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    Question My hard-drive corrupted & replaced - is this a good alternative?

    Hello, my PC Tower had to be sent to PC Specialist because something was corrupted in the hardware. Apparently, it was the harddrive that my monitor kept booting up to the BIOS system. I just got an email from them today notifying me that they've replaced the component with another harddrive...
  2. AbrahamMalpica

    Question Are there more PC chassis like the 5000D from Corsair?

    I need one chassis that let me mount the radiator of 360 mm on the top and that also support a push and pull configuration, just like the 5000D from Corsair. Please, thank you.
  3. E

    Question Moving into another tower - Anything to look out for?

    I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkstation P520 from an office garage sale: It's a huge upgrade from my current PC in most ways: Way more RAM, CPU, and a better video card. The only problem? I like my tower much better. So I'm thinking of just moving the motherboard, CPU and RAM over. (I've...
  4. O

    Question Front Panel Fans

    Hey everyone. I have large tower case, and I’d like to get more airflow going. However, I’ve been trying to find fans you usually see that are bound together with one plug that would go into the motherboard. Are there any tips for keywords md such to look ror? I’ve used triple fans, front panel...
  5. Beto Spopovich

    Question A question about fan compatibility

    Hi Everyone. I just can't find what fans should I buy for my PC. I got a Cougar Darkblader X7 for my build and I don't know what fans can fit in the fan-ARGB panel already installed in the case. . Here you can see the little fan ARGB...
  6. JCondori

    [SOLVED] Mini tower to Tower

    Hello, I have a dell optiplex 3060 ssf, I'm thinking of upgrading, but I'm concerned about space issues, I came up with the idea of maybe moving the parts to a standard case. Could there be complicated problems with this possible change ?, as for example perhaps with the connectors of the...
  7. rakinar2

    [SOLVED] Some basic info needed about my PC

    My brand new DELL Optiplex 7080 tower has a little flashing led light, located at the bottom of the power button. Can anyone please tell me what is the job of this led?
  8. P

    Question Computer Case's RGB lighting turned on randomly for the first time ever?

    I've had my computer for about 2-3 years now and yesterday the RGB lighting on my case turned on for the first time ever while watching a youtube video (about 2-3 hours after boot). I didn't even know it had RGB... The LED light button on the case never worked until yesterday, but after the...
  9. mrmike16

    [SOLVED] New PC Build- Am I over-doing it?

    Hi everyone, I am building my 3rd custom-built PC: mrmike16 - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker According to PCPartPicker, everything is compatible. I'm hoping that is actually the case- If there are flaws, please let me know. I'm still only considering doing this or getting a laptop- that...
  10. kook

    [SOLVED] What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my tower?

    What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my computer's tower? View: It is blinking constantly and it's basically been there since I got the computer. It blinks slowly though. Is it maybe related to a WIFI PCIe card or something?
  11. kook

    [SOLVED] Can't plug in power cable

    I tried to plug it in but it just doesn't go in fully. I can only get it a little bit inside but the cable always hangs out a bit. I've tried it with force but I don't want to do it too hard or else it might break. What should I do? Do I need to do something else first to get it in?
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Computer build with parts for 1,000 dollars

    Looking for a good list of computer components for 1,000 bucks. Looking for a well rounded machine with good performance for photo editing, web browsing, and a nice, vibrant monitor to go along with it. Best if parts available at local stores like best buy, frys, etc.
  13. hijerovit

    [SOLVED] Tower fans make a car-revving-like noise and power up and down seemingly at random

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for questions, I'm new to the forums so I'd kindly ask to be pointed at the right place if I missed. Anyways, I got this PC recently and cleaned it up since it probably wasn't cleaned since it was built, replaced the thermal paste, reinstalled Windows 10, all...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Will a NH-D15 fit into a corsair 500d tower?

    The pump died on my h100i v2 so i need a replacement cpu cooler from what i have seen here and there the NH-D15 seems to be the go to for high performance air cooling seeming beating the coolermaster v8 GTS (please correct me if im wrong!) but now i need to know if it will fit in my tower i...
  15. S

    Build Complete MasterAir MA410Q in a MasterBox Q300P

    My problem is pretty simple, the cpu cooler is 158mm's whilst the cases cooler clearance is 159mm's. Now theoretically it should fit but I can't figure out if the brass (?) screws on top will affect it or not. Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  16. Scar667

    [SOLVED] How is my laptop's wifi chip better than a newly bought PCIe on my tower?

    Both laptop and tower are in the exact same place, yet tower gets 10-15 megabits and has lagspikes every half a minute, but my laptop gets 30-50 megabits. My laptop - My PC - ( H270 Plus motherboard ) - - ( Psu Cooler Master...
  17. Koesherbacon

    [SOLVED] Which desktop of any size (tower, mini-tower, small form-factor, etc) have M.2 slots built in?

    Hello there, I'm hoping some of you can help me out here. I’m posting this question in a few different places so you might have already encountered it. Nevertheless, I still would love some input on desktop computers can utilize one or more internal standard SATA SSDs in addition to one or...
  18. Dizero

    [SOLVED] Looking to build gaming tower for league of legens, csgo,500$

    Looking to build a gaming tower for the best prices possible for all the internal units I play league of legends everyday and honestly 99% of the time. The case ill be more flexible for style and space availability. Budget id like to spend around 500$ . Thanks!
  19. P

    Question What case should i choose ?

    Hello, im choosing case for my first new build but i cant decide which one should i choose. If someone have better case around 50-65€ let me know. Also it must be Middle Tower for ATX motherboards. 1:
  20. Rudy La Fontaine

    Question Asus ROG G20AJ tower making obscenely loud noise out of nowhere

    Didn’t know if this was the correct forum/subforum to ask this, but starting recently my (~$800, barely a few years old) tower has been making a disturbingly loud humming noise that last lasts roughly a few minutes before dissipating. It seems to sometimes (not always) happen upon awaking from...
  21. F

    [SOLVED] Request case purchasing advice to accomodate large CPU cooler

    I put together a very capable budget gaming computer in January, last month. All of the components listed down below have worked great. The one issue making me avoid using it is a terribly loud fan noise from the fan that came with the CPU. So my fix here was to order the CoolerMaster ML240L RGB...
  22. T

    Is my motherboard compatible with an i7-8700K?

    Ok so originally I was planning on buying the Ryzen 7 2700x as my new processor but I feel like the i7-8700K is better for gaming since that's really the main purpose of my computer. The problem with that though is that I have an MSI B350 Gaming Pro as a motherboard and the i7 is only compatible...
  23. K

    Youtube Fullscreen Stuttering Problem

    Hi, I have this problem on Microsoft Edge too and for Youtube only. When I press fullscreen button first taskbar goes and after seconds video becomes fullscreen. And when I want to turn normal mode first taskbar comes and after seconds video becomes windowed. I added a video to explain this...
  24. L

    Audio output flixking between speakers and headphones. Disabling not fixing. Help!

    My ports on my pc are physically damaged and I'm wondering if there is some sort of software block that can fix this or if I'm just going to have to repair my pc ports. The basic problem is that my audio output is continuously flickering between my speaker output and my headphone output. My...
  25. A


    Hello everyone. So my PC has been crashing on me for about a day now and this is the problem I get. A BSOD with that error message. Why is this happening? Could it be the overclock? Specs I5 2500k HD 7950 ASUS p8p67
  26. N

    What would you pay for this pc?

    Thinking about selling my gaming pc, wondering what someone would pay for it based on its specs. It's only a year old, lightly used, just looking for something more powerful. Its the cyberpower gxi850: Processor is 3.3ghz intel premium g4400 8gb ram ddr4 1866 1tb hard drive (that I'll be...
  27. D

    GTX 970 Lawsuit

    The lawsuit for the gtx 970 went through in December I believe and I bought 2 of them so filed to get my 60$. I was wondering if anyone knew when I can expect to actually get the money from the suit? If anyone is not sure what I am speaking of:
  28. C

    Possible USB 3.0 fixes

    So, I just built my first pc last night and used a case one of my friends used to have. Essentially, everything is fine minus the two usb 3.0 ports on the front. The issue isn't that I don't have 3.0 slots on my mobo, it'seems just that it is simply full size usb plugs running from the port to...
  29. M

    dell 7559(i7,1080p variant) or asus rog gl551-ds71(8gb, 1080p, gtx 960m 4gb variant) for gaming?

    Please help me choose one of popular laptop among these, for playing big gaming titles 1.Dell Inspiron 15 7559 (i7,1080p variant with no SSD) [[]] 2.Asus ROG GL551VW-DS71...
  30. J

    voltage trouble with my pc

    Voltage bios too high
  31. R

    Which DDR4 H170 mobo you suggest for I5 6500

    Hi Guys, I plan to buy a I5 6500 ,a h170 mobo which support ddr4 , samsung evo 250 GB and antec 700W psu. I am a little confused about which motherboard to choose. This system will be used for gaming as well as for programming using VS 2012 and sql server 2008 R2. Photoshop also will be...
  32. K

    Should I get this SSD?

    Im gonna get the 850 evo SSD. I was planning on just getting a 250gb SSD and then getting a 1 terabyte HDD. But now ive got some more money and decided to get a 1 terabyte SSD. Should I get a 1 Terabyte HHD and still get a 250 gb SSD as a boot drive or should I store everything on the 1...
  33. X

    What is better?

    i5-4460 With a GTX 960, or... Fx- 8350 with a R9 280. Both the same price
  34. M

    New PC build power supply worries

    I am building a new pc for my friend which is on a budget The parts I have selected are FX 8350 Asus m5a97 8gb of ram gtx 555 120gb ssd 1tb hdd I was planing to use a Gigabyte Odin Pro 550w to power it While I am certain 550...
  35. B

    r9 270x still better than 300 series?

    I can pick up a r9 270x new for 100£ Is it worth it or should I buy a different card?
  36. A

    C Drive Ownership issues - Need Help With System Restore

    I purchased a new laptop for my daughter recently. We encountered some trouble moving files from her old computer to the new laptop over the network. After looking online for a solution, I changed the ownership of the C drive. Bad idea. It has caused all sorts of problems. It created issues...
  37. F

    GTX 660 making a lot of noise

    in the past week inoticed that my gtx 660 is making a lot of noise more than usual it doesnt really bother me as i use headphones but should i be conserned by the noise is it something bad?
  38. M

    AMD FX 4300 max temp help

    Hey guys, i was just wondering what the max temp my fx 4300 should be? i tested it at 100% load and it got to 65-66 max. is that safe? i did a bit of research and some people said 70 or below is okay and others said 61 max, just thought id ask to be sure. Thanks anyway, Matt
  39. D

    Polygon Texture in Game

    (Posted accidentally in Graphics Cards, though it may have something to do with the card so I left it there, posting here too) Mod Edit: Not now it isn't I recently installed this game and have all the graphics settings turned up as high as possible in the game and Catalyst Control Center...
  40. JerrWolf

    Will these all work together? The RAM I have is 1600 Corsair Vengeance RAM, I don't remember exactly what it is, but its 1600 16GB and I'm 80% sure DDR3,(back in like 2013 is when I got it)...