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  1. Saferi4

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED]No display or power to USB devices, but PC boots up ?

    Greetings, I am newly registered, but have been following these forums for as long as I can remember (mostly because of having these kinds of troubleshoots where my PC just blows me away). Yesterday I sent my PC on a trip to where I live(~3 hour trip), it was nicely packed in its box and safely...
  2. Pijmzhchus

    Question Is it safe to transport a GPU this way?

    My sister is going home and she will be taking my GPU with her. She doesnt have anti-static bag or original box. I told her to wrap it inside 2 paper bags and sandwich it between clothes making sure there isnt too much pressure around it. Is this a safe to transport a GPU like this? Thanks!
  3. Barry Cupas

    [SOLVED] Any Ideas on how we can transport a PC

    I'm Building this PC : You guys have any ideas on How we can transport this PC. I still didn't build this Rig, I'm holding it off for some reasons, and transportation is one of those reasons... some things to consider : 1) I'm gonna be transporting it in a...
  4. AFantasyHero

    [SOLVED] Transporting PC Vertically

    Hi! I plan to go on a 7 hour long road trip on a Bus from a city to another. I plan to do this every 3 months. Since I can get a single ticket for myself, I can only put the computer case in front of my seat, vertically. (The storage section of the Bus is not an option as I am afraid it would...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] GTX 970 Fail to start after Transportation

    Hello everyone, I shipped my computer tower (to myself in another country) through a shipping company last week. Unfortunatly it seems that the graphic card, a GTX 970, is not working anymore. Transportation conditions: I shipped my entire tower without removing any component (It was...
  6. R

    What are you thinking of my very first pc?

    What are you thinking of my very first pc? specs: CPU: AMD FX6300 Motherboard: ASrock 960​gm U3/S3 F​X Memory: Crucial Ba​llistix 8g​b (2x4gb) Storage: Seagate ba​rracuda 1t​b Video Card: Club 3D ra​deon hd795​0 Case: Sharkoon v​g4-w red Power Supply: Corsair P​SU Builder​ VS650...
  7. X

    about my gpu how far it will handle games

    Intel pentium g2010 2.8 ghz dual core 4 gb ram Gpu r7 250 1 gb ddr5 with boost(going to buy it bcoz budget is 6000rs . How this rig support games like 1)ac blackflag 2)wwatchdogs 3)far cry 4 4)ac unity5) gta 5 Any chance for 2,3,&4 At low settings res. And everything lower. Thanks in advance!!!