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  1. N

    Question HDD for Significant Torrenting

    Context The main drive I use for downloading to is beginning to experience errors, which I'm assuming is a harbinger of failure, so I'm looking for a replacement. Considering high-capacity drives can be expensive, I'm looking for a replacement that is going to be able to handle an intense...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] I NEED HELP! Competition!!

    I need help with this build of a 2070. So basically my friends and I are trying to see who can build the cheapest 2070 system (that runs well) and here's mine. Thoughts on how I can make it cheaper and still get full performance? Thanks for any feedback!!
  3. K

    CPU temperature goes high up booting causing shutdowns

    Hi, i did a post earlier that hasnt been solved but i think this would be a proper solution to what's happening to my pc i turn it on and it shoots to 77 degrees at startup even on bios on the desktop it's 79, if I'm lucky it will be on 30-50 there doing nothing, but when i do anything, it goes...
  4. A

    B85-g43 Gaming overclock enabled bios

    It has been stated that it is possible to overclock with the B85-g43 gaming mobo by updating to a special bios version, but it seems that all the download links are broken. Does anyone have a mirror for the download. Thanks in Advance
  5. M

    PC Blue Screens. New Mobo Ram CPU

    My build is: Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Asus z390-a i7 9700k Watercooled G.Skill Tridentz 3200 PC4 25600 Corsair PSU 1200 watt OS is on SSD Windows 10 I put Bios on Profile XMP1 or 2 and my PC will freeze and then crash to the blue screen. If I put the profile back to manual I get an Error and have to...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Wanna change my default storage to my HDD

    So, I've recently bought a SSD and a HDD to upgrade my current ones, because a lot of people told me that the SSD is so great and all. And I do think their speed is impressive and I would love to exploit that from it... But there's a problem; when I installed W10 I did it on the SSD, as everyone...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Total Bandwidth for Multiple USB 2.0 Devices in a USB 3.0 hub

    Suppose I have a fully compliant 4 port USB 3.0 hub plugged into a USB 3.0 port on my computer. The system is therefore capable of a bandwidth of 5 Gbps. My question is this: If I fill all 4 ports with USB 2.0 devices, are they all able to operate at the full USB 2.0 speed at the same time (4...
  8. scott03

    help format SSD from linux to windows

    My dad gave me an SSD that was used for Linux and i'm trying to transfer my HDD boot to the new SSD. I know I have to format the SSD to windows NTFS but cmd or Windows Disk Management will not let me use the format option at all. The SSD shows up but I cannot access any of the files/ partitions...
  9. M

    Lenovo legion y530

    I was curious to know if there was anyway to change the keyboard color of my Lenovo Legion y530 laptop?
  10. D

    Gaming PC running very slowly.

    1060 3GB i7 7700k 8gb RAM EVGA 600w Bronze PSU Gigabyte GA-H110M-A 1TB WD Blue Hard Drive I livestream with this setup and just generally game and I'm getting below 60fps on games such as fortnite especially when I stream. Sometimes they will run around 200fps but will flicker down to 10-20 fps...
  11. G

    Replacement Wall cord for Seasonic Focus Plus 650w gold?

    The one that came with mine is too short to reach the wall now and I have no idea how to read the specs and buy one that won't fry my system. Anyone know which ones are safe? I'm in the U.S and it needs to be 6ft to reach the nearest outlet.
  12. R

    How to stop windows xp restore install

    Hi, I have tried to install Windows xp service pack 3 it completed half a way then it get stuck, so I restarted the computer. Then the screen saying that " insert winxp sp3 CD and then the file 'asms' is needed and saying the file named i386 is missing! And then I tried to put another windows xp...
  13. K

    Watercooling - Should i get expensive tubbing?

    Hi guys, so, i tried my fittings and they see to fit nicely, but i cannot fully thread the compression ring, it atops before hitting the base. I bought a cheap hose, its very hard one, ahould i buy expensive tubbing that will be aofter and easier to put the compression ring over?? Thanks...
  14. T

    My speakers are acting like my microphone

    I'm using the Tritton Ark 100 headset when I plug the aux cable into the mic slot my speakers become the mic also when I turn the headset on and use the sound slot only one side works but if I turn it off both sides work. [OS=Windows10]
  15. 2

    eVGA Geforce GTX 660 2GB SC

    Having just bought this card from eBay cheap £26 delivered. I was wondering what two of them in SLI mode would be good for. Net says one alone can done GTA5 mid settings. Can I expect more than mid settings in this game with two cards running
  16. G

    Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review

    The Brother MFC-L2750DW is a quick small-office all-in-one that delivers a low cost per page, plenty of features and lots of speed. Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review : Read more
  17. J

    Slight Burning smell from power supply

    Sorry for my bad english My pc was working fine but suddenly there was a slight burning smell from my power supply My computer is working fine My pc components Gtx 1050ti ( dual fan ) Amd fx 8350 I ball marathon 500w Asus m5a97 WD 1 tb hard disk Plz help
  18. N

    ASUS ZenFone 3 Charging Speed affected by RAM?

    Hi, So my charging speed went really slow as time passes by but I ignored it, since I wanted to root my phone I was forced to wipe out my data. The old ram is 2.0 to 2.1 out of 3.5GB and the reformatted one is 1.5 to 1.6 out of 3.5GB, and fast charging like how it is when I bought the phone...
  19. N

    looking for new laptop under 35 k with windows +ms office. I need laptop for college & office use which one to buy

    I am looking for laptop for my college and office use . I am confused between HP and dell initially I was looking for dell inspirron 5764 but the review for the laptop was not good I would love if you guys suggest me sone laptops
  20. S

    Windows wont load

    Hi, My laptop froze yesterday and when i restarted it i got the blue screen that says windows needs to be repaired (i think the error code was 0xc000000f or something like that. I have a recovery usb but when i tried the "refresh your pc option" it says the driver where windows is installed is...