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  1. J

    Question transferring things from one ssd to another

    I got a Samsung 970 evo plus for christmas and want to know how to take my current m.2 boot ssd and transfer everything to it so I can boot windows off of it and then use the old one for just game storage or whatever,
  2. technologicalpixel

    [SOLVED] why i can't transfer file from android to windows 10?

    Hello, I wanted to transfer files from android to pc, but when I connect the cable the phone only recharges but I can't transfer files, I tried to connect it to another pc and everything works normally, instead on my "main" computer when I connect it it recharges only Since everything works...
  3. _mik_

    [SOLVED] How am i going to replace the program files after manually backupping with USB Drive?

    I'm trying to copy my system files (Program Files, inetpub, Program files (x86), Intel) into My other computer. Yet i realised that I might not be able to replace the existing ones in my computer with the ones that already exist. So, How am i going to replace those folders? Simply Copy and...
  4. MysticDeer

    [SOLVED] Moving disks to new PC

    Hello! I am building a new computer and have just bought all the parts with the exception of storage drives because I have an old prebuilt from 2015 with fully working drives. My current plan is to format those drives (due to bloat) and then transfer them over to the new PC. Can this be...
  5. I

    Question Extremely Slow file transfers and initialization

    Hi guys. This might be a little long because I'm trying to explain in as much detail as possible so please bare with me. So, I've got 4 total drives... currently I'm trying to clean up and organize MY ENTIRE FILE SYSTEM... (multiple TB of data, I hoard files, don't judge, lol). The list of...
  6. [SOLVED] What is the best approach to properly and safely write/copy large amounts of data from an HDD to SSD?

    Hello below is my aging 5 year old external storage that has my entire life's collection. It's currently running RAID 1 (mirrored for redundancy on each disk) I recently bought a Samsung 870 QVO 8TB SDD and I'm hoping to move/copy the data from my book duo on it. The SSD is internally...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] Changing hard drives on a new laptop

    So recently my old laptop's motherboard had a short and I had to get a new laptop. Now the new laptop has a terrible hard drive and I want to swap the hard drive from my old laptop to my new laptop. What files do I need to move from my new hard drive to my old one so it can boot up the new...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] USB-C to USB-A data cables?

    Hi there, can anyone recommend any good usb-c to usb-a cables for data transfer as i am using it for editing purpose off my external ssd. Or is there no such cable, and the only way is for me to get an usb-c to usb-a converter. (PLEASE CLARIFY THIS FOR ME! I NEED HELP) Additional question, can...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] How do I transfer Windows OS from one m.2 NVMe to another

    Hey everyone, I just got a new samsung 980 PRO and want to use that as my boot os. Currently I have a 970 EVO as my boot OS but I want to transfer that to my 980 PRO while keeping my 970 as storage. I have seen people talk about ssd to m.2 or smaller m.2 to a larger one, but I haven't seen...
  10. raghuvrs

    [SOLVED] Need to transfer data from one hdd to other

    I am having a alienware m18x r2 with 256x2 SSD configured with raid 0. i am planning to upgrade the hard driver capacity to 512x2 or 1tb x 2 i was wondering how i restore all the OS and other data to my new hdd can anyone help me with the steps in details on how to do this. also please include...