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  1. O

    Overheating issue with i7 core

    My itel core i7 4790k is running at 80 degrees Celsius on idel please help
  2. D

    What GPU should I get to stop my CPU from being bottlenecked

    I currently have an I7 4770 and a gtx 750 TI. I ran some tests and realized that I need a new GPU and realized that it is bottlenecking my 4770. I want to get one of the higher end GPUs. I was looking at getting the GTX 1070 because it is really good and I can afford it. I just don't want to buy...
  3. R

    It's getting tricky now, help

    Would I change the subnet mask of the main PC or each individual item I have which are spread over two switches with diffent ranges of IP addresses, ie and so on, and other range and so on ? Thanks
  4. lola213

    7 year old hard drive

    Hello! I've been looking online for answers to see why my system storage has been running slow. I still have the 1tb hard drive from 2009 when i did my first full system build and it still working as we speak. Over the years I added new hard to the point where i have a brand new system from...
  5. N

    Software to measure CPU power dissipation

    Is there any software to measure the present CPU power dissipation or a way to calculate it ?? Thank You falcon
  6. J

    Can't connect to public wifi

    Every time I try to connect to an open wifi, it just says it's connected, but there's no internet. I try to use the internet browser, but I don't even get to the redirect "terms of service" thing that the open wifis have. I have Windows 10 with Norton installed. What problem is it? Is it a...
  7. U

    Can I Run Gta 5?

    Can i run gta 5 on my laptop? Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.50GHz 8 GB RAM 1 GB Graphics Card
  8. Callan Eckett

    Help choosing between a processor or graphics card upgrade

    Hey everyone, I am looking into upgrading my system again after a few years but I only have the money for one of two options. My current system is as follows: ■ FX 6300 @ 4Ghz - cooled with a corsair H105 ■ Sapphire R9 290x 4GB ■ 8GB DDR3 @ 1866Mhz ■ 750W Corsair PSU I mostly game on this...
  9. M

    Cooler 4 overclocking a fx 8300

    I would like something that will do the job done for getting it to 4 ghz and keeping it under 80* C. I dont want a coolermaster 212 evo and i want it to be under 50$