboards it's actually more expensive to buy lower end B450's than a full size X370 motherboard. Right now the X370 Gaming Pro is...
  19. obliteron

    Question Can I install my old Radeon 6950 HD on a B450 Tomahawk?

    "Why" you may be asking yourself "would anyone want to install a 9-year-old gpu on a new B450?" Well, I'm upgrading. Everything. It would be cool if I could still use my old GPU for a couple of months before upgrading that too. Does anybody know if it's going to be a problem installing an XFX...
  20. N

    Question I can't boot in Fast Boot mode.

    Hello people. I have a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard but I can't seem to enable any kind of fast boot option. I think my PC boot time is quite slow for what it probably could achieve. It currently takes a little over 20 seconds to boot. I have a samsung 860 SSD where I boot from. In the BIOS...