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  1. C

    Looking for help on wiring configurations on 5.1 system to soundcard, an receiver?

    Hello all who read this Bought the take classic 5.1 and a receiver AVRS920W Denon 7.2 After building my pc and desk, im ready to setup the speakers. already know how to position them. problem is dont know for sure the options on how to wire them together positive goes to positive an same with...
  2. JQB45

    So I want to build a new computer for less then $500 USD

    I have a video card an AMD 7870 which will do for now. I do not need a keyboard, mouse, monitor or OS - I'll probably use some variant of Debian Linux and will dual boot a Windows Insider build on Windows 10. Normally I answer these type questions but I wanted to see what creative designs some...
  3. D

    Switching motherboards help

    I will be changing my mobo and swapping from an FX-8370 to an I7-7700k. I need help with preparing the swap. What exactly do I do to prepare my old motherboard and harddrive for the swap? Do I uninstall windows and all my drivers completely? Wipe the drive clean?
  4. L

    New Ram causing my desktop USB ports to no longer work?

    I went to a micro center and check with someone there to help me get some new ram for my pc. I showed him my specs and he grabbed be and 8gb 1600 DDR3 ram for my desktop 4gbx2, when I put them into the two open open slots my desktop turned on but now my usb slots and the hdmi slots no longer...
  5. L

    Optimal case pressure

    I have 4 fans in my case : One intake in the front and 3 exhaust: one in the back and two in the top I have dust filters so the negative pressure doesn't bring much dust in the case My question is : Is the negative pressure better for cooling? If I will swap fans to have a positive pressure...
  6. A

    HP laptop turns off automatically

    So, I have an HP laptop bought just over a year ago. Since past few months, It's been turning off automatically. It then doesn't boot for about a day or two. No response when pressing the power button and when I plug in the charger, the orange light blinks when I press the power button. However...
  7. D

    how to access files on a usb EFI partition

    I have important files saved on a usb EFI partition. I updated from windows 1607 to 1709 and I cant access them. it doesn't show up in file explorer, but it does show up in disk management. I tried doing this and...
  8. G

    Using pcie raid card from usb

    Basically I have my gaming pc setup but there’s no space for the mass storage I have a case with a psu that has all of them in. I was planning on going USB 3.0 from the gaming pc to a pcie connect the raid card then the 4x sata hdd is this possible. I know you can do stuff over the network but...
  9. N

    Does hashrate stacks?

    Hello , so the tittle is kind of the main subject.If an rx 570 has 20 MH/s (correct me if i am wrong please) 4 rx 570's on crossfire should have 80 MH/s right ? Also on more question , if a motherboard sais it has 4 way crossfire it means i can put 4 amd graphics cards right ? Thanks a lot...
  10. S

    Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration

    Okay so I just built my computer, and everything worked/started but right away my Ethernet didn't work so I asked friends they told me to download the drivers I did this and it didn't work I also reset my router, I have done the command thing /Ip config etc but the videos I watch have a lot...
  11. E

    Utorrent starts automatically even though I didn't allow it to

    Every time I turn on my pc utorrent starts. I've disabled it in the settings menu in utorrent and the program isn't in the startup in task manager. What should I do to prevent it from starting up when I turn on my pc?
  12. W

    Left gpu on overclocked for over 3 hours. Did I fry it?

    SPECS: i7-7700k 16gb ddr4 asus strix gtx 1070 ti (using GPU tweak II, almost impossible to unoverclock it in my case) 650 w power supply built the pc myself So, basically, the title says the introduction. I come home to find my brand new build asleep. I wake it up, I find it has random...
  13. J

    Desktop now taking forever to boot

    For about the last month, my desktop has been taking longer and longer (now up to 15 minutes) to boot up and load windows 10. When I press the ON button, it sounds like it is running or spinning, but I don't hear the beep for about 10 minutes, then everything progresses nicely. It will boot up...
  14. P

    Cooling an i7 7700k with Evo 212 Cooler

    Hi, I am building a new system that consists of an i7 7700k cooled by an evo 212, and a gtx 1080 gaming X. Now the main question; Is the evo 212 good enough to cool a 7700k at base speeds when performing at 100%? I also only have 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan on the case. And my evo only has one...
  15. P

    PC Booting Problems (Booting into windows)

    I have a cheap budget PC that I built and finished on December 26th as I got my final parts. My specs: Ryzen 3 1300x MSI GTX 1050 ti 8GB RAM (Used to be 16 GB but one of the sticks is wonky) MSI B350M Gaming Pro Motherboard Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive 430w Power Supply I don’t...