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    [SOLVED] Hp laserjet pro giving less than half prints.

    As I got my hands on a second hand printer (Hp colour Laserjet pro m252dw) and bought two aftermarket toners which it accepted, but afterwards when I tried printing after cleaning, only some part on the corners are printed and rest of the page is blank with blue spots on the page. What shall I...
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    [SOLVED] Which aftermarket toner to buy for HP colour Laserjet pro m252dw?

    As I bought a second-hand printer (Hp Colour Laserjet Pro m252dw. The toners need to be replaced. It would really mean a lot if someone could let me know which aftermarket toner would be compatible with the above-mentioned printer? As the original tonner bundle is way too expensive for me being...
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    Question Printer is wrinkling and also folding corner on top right paper when I print from tray

    I have a Canon imageCLASS 5770 all-in-one monochrome laser printer running on Windows 7 that I bought in 2006. I had always used Canon and Staples brand toner cartridges, and it was fine. Last year I used one discount cartridge from Amazon, and it was also fine. I recently just tried two...