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    Best graphics card under 20,000 rs

    Hi, friends. I want to know best graphics card under 20k RS in India for gaming. I want to play following games in max settings, 1.Call of duty WW II (2018) 2.Tom Clancy's division 3. Sniper ghost warrior 3 4. Sniper elite 4 5. Call of duty infinite warfare 6. Battlefield 1...
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    75hz 4ms gaming monitor

    I was wandering if 75hz 4ms 24" monitor will be good for gaming. I have Gtx 1060 and R7 1700X and i am not a tournament gamer. I usually spend 2-3h gaming and i was wondering if that is enough.
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    International call making

    How can i call an idea no Presentlky in dubai from india
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    How to Fix MacBook Pro That Won’t Boot

    Some of the reasons your MacBook Pro fails to boot include: • Its battery couldn’t store enough power to start • Some issue with the power management system • It couldn’t recognize the correct startup disk to boot from, etc. Since your MacBook Pro doesn’t start, there’s nothing much you can do...
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    Plug in power and PC goes on and off

    I got a second hand PC and it seems sometimes when i plug in the power cable at the back it will start to light up and turn on for a seocnd (if that) then goes off and keeps doing this until I unplug power (and it still does it once after no power cable in) I have 2 theories as it didnt do this...
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    SSD main drives and have HDD as backup storage?

    I want to know if it's possible to have my computer run on ssd's and save files on them but in the background it will save copies or a backup on hdd without slowing down the speed of the ssd's, so if the ssd would fail, I would have the files saved on the hard drives. I was thinking a raid but...
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    Help with double-checking that the parts will all fit

    Hi, I'm new to building computers and I've recently put together a list that'll fit my needs. I've checked the sizes of the parts and whether it'll all fit. I think I'm prone to have missed something so I'd like a bit of help checking whether the parts will all fit nicely. Thanks! (By that btw...
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    Monitor keeps turning itself on

    My monitor keeps turning itself back on. It is an LG ultrawide monitor. It was working perfectly until now (half a year-ish) but starting today it keeps turning itself back on. Even if the PC is turned off, even if disconnected from the PC. It says "no signal", goes to sleep but then immediately...
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    Random black screens after motherboard install

    Recently had to install a new motherboard, just got the same as the old one, plugged everything in and everything worked fine like before after i turned on the pc. But then i would start getting black screens after turning it on from sleep or when it was off. Sometimes the screen stays off...
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    Notebook going black

    Hi Randomly, about once a week, my notebooks screen just goes black and it stops responding and cant figure out what the problem is. I have this event from the event viewer that might have something to do with the problem but I'm not sure The notebook is an Acer with win 7 Any help?
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    I used a pci to sata expansion card but cannot see the drives in windows

    This is the type of card I got I connected my optical drive to it And when I on the pc I get a new bios window saying that my card has the optical drive attached to it But when...
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    How do I change the colour of my RGB wraith spire cooler

    This fan is supposed to have RGB lighting but I dont know how to change it.
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    Fast optical drive?

    Hello i'm looking for a fast drive to rip my old DVD collection to my computer. What would i be looking at? does USB 3 make a difference? i know that USB 3 is better at transferring data but if the reading speed isnt allowing some stream of data then it wouldn't matter i guess?
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    Laptop not working good even after resetting only a little bit better

    I just reserved my laptop beacuse it was filed with errors virus etc after resetting it was still not working (only a little bit better).
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    GSOD at login

    Every time I try to login to my machine I get a GSOD. It happened while editing some photos. I have not made any changes to my hardware or software. I've tried the usual stuff like sfc and chkdsk, even dism but no luck. Can someone please take a look at my minidump file and see if you can point...
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    Installing Win7 on XPS9560 to non NVME but Installer cannot see even after DISKPART?

    Hi there, i am attempting the impossible. I just plain don't like Windows 10 and want windows 7 on my shiny new DELL XPS 9560 laptop. I have bought a 2.5" SATA3 Kingston 240GB SSD (non m.2 NVME). I have used DISKPART to clean and create a primary partition but the Win7 installer cannot see...
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    HELP! PC Working strangely.

    Jesus.MY PC Was working excellent about a day ago,i was booming PUBG @ 50 FPS, And Minecraft at a smooth 100.It was working wayyyyy slower now,and i started when minecraft started crashing.Now,pubg is @ 25 FPS,And minecraft at an unsteady 50 FPS. Any ideas how to fix it? DO NOT SAY MY THINGS ARE...
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    All updated and still...!

    Good day everyone.. I have a windows 10 pro updated past week to the creators update an everything is updated and update assistant and center in the settings says it’s up to date So I open my task manager and I found service host delivery optimization is taking all the internet speed...
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    Problem with USBs

    I am having an issue with my keyboard and mouse (Corsair K55 and Corsair Katar), when i startup my computer they light up and appear to be working, but once I get to the enter password screen they shut off and I cant use them. I dont know what caused this and I cant get into my computer to check...
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    My lenovo G50_70 its went off when I'm busy working, its doesn't want to go on now, what is the problem?

    I was busy working this morning with my lenovo G50_70, its switched it off, then l tried to switch it on its doesn't, I do know where is the problem.