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    Question System lags and mouse flickers constantly when not in tablet orientation

    The problem started on 24th March. My laptop (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit) was running slower than usual and the mouse cursor was constantly flickering. I couldn't use the copy paste shortcuts from the keyboard, as well as type a damn question mark. Checked the recently installed programs and...
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    Question Touchpad Compatibilty on newer ASUS Vivobook Model

    I have an E402WA-GA001T model, powered by AMD E2-6110. Touchpad works on Windows 10, but didn't work on Windows 8.1. I want to ask this because these prosessor just designed to work flawlessly on Windows 8.1, old release date and old socket too.
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    Help with Fractal Design Define R6 TG

    Please help, I just bought my Define R6 TG yesterday and today I'm so disappointed because one rivet on the back of the case is missing and I noticed that the rivet holes are not aligned. How can this pass Fractal Design's quality control? I know it's my mistake for not checking the back part...
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    asus laptop boot issue

    Hello friends. each time i try to turn my laptop on, it shows this error: [/URL][/img] when I try to change boot options in BIOS, I face this page, and there is no option to change boot priority, the only options that work here are the first and the last ones. how should i change the boot...