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    [SOLVED] SSD Boot Times

    I just bought a Transcend SSD230s 128GB installed fresh OS on it yesterday haven't installed anything yet on my windows except GPU drivers and my windows loads in about 15 seconds from Windows 10 loading animation right to desktop, I see in some videos the loading animation barely stays for 2...
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    [SOLVED] Should I buy AMD ryzen 5 2400g Or wait tor it's new Gen to come??

    Hey Guys I Want to Build a PC with Ryzen 5 2400g But it's already a years old cpu maybe next gen will come for this cpu in few months!!..... Should I wait for Ryzen 5 3xxxg to come?? **& Is there be a much different in performance!! & If then how much!! I'm in a bit of confusion right now...
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    Question Weird Error "Windows Cannot Find Fbvdrhrs" Also cant Update! PLEASE HELP

    Hey guys, Basically as the header says i'm getting an windows error pop up every time i boot my pc. I'm pretty sure i had malware on the pc a little while ago and believe its gone.. but maybe not. Ive downloaded the update client thing, didnt work tried downloading OS files from windows and...
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    Sell current pc and build new or upgrade?

    So, the current pc i have is a prebuilt ibuypower with an I7 6700 non k with an MSI GTX 1070 OC, 8gb of ram. all of my friends are getting upgrades and it’s really tempting me. i bought my current pc two years back but it is still going very strong and i still couldn’t be happier. just like one...
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    motherboard compatibility for rtx

    I have an asus b450-f motherboard and I was curios if I could run an rtx 2070 card on this board and the cpu is a ryzen 5 2600 which I plan on upgrading.
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    [SOLVED] Used gtx 1070 or new rx 580

    Hello everyone, i'm going to buy used pc ,it comes without gpu and I want to buy a gpu I can get a used gtx 1070 still have 2 years warranty or a new rx 580 8gb + 16gb ddr3 ram , both the same price Pc specs : Cpu : i7 3770k Ram 4gb ( need to upgrade ) No gpu 1tb hdd The cost of the pc is...
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    GPU not working help please.

    Hey guys, Ive just finished building my first gaming PC, components listed below. CPU - ryzen 5 2600 GPU - Geforce GTX 1080 MOBO - Gigabyte X470 Aourus ultra gaming PSU - EVGA supernova G2 650w 16GB DDR4 RAM The problem is my GPU doesn't seem to be working. Ive installed the latest drivers...
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    laptop is on, but screen is not displaying

    I pressed the power button to resume my laptop from sleep, the little blue lights on the machine indicated that it did wake up, but the screen was not displaying. I pressed the power button again to turn it off. And then turned it on again, the screen shown the BIOS screen as the following...
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    GTA V 4k Ultra performance

    Hello community, I want to find out if I have a problem or my expectations were too high :sarcastic: My speca are: i7 8700k 32 gb ram 3000mhz GTX 1080ti 11 gb SSD m2 Samsung EVO 950 Have everything on max except High Res Shadows (off), grass (high) and MSAA (off - not needed). I play at 4k...
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    I've got a spare 1060 3GB, what to do with it

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired a spare NVIDIA 1060 3GB GPU, and I have absolutely no clue on what to do with it. My own rig has a 1060 6GB, so putting it in there has no use, 1060's don't support SLI (and they are different cards aswell so wouldn't work anyway) and I don't have another rig...
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    PC does not post and cannot turn off

    Hey, so I came home today and my PC is not working. Specs; CPU: AMD FX-9590 GPU: GTX 970 Motherboard: Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 r5 When I turn it on all the light in the case work, but none of the peripherals will turn on, including no display what so ever on the screen. Using the power and reset...
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    What cpu should i upgrade to?

    This is what I'm currently running: Intel Pentium G4560 cpu MSI H110M PRO-D motherboard 1x8 GB DDR4 ram GTX 1050 Ti 4gb I want to upgrade my cpu to one with at least 4 cores but i can't do so without upgrading my motherboard aswell. I can't decide between the i3-8100 with Msi H310M PRO-D or...
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    Change network to private

    My network is set up as a public because this idiot decided that I didn't need to do that when I set up the machine. I have now spent hours looking up how to change my network type, but I cannot find it anywhere in Homegroup, windows settings or control panel. This sounds like such a windows...
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    Is these two compatible?

    I have asus tuf z370-plus motherboard and i was about to buy this Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB cooler and dont know if they are compatible becouse i dont understand all of those cpu socket compatibility things so please help.
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    $900-1000 budget build

    Hello. I’d want to ask what do you think about this build: I am looking for budget build, that could run most games on high/max settings 60 fps. my real budget is around $1200, but, in my country, all parts are more expensive. I’d like to use the 1070ti...
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    BSOD during installation

    Hi, I bought a new PC and I've been trying to install Windows 10 Pro on it with a usb (it came with no operating system). I downloaded the ISO image and booted the usb. I left the boot manager running some process and when I came back I noticed I got a BSOD and it started restarting all it did...
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    i5 8250u mx150 or i5 7300HQ gtx 1050?

    I'm currently in the market for a new laptop and have found a couple i want it for everyday browsing and light to medium gaming (Fallout 4 / Xcom 2) Like the idea of it being light and portable but with enough power to play games as i travel quite a lot. I have seen the both of these at the...
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    Speedfan doesn't recognize my PWM controllers

    As the title suggest. I'm running it on a GIGABYTE B360M-DS3H with an i5-8400. Please help me set it up or suggest some other software to connect case fans and CPU temps. P.S. If I'm in the wrong category please point me to the right one. EDIT: GPU TEMPS
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    Mouse freezes when starting almost any program

    Hello guys! I've recently bought a notebook with Windows 10, a 1050 GTX TI graphic card and an i5 processor. Windows 10 runs from a 128GB SSD and I've got a 1TB HDD as well. Since one week, whenever I start an application such as Chrome or Evernote, or even expand the side-bar, the notebook...
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    Question about RAM compatibility

    I've been looking into upgrading my old rig a bit, trying to squeeze out a bit more time before I upgrade. It has a Biostar P43B-A7 motherboard (2 RAM slots) and currently 3GB of RAM (2 DDR2 Ceon 800Mhz sticks, one 1GB and the other 2GB). My question is could a Micron DDR2 4GB 800Mhz stick work...