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  1. L

    Question Can i put...

    Can i put Gefore gt 710 in G45GZM-SM motherboard?
  2. B

    Megapixel advice please

    Hi could anyone recommend what megapixel is good on a camcorder ?please Thanks .
  3. N

    [SOLVED] 900€ pc build

    So i would like to know if this build is good . Maybe there is something that i could change or smth.
  4. H

    Sound issues on msi gaming plus b450m

    After recently putting together my new desktop I'm having sound and internet connection issues. My previous pc had lower end parts in it that were 6 years old and I never had buggy sound or internet but my brand new one does. Issue: On boot I get a semi loud "pop" noise in my headphones. I...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Will Dell Optiplex 790's motherboard 0D28YY work with Xeon e3-1220v2 normally?

    Hello community, my question is: Can Dell's motherboard 0D28YY(now im using i3-2120) have Intel Xeon e3-1220v2 as a CPU? I am worried because it is not classic desktop CPU, so i need to be sure if this upgrade is possible or not. If it wont cause any unpleasent action or harm during gaming...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition + NVME SSD + Windows 10 inquiry

    I have an ASUS R4BE and a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250gb on which I have Windows 8.1 installed. One PCIE lane is taken by my GTX 780 and my processor is an i7-4930k. My main use is for photo/video editing + 3d rendering. So I have a few questions : 1)I want to upgrade my SSD and am considering an...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] 2 cores 4 threads how long

    How long do you Think dual core like g4560 and i3 6100 with hyperthreading will be able to handle budget gaming? Will they be gone in a few years or stay around?
  8. J

    Increasing RAM Issue

    i have the following RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Also the Z170A M3 Gaming board listed below. Can I buy 2x4GB additional RAM, or does it have to be 2x8? Either way, does it have to match the speed of my current RAM? Thanks.
  9. E

    Can i cut off this tab on my 2080ti

    I built a system before the geforce 2080 cards was released, figured why not and just recieved the Asus 2080ti OC becouse I'm an idiot but here we are. The system is a Asus mini ITX board Inspired by the cutting edge of the sharpest Katana! inside the Thermaltake Core V1 The Card will not fit...
  10. R

    Constant Loop of errors in windows 8.1

    So, I just built a PC with windows 8.1 (yes, 8.1) and I can't connect to the internet because I don't have the drivers for my network adapters, and when I try to Install drivers, wether I've downloaded them using another PC, or picked one of the ones on the computer already, it just says "The...
  11. K

    Installing Windows 10 OS (First Build)

    Hi, I'm building a pc for the first time and all the parts are in place. Except for the OS. I have an OS package for Windows 10 Home on a USB supplied at a local store, still sealed, the model number SKU-KW9-00475. Whats confusing me is that on the requirements on the back it requires...
  12. E

    Pre built PC Windows10

    The Pre built PC I plan to buy does not come with an OS. This means that when I turn the PC on, it has a trial of windows. To permanently get windows, do I have to either enter a windows10 product key or do I have to attain a windows10 licence and what is the difference between them? Many...
  13. Z

    Your PC Ran into a Problem~

    Never had this problem with my PC, only started occurring in the past couple days and got worse today. Specs Core i7-8700 Z370 Aorus ULTRA Gaming Ballistix Sport 2x4gb DDR4 Zotac GTX 1060 EVGA Bronze 500w PSU
  14. B

    Looking to upgrade from my i5 6600k

    I'm doing more things like simultaneous streaming + gaming. So I'm looking for a cpu can deliver better quality stream and keep performance. Also video rendering, I'm doing a lot lately and would like faster rendering times. Budget isn't much of a factor, I have $200 of amazon gift cards and...
  15. T

    SFF/Mini itx recommendations

    I'm looking at doing a Ryzen mini itx build and was wondering if there are any SFF cases that meet my requirements? 1. <$100. 2. Fit either a full length (312mm) or mini gtx 1080 (211mm though I'm sure 210mm cases will fit). I have both cards and can sell whichever doesn't fit. 3. Fit 240mm...
  16. T

    New Gaming Build! (For reasonable amount)

    Hello, Please assist me in putting together a reasonable priced PC gaming rig. I was looking around 1k if a little less that be nice but 1k would be the most I would want to invest (unless there is something greater in this gaming world I might miss for not going with a 5k build). I would...
  17. R

    My 'beast' Pc cannot run arma 3

    Okay so my specs are pretty good. Asus 1080 & a i7 8700k. I load up arma 3 and go on altis life and even on low I cannot keep a constant 60. If i move around it like drops to 30/40 and then back up but its not even playable. One of my friends has a 1060 and he gets like over 60 always on high...
  18. C

    Screen goes black/blank every 7 to 10 mins

    While playing game or surfing or even coding on a C++ compiler just after 7 to 10 mins of booting the PC screen goes blank for a second and comes back to normal and while playing any game or coding in compiler once the screen goes blank the game or the compiler freezes and the only option is...
  19. V

    My pc won't start

    I have a pc build last year, but now it has a problem it won't start. I had press the power button at least hundred times but nothing has happened. I also test it with a new SMPS but still nothing happens. Please Sir fix this so I can get back to gaming please. I have a doubt in motherboard, but...
  20. huelen

    can my MSI z170a gaming pro run a 970evo?

    Hello It seems it does and just want to be sure, I just saw another guy asking about his msi B150 Gaming M3 saying that cant run a evo 960