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  1. H

    Question Find a file location in hdd sectors ( ZBR )

    hello everybody, I have 4 question related to HDD and zone bit recording ( ZBR ). 1- I am looking for a utility which show us a file on which sectors has been recorded graphically ( on physical layout of sectors like a photo I have attached) . 2- Also I need this for optical disks too ( I know...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] can somebody track my PC using transfered files?

    my pc running windows 10. i downloaded from internet and edited(using audacity) some audio files and some image files . now if i move those files(both audio and image) to a android phone using data cable, will my PC's unique id or something or IP adress of my PC gonna be attached to those...
  3. Kunschner

    Getting Win8 onto new pc.

    So I have a new build and an old one. The copy of windows 8 will be downloaded as all I have is a product key. So, would this be a viable course of action: Put new HDD on old rig. Install Win8 on new HDD. Input code. Hook up new HDD to new rig. Then boot into fresh OS?