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  1. BudPoulos

    Question Windows 10 TPM - "Loading of the Management Console Failed. Provider Load Failure. Try Again."

    I recently cleared my TPM as a troubleshooting step for something I was doing. Now, whenever I open TPM.msc or even Security Processor settings, it can't identify my TPM. I get the seemly infamous "Loading of the management console failed. Provider load failure." error. I did a Google search to...
  2. kzainshah

    [SOLVED] Do you think this model motherboard H61MS has any TPM

    Hi! I've got this pc if this motherboard has any TPM Enable option, guide me, have no idea whether this has or not Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Model H61MS (Intel Core i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz) Version x.x Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Ivy Bridge Chipset Revision...
  3. petercli

    Question TMP 2 work with GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H?

    i have a GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD5H Any tips on where to find a "affordable" TMP module ? I found this on EBAY - is it any good ? Looks like I need a 20 pin module.
  4. Kirito2648

    Question Asus Tuf FX505DY -Windows 11 update

    After updating to windows 11 im not able to play valorant anymore on my laptop.There is no option to enable tpm 2.0 in the bios but secure boot has been enabled. Is there any other way to fix this issue and play valorant or do i have to revert back to windows 10?
  5. R3kki

    Question Enabling TPM 2.0 in Bios

    Hello, Windows 11 released today. I am wondering where can I enable TPM 2.0. in Bios with gigabyte z370 h3 motherboard. I have newest version on Bios installed. I didn't find anything in Bios, that will enable TPM 2.0. Thank you for any advice.
  6. Amatex

    Question Correct TPM 2.0 Chip for my Motherboard

    Hey all, So I am looking for the correct TPM 2.0 Chip for my motherboard. My motherboard model is MSI H97M-E35. Linked below. Kind regards, Amatex.
  7. J

    Question Is there a TPM adapter for motherboards with no TPM header?

    As the title states: I have an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with several internal USB3 headers and 2 free PCIe x16 (running at x8) slots available. I mean surely since Windows 10 EOL is 2025 Microsoft doesn't expect everyone to dump their current platform in order to use Windows 11. Some of us...
  8. O

    Question Would enabling fTPM affects CPUs performance?

    I've a R5 3600 paired with GIGABYTE A320M-S2H V2 and I want to try WINDOWS 11, you know I've to enable fTPM for that so would it affect my PROCESSOR's performance?
  9. M

    [SOLVED] PCH-FW not listed in BIOS

    I have a workstation with an Asus WS C422 Pro/SE motherboard and Intel Xeon W-2295 processor. According to everything I've read I should be able to see an option in my Advanced BIOS settings called PCH-FW Configuration, but it's not there. I'm running the 3406 X64 BIOS version. Any ideas as...
  10. W

    Question Dual booting W10 and W7 with TPM and BitLocker

    Hello, so i want to dual boot windows 10 and windows 7 on my primary rig. i want to use windows 7 for legacy phone rooting, legacy iphones and just for older devices i own. Problem is that i am afraid to lose my data if i install windows 7. I have integrated tpm 2.0 enabled in my asus bios...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Changed some bios settings, now Windows won’t boot, instead what boots is the windows installation.

    I made a small partition for the windows 10 installation media on my SSD. And had windows 10 installed on that same SSD. Everything worked fine but I changed some settings on my BIOS to enable TPM 2.0 and I disabled CSM. When I restarted, what booted was the windows installation media that was...
  12. Endre

    Question What happens if I update the BIOS with TPM enabled?

    Hello! Windows 11 requires secure boot and TPM 2.0 being enabled. Generally, before updating the BIOS, I load the default settings of the motherboard. Question: What happens if I update the BIOS while the secure boot and TPM 2.0 are enabled? Will that lead to errors?
  13. SickPoisOon

    [SOLVED] 9e error

    hi. i have a B550 E rog strix i wanted to turn on tpm for the windows 11 but when i did im geting 9E error i dont know why my cpu is amd i enabled ftpm my bios is the latest version too can anyone help me to resolve this 9e error is the problem from me or asus has to fix it it bios updats?
  14. antonis mark

    [SOLVED] TPM question regarding Windows 11 ?

    So I have asked this in the steam forum without an answer but what happens if you remove, replace or erase the TPM chip that Windows 11 needs? Will it be rendered useless with complete data loss (just like encrypting a hard drive)? or it will still load fine without problems? i am asking this...
  15. D

    Discussion TPM with PTT

    I know window 11 is release in 2025. Why does a non military computer need TPM? I am part of this is MS wants users to but new systems this is why they are requiring TPM 2.0. MS states why " TPM 2.0 is a "critical building block" for Windows Hello" which I will admit I never use. I contacted...
  16. Dreamevil55

    Question I don't have secure boot turned on but health check tool says my system can run Windows 11 ?

    I thought of joining the windows insider program in one of my systems, the beta or preview channel to receive latest stable-ish builds. So I turned the TPM settings on in BIOS, and ran the PC health check tool, it says that my PC can run windows 11. I am currently running Win 10 version 21H1...
  17. Question Will a GIGABYTE TPM 2.0 chip work with my Asus motherboard?

    Hello, In preparation for Windows 11 I'm going to purchase a TPM 2.0 chip for my motherboard (Asus H97M-PLUS) However, due to the chip shortage and scalpers, I only found this one in stock: and my motherboard's TPM pin information is: The question is, if I go ahead and buy this will it...
  18. M

    Question My motherboard does not appear to have a TPM module socket

    In preparation for Windows 11 I checked my main desktop computer for a TPM module. I don't have one. I also don't see that there is a socket for on either. This is the motherboard I have. ASUS P8Z68-V GEN3 Intel Core i7 2600K Socket 1155 LGA Is it possible to add one?
  19. M

    Question Can I upgrade TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0?

    In preparing for the role out of Windows 11 the TPM module I have installed in my computer is 1.2. Is it possible to upgrade that to 2.0? Thanks
  20. Question Do I need TPM base on my hardwares ?

    Hi To installing Win 11 My system spec are as follow: cpu: 8700K mobo: Maximus X Hero WiFi Do I need TPM separated device? or just enable secure boot in bios settings is enough? Thanks
  21. shaikyahiya

    Question Windows 11: How do I know the motherboard I am going to purchase has TPM 2.0 support or not?

    I wanted to buy: MSI B560M PRO-VDH WIFI Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard but I don't know if it has TPM 2.0 chip or support for it. I cannot find anything on MSI's official website regarding which version of TPM support the Motherboard has. Can you guys please help me out? Thank you
  22. T

    Question Fake PC Hardware TPM 2.0?

    Hello, is it possible to trick Windows 11 to think that the PC has TPM 2.0 installed and how? TPM is around since Windows 7 or maybe even earlier, but I don't need that much security as an average PC user, but Windows 11 won't work without the latest TPM 2.0. Thanks.
  23. kzainshah

    Question Does this motherboard has tpm option on Bios if then where

    Hi! I have this motherboard with i3 3rd gen Cpu and SSD, And Nvidia graphics, and does every motherboard has TPM if yes then where to locate it, after all, been looking for the info about the windows 11 compatibility Thanks for...
  24. FlandreFan2323

    [SOLVED] What kind of program uses a TPM in Windows 11 that it had to be considered as a requirement?

    I mean, is there any program or feature in Windows 11 that requires a TPM? Or does it have to do something with the kernel? Because I've seen that bypassing the TPM requirement makes no difference to the way the OS works. (from the outside at least)
  25. T

    Question Intel DH61CR TPM support

    Hi , I have a Intel DH61CR motherboard with an I5-3330S , and with the upcomming Windows 11 upgrade I want to add a TPM module , now i have buyed the GIGABYTE GC-TPM2.0 , but i dont see an option to enable it in the BIOS. Did i buyed the wrong TPM module? Thank you so much for helping!
  26. ardaasdf

    [SOLVED] Does my motherboard (asus p8b75 m-lx) support tpm 1.2 or 2.0 ?

    as you guys probably know that windows 11 requires tpm 1.2 or 2.0 chip to be installed on computers however i cant seem to find any single information about if my motherboard or cpu supports tpm. can anyone help? cpu: i7 3770k mo-bo: asus p8b75m-lx
  27. Question Does Asus H81-Plus support TPM?

    Hello m new to this forum. i wanted to ask if my mobo Asus H81-Plus supports TPM ? If yes then how to enable it coz i can't find any option on my mobo bios for enabling it. I have attached an image of my mobo.... its written TPM on the bottom left as u can see. Please if there's any way to...
  28. Borracho

    [SOLVED] If your TPM is alright but Health Check still says no... all likelihood your BIOS still has CSM turned on...
  29. L

    Question Does my ASUS Z97-A have a TPM 2.0 Header slot? How to check for other motherboards as well?

    I have had this motherboard for years now and ever since Windows 11 got announced, I just found out that I am not meeting the minimum specifications due to the lack of TPM 2.0. Upon research I found out that Asus offers the TPM-M R2.0 14-1 Pin TPM Module which can enable TPM for their...
  30. J

    Question Windows10 not recognizing TPM 2.0 Chip after reinstall with new SSD

    Hey! I reinstalled my windows 10 (64bit) OS on a new m.2 nvme ssd and my TPM-Module is not working anymore and won't be recognised by windows but the option to active it comes up in my bios so it does recognize it with other words. I got both a Asus Motherboard and a Asus TPM-Module. Those are...